Friday, October 28, 2022

Lemons and a Cat

 Good Morning my Friends,

October is winding down.  Yesterday was extremely windy and many of the crepe myrtle leaves are now on the ground.  Also the leaves of the red bud.

Funny about the crepe myrtle.  Fletch walked around it in the morning trying to get a good picture and noticed that on the street side (northern exposure) the leaves appeared golden (which is how I remember it from prior years).  This year, however, the side facing the house is the brilliant red - the side that gets more sun.

In the same vein I was commenting yesterday that our wisteria vine is still very green.  I thought I remembered it turning a coppery gold in the Fall.  Looking out our back bedroom window, I noticed that the top of the wisteria is brillian red!  Again, that is the patch that gets the Eastern sun.

Meanwhile, I want to show you that we now have two lemons growing on our lemon tree!  What excitement!!  

Obviously very small still, but fun.  Remember the other year we had one growing.  It fell off before ripening, but I put it on the buffet with other fruit and it gradually ripened and we used it (if I remember correctly, I used it on some salmon) and it was really good.  So, now I'm hoping for two that will mature and ripen.

And, just because it's Friday, here is a picture of Mabel this morning.  She had come in to have some breakfast and then I didn't see her.  She was curled up on one of the kitchen chairs...yawning and dozing away.  Now she is back out romping in the yard with the visiting deer!

My 10 a.m. conference call has been cancelled.  I have a call at 1 and another at 2, but I'm pretty sure I'm finished with all the bonus calculations.  Thank goodness!

And with that, I will wish you all a Happy Weekend!


  1. I'm glad you have lemons! I have a lime tree that didn't do well this summer so I don't have much hope for any fruit. Mabel has the right idea with a cozy nap. I hope you have a wonderful, work-free, well-deserved weekend!

  2. The leaves on trees have a range of colors that they can turn . . . depending on the weather conditions during the growing season, the fall temperatures, and the quality of light. It's pretty amazing! We've had really long and consistent fall-like (or what I think of as fall-like) weather here, and our leaves are REALLY putting on a show. The depth of color this year has really been amazing! So glad you're getting some interesting color, too. Have a great weekend! XO

  3. I never cease to be amazed at the colors that nature is capable of creating. I'm excited about your lemons and hope these ones hang on until they're ripe!

    I hope after the second conference call you're able to call it a day!

  4. It's always exciting when something we are growing produces (flowers or even better, FRUIT!!!)

    Give Miss Mabel a good chin rub from me.

  5. I was very upset that my burning bush isn't burning - it's still green. So I looked it up, and apparently a) young ones don't get as red, and b) they need lots of sun to turn really red. My neighbour has two at the side of his house - one near the front that gets sun, and one near the back that doesnt - the one near the front is brilliant red. The one at the back, still mostly green like mine.

    I think Im going to find a different spot for mine in the spring.

    Nature is amazing

    Also - Mabel is a beauty, as always!

  6. hurray for one mtg cancelled! Your Mabel is beautiful :) How cool that you have lemons growing!!

  7. Sweet Mabel found a good spot for a snooze.

  8. Cute little lemons and of course it is always good to see Mabel.

  9. My mother had a little lemon tree that she loved. I think she only got a lemon off of it once but she was so excited about it.
    I was out back taking fall photos the other day and didn't even notice a deer that was right in front of me in the bushes. That was closest I've been to one in a while. It looked as surprised as I did to see me standing there. I'm glad it wasn't one of our big boys with all the antlers. I might be telling a much different story if it

  10. Ah, such sweet little lemons. That is strange about the leaves being two different colors. We've had such a beautiful fall here this year. I hope it continues for awhile.

  11. I love fall foliage and how it's different ever year but also the same, you know? Sweet Mabel, I always love seeing her on your blog.

  12. Happy weekend to you and Fletch and sweet little Mabel. Best of luck with the lemons.

  13. the red leaves are such a treat--the last vestiges of color!