Thursday, October 27, 2022

The View From Here

 Good Morning!

Once again it is still dark, so who knows what the day will be like...I've heard it is supposed to be sunny which would be nice.  Yesterday was foggy all day and a bit on the damp side.  I had some misty rain on the windshield driving home from the office.

The only person I saw at the office yesterday was Des - my financial analyst for Kevin's world.  She was coming in just as I was about ready to leave.  And, as I mentioned to some of you in my reply to comments yesterday, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm beginning to see it!  My major work of late has been on bonus calculations and I should have the final piece of that wrapped up later today.  I still have other projects that are screaming for my attention, but it will be wonderful to have that piece finalized!

Meanwhile, Fall is definitely here in Eastern PA.  At times yesterday while driving to the office I felt as though I was driving through a golden tunnel.  There were beautiful trees on either side of the road and some of them had branches hanging over the road.

The colors this year are funny.  Some are very muted and rather dull, but then you turn the corner and wham!  Colors are more brilliant and saturated than ever before.  Here is a picture of our crepe myrtle in our front yard.  The blooms (white) were pretty good this year, but now it looks like it is on fire!

 Sorry about the wires, but nothing I can do about them!  Fletch and I both remember this tree as turning gold in the Fall - never a red color.  Amazing!

I passed this scene on my way to work yesterday.  This is just as you enter Valley Forge Park on Route 23.

So much moisture in the air!  This house is decorated each year for Halloween.  Last year it looked like the skeletons were having a tea party.  This year it looks like they are cooking something in a giant cauldron.

The huge skeleton in front of the chiropractor's office is out all year.  In winter it has a scarf on.  I couldn't get a picture yesterday, but now it is wearing a purple cloak and has long grey hair!  It's wonderful.  Hopefully I will drive by when no one is behind me so that I can stop to get a picture.  Yesterday traffic was too heavy.

Finally, here is the view Fletch and I see when we sit on the patio in the afternoon.  We watch all the birds (so many varieties!!) and if we are lucky, Steve the Beav may run across the back.

We've had good rain - the grass is still so green, but it is not growing quickly.  It's been 2.5 weeks since we've had the lawn mowed.  I think the mower told Fletch he usually stops by mid-November, so I'm guessing one or two more cuttings and that will be it!  You can see in the picture above that it finally cleared a bit in the afternoon.  Blue skies returned.

OK!  Time to get to work.  Have yourselves a very lovely Thursday!


  1. Is the sun ever coming out? It's been pretty gloomy here for so long. Perfect Halloween weather-minus the rain, of course. It's taken us by surprise all week since the weather reports aren't calling for it. It has been making the leaves pretty though. They really pop when the bark is wet and dark on the trees.

  2. We had a very gloomy day here yesterday, with rain and lots of clouds. I'm really hoping to see the sun today! I've been enjoying the colors of the leaves in the neighborhood, but quite a lot of them were on the ground when I went out for a run yesterday -- I was extra careful not to slide on them!

    Glad to hear the end is in sight on the extra-busy work period!

  3. After a fabulous weekend here, the weather has turned very wet and cold. The leaves (which have been fabulous this year) are mostly on the ground now . . . Enjoy your day!

  4. It's interesting to see what fall looks like in your neighborhood. It looks much the same here, with a few red and gold trees, some drab and muddy, and a lot still green. After all the rain, it's windy today and a lot of them are on the ground. Keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel!

  5. That halloween thing is great! You know, we should have bought stock in skeleton companies .............we'd be rich!

  6. We've had a glorious fall here in Southeastern MA. I expect it to turn frigid without any notice!

  7. I've found there's a lot more colour this year than last year. The Norway maple outside my office window, is a dark purple/green throughout the summer. Last year, the leaves just dried up on the tree, and fell - no colours at all. This years they've turned a beautiful golden orange. We haven't had a good frost this year yet, which I think is the difference - last year we had a hard frost mid/late October. This October, other than the week before last, has been pretty warm. They say it's supposed to be in the 60s on Halloween night, which is pretty unusual for here.

  8. We've had such a pretty fall here this year but the trees are dropping their leave leaves quickly right now. I think it's because of the several freezing nights that we've had so far. It's hard to see the leaves fall because to me, that means snow is on it's way. Yuck! And we'll be in for months of cold, drear weather. I escape by playing with yarn and reading.

  9. Your tree is gorgeous! Nothing that vibrant in this area. Snow on housetops this morning. Winter is creeping down the mountain.

  10. Great house display, those skeletons are up to no good!
    Your crepe myrtle looks glorious!

  11. You have beautiful views. The skeletons are delightful. It has been an interesting year for color. I experienced the same thought when I walked today - some trees hardly turned, some colors are muted, and others brilliant. I love Autumn.