Monday, March 19, 2018

Can It Be Monday Already???

Good Morning!

How am I back at work so soon?  The weekend seemed to fly by.  Saturday was filled with errands (including picking up tax documents...and paying of course).  Traffic was miserable.  It was a cold day, but very, very sunny and I think EVERYONE was out and about.  Of course I had to drive all over creation - my errands couldn't be located in one area.

However, progress was made in the de-cluttering arena.  While running around Saturday I dropped off 6 large bags at a donation center!  Some clothing, some household stuff, some books.  And, I finally recycled our old printer at Staples (it had been sitting on the floor at home for a year or more!).

I also went through my yarn.  I have way more sock yarn than I remembered (surprise, surprise!!) and nothing that will work for the two sweaters that I am thinking of making.  That is what I will be looking for at the upcoming fiber festival in April.  I should stay away from buying any sock yarn (but I know I won't).  I did pull together a large bag of yarn to donate and also set aside a large tote bag of yarn for my friend Carol who is now doing tapestry weaving.

Friday at lunch I managed to finish sock #1.  Sock #2 was cast on Saturday night, but only minimal progress was made:

The first braid on #2 is finished and I'm at the point where the second braid will be placed.  I brought it to work, so hopefully will get to that at lunch today.

Fletch uncovered our garlic bed and all but one is coming up!  He planted onion sets this weekend as well as sugar snap peas.  Now, of course, snow is forecast for tomorrow (1-2" during the day and an additional 1-3" tomorrow night).  Happy Spring!!

On the reading front I finished Slow Knitting which Fletch had given me at Christmas.  I really enjoyed it and there are some beautiful patterns included.

Last night we watched Crooked House on Amazon Prime which we both really liked - highly recommend.  It was good to see Glenn Close again on the screen.

That's it for me.  How was your weekend?


  1. Sorry to hear of your snow! This has been a frustrating March. We are terribly cold in NEO, but no snow lately, thank goodness.

    Your busy weekend makes me wonder what the heck I did with mine. Certainly nothing as productive.

  2. That sounds like a pretty good weekend, with some chores accomplished and time for those beautiful socks. I'm also glad to hear that someone else has had things sitting on the floor for an extended time! For me, it's a monitor and cpu that I need to take to Staples for recycling. I'm not looking forward to the snow and ice, but spring has to come for us sometime, right?!

  3. Looking back, I accomplished more over the weekend than I thought - some sewing, some knitting, some cleaning, and some laundry. A haircut is scheduled this week.

  4. Glad you had a productive weekend if not busy, always makes you feel good to get those things done. Thank you for the movie recommendation on Netflix. Will take a look.

  5. I read through Slow Knitting yesterday too - I'd borrowed it from the library. I thought it was an excellent book.

  6. I met a new friend and her foster daughter for a bit of knitting time. You know what? I think this Pennsylvania thing might work out. LOL

  7. Snow....this is just crazy. It better not snow here. We just found a big hole in the roof from the wind storm. That's our brand new roof. The Mister is NOT happy.

  8. oh not more snow. So sorry. !!!!! Good that you got the ordinary things done. Not thrilling but great to cross things off the list. That braid sock is going to be lovely. It may be a little slow going, but it will be so worth it!

  9. Doesn't it feel great when you finally move stuff OUT of the house??!!! I love it! Your socks look wonderful -- and I'll bet that 2nd sock goes even quicker than the first. Especially since you did the hardest part . . . casting on. Here's to a great week.

  10. I'm sure you feel good about the purging-it is such a good way to start the week! Nice work on the sock!

  11. my weekend was great! I love to go through my yarns and usually I find something that I forgot that I owned....