Friday, March 16, 2018


Hello All,

Finally!  The end of the work week.  I was just outside a few moments ago and there were flakes in the air!  It is NOT snowing or even flurrying...but there are icy white flakes coming out of the sky.  Geeze.....

Happy to report the sock is almost finished.  I'm halfway through the toe decreases (I stopped last night before finishing so I'd have time to read).  I brought it with me to work and plan to finish it at lunch.  And, I plan to cast on the second one tonight...let's not waste any time.

Meanwhile, I've been snooping around Ravelry.  I liked a few of the patterns in MDK's March Madness Brackets, but nothing really knocked me off my feet this year.

The other day I mentioned liking Juniper Top by Sachiko Burgin:

Picture from Ravelry.  Just look at that sleeve!

Then I found Curvo also by Sachiko Burgin:

Another picture from Ravelry.  Love that this is knit side-to-side, love the curved hem.

I'm thinking that finishing Sigla has made me bold - lol.  Has anyone knit any designs by Sachiko Burgin?  I am so tempted...and neither one takes a whole lot of yarn.  And I'll be at a fiber festival in just 4 weeks!!!!!  So, food for thought.  I think I will make the time to look through my yarn this weekend and see if I already have anything that would work.

Any plans for your weekend?


  1. Curvo is kind of neat. I like the interesting construction.

  2. Both are neat; were I a "real" knitter, I'd probably go for Curvo particular reason, tho'. Lookin' fwd to seeing which, if either, you choose!

  3. We are meeting up with our daughter and son in law for lunch tomorrow, I can't wait. Otherwise I am knitting a lot and reading a lot. Glad you are sock done.

  4. Your choices and thoughts are pretty for a knit!
    NCAA tourny knitting. My alma matta loyola actually won yesterday . A 98 year old nun from there was on tv. Sharp as a tack. Team prayer leader!
    Tomorrow Im volunteering at the tack sale and education seminar at the barn. I wont like getting up early, but I m honored they asked me to photograph the event.

  5. I love that you're moving right along with your socks; I don't love the wind and cold today, and snow and ice next week! I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy playing in your stash!

  6. Those are lovely sweaters, Vera. They look like they'd be fun - and interesting - to knit. We have cold, cold weather here, too. No snow in the air today, which is a nice change. I'm ready for warm weather and sunshine! Have a great weekend.

  7. They are both so chic!!! It flurried here this morning too. And they are whispering about a major snow event next week. Say it ain't so.

  8. Both of the sweaters are wonderful - be a bold knitter and knit one or both of them!

    I hope to finish a quilt project this weekend.

  9. Those are lovely, graceful sweaters. I think you can knit anything at this point!

  10. Pretty sweaters! I say go for your favorite! Sweater knitting is the best as far as I'm concerned. It's my main thing. I knit other things in between, when I don't feel like gauge swatching for the next garment. But garment knitting is the best!

  11. Wow, you ARE bold! I'd go yarn shopping and let the yarn do the deciding if it were me.

    If white flakes are coming out of the sky, then isn't that pretty much the definition of Snowing/Flurrying? Hee hee.

  12. Both sweaters are nice!

    Today is packing and resting up. Our flight leaves at 6 am tomorrow, so we need to be at the airport (an hour away) at 4 am.... it's gonna be a loooong day tomorrow, but by mid morning, we should be at the hotel!

  13. I'd go for one of these bold sweaters and use the yarn they call for so you know it will work like it is written!

  14. I like that Curvo design. A lot.

  15. Yay for 2nd sock (almost!) finishes! and a new-to-me designer. I love both those designs (and the cardigan version of Curvo ... she's a real Ravelry rabbit hole :-) I must admit, my knitting focus is really going toward Spring/Summer. although "focus" might not be quite the right word ... my thoughts are kind of all over the place!