Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Unraveled Wednesday 9/14/22

 Good Morning Everyone!

The air is clearer this morning and it is 58 degrees out - it actually feels a little chilly and I may need to grab a shawl soon to wrap around my shoulders.

Yesterday I successfully got my new watch battery.  Yay!  I also managed to cut up and roast almost all the tomatoes we had in the kitchen (on the counter and the windowsill).  There were around 2 dozen and we just were not consuming them quickly enough and I did not want rotten tomatoes on my counter.  I cut them up and roasted them with a number of minced garlic cloves, fresh basil and rosemary and a sprinkling of oregano.  It all cooked down to not much, but now it is in the freezer and at some point I will pull it out to make fresh sauce.  Yum!

Now it's Wednesday, so welcome to Unraveled Wednesday where we hook up with Kat and her Merry Band of Unravelers to talk making and reading.  I finally (after an entire month!!) finished the first sock:

The pattern is Tidal Wave (I can no longer find it on Rav) and the yarn is Barn Cat in the colorway "Cosmopolitan" (no longer available).  For the first time ever I did not cast on for sock #2 immediately.  I hope this does not spell second sock syndrome for me.  I have always immediately cast on for the second sock when the first is finished, but this time I completed the sock Monday around 10:30 p.m. and that was way too late for me to cast on.  And then Tuesday I was busy and I didn't think I could successfully cast on and manage the first few rows (always awkward) during our Zoom call for the Read With Us group (great discussion BTW).  So, if I'm lucky I'll cast on today, but I'm not sure.

I've also been dreaming/thinking of next projects.  Fletch and I leave on vacation on the 27th.  My guess is that the second Tidal Wave will be on the needles, but I'll need something (or a couple of things) additional to have with me.  I'm sure I will figure it out.  Meanwhile, the dreaming is fun.

Reading was a mixed bag this week.  I've given up on The Enchanted April - I just could not get into it.  I'm also giving up on Fresh Water for Flowers which I was listening to.  Not a bad story, but I realized I never was thinking to listen to it!  And when I would remember to listen, I couldn't remember what I had last heard.  

Many of you know that I'm not a huge Elizabeth Strout fan, but someone (Kat, I think it was you?) suggested I try listening to the Lucy books instead of reading.  So, I plan to get the first one and see how that goes.

Last night I did finish Remarkably Bright Creatures and just loved it.  What a wonderful book.  I highly recommend it.  I'll drop that (and The Enchanted April) off at the library this morning and don't plan to take out any more books till after vacation.  I'm planning to start one of the books I picked up at the thrift store the other week - probably Bel Canto (still can't believe I never read this!).  Vacation reading will be a book or two plus my Kindle.  That should keep me occupied just fine.

Soon I need to head to my office.  Kevin is up from Atlanta and wants to meet with me about year-end stuff (our fiscal year ends 9/30); I think Bruce will be in the office; and I have a meeting from 11-12 about year-end bonus calculations.  Oh joy!  NOT.  This may end up being my longest day in the office in ages.  On a positive note, I'll come home to a clean house since Karyn is coming today!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday - enjoy.  And, be sure to check out Kat's blog and others' links to their making and reading.  I guarantee you will be inspired.


  1. I usually cast on the second sock of a pair right after finishing the first, but sometimes it's not the right time. If it makes you feel any better, I just cast on for a second sock of a pair over the weekend for which I finished the first sock back at the beginning of July (it was a test knit and I only had to knit one sock, so I lost my momentum).

    Elizabeth Strout worked a lot better for me on audio. I think her Lucy books, in particular, work better when you treat them like someone telling you the story, and I appreciated them more when I listened. I just read the most recent one (which comes out next Tuesday, I believe) and really enjoyed it because I could still hear the voice of the audio in my head.

  2. I think it might have been me on the Lucy books... or maybe Bonny? Or both of us! LOL

    But Remarkably Bright Creatures... I adored that book so much. And I love that we both loved it so much! :)

    I have been making small batches of tomato jam with the handfuls of cherry tomatoes I have been picking. But this cooler weather has slowed down that production a bit (it was 52 here this morning!) but we are back in the 80's later this week so I might get a few more!

  3. Beautiful sock! I'm inundated with Hungarian hot peppers that I never intended to plant. They were mislabeled, and they are producing like crazy.

    I wonder if I'd like Remarkably Bright Creatures. It sounds a bit fanciful for me.

  4. That sock is so nice and I'm sure you'll have the second one cast on for vacation knitting (or at least to have with you since I rarely knit much while actually on vacation)! I think the only Lucy book I eye-read was Lucy By the Sea, and they do work very well for me in audio - YMMV. But even if they still aren't your cup of tea, I think you will love Bel Canto. It's a marvelous book!

  5. there is nothing more exciting than to plan vacation/traveling knitting! I love it! I'm sure the second sock will be knitted up quickly. I know I will be knitting this sweater for the next two weeks...ugh.

  6. I've never had a pair of socks languish like this green pair; I've never been too busy for socks before but I am too distracted with other things, I guess. The sock is very pretty!

  7. I started listening to Bel Canto ages ago and forgot to finish it. I think it was at the beginning of the pandemic and the book was just too nerve wracking at the time. That's when I picked up Nancy Drew and the Little House books. That was about as thrilling as I could handle during the lockdown. It's still in my Audible library so I really should finish it.

  8. You could make a Hitchhiker. They are great travel knitting.

    The first sock looks pretty good, but it also looks ...................ummmmm, lonely. LOL

  9. I’m listening to The Younger Wife by Sally Hepworth, and so far it’s holding my attention. When (or IF) I finish the sock on my needles, I’m going to take a long break from sock knitting. Knitting socks just doesn’t appeal much anymore.

  10. I can't imagine you letting a pair of socks just sit there so I'm sure the second one will be cast on soon. Vacation projects are always so fun to plan. I ALWAYS over-estimate what I'll get done and then have lots of yarn to return home with. Not counting the yarn I usually buy while traveling. :-)
    Hope the day at work went well.

  11. The sock looks great, Vera. It looks like something tasty to . . . eat! :-) Good luck with your venture into reading Elizabeth Strout. I really love her books, but I know many people who just do not. Maybe . . . you would like her very first book - (it's called "Amy and Isabelle") It's written more like a "traditional" novel, and less like the "connected stories" she fell into after that. I hope your day was a good one!

  12. I've also given up on a few books lately. Life is too short. The sock looks great. I think the second sock goes faster so here's to a smooth knit for this pair.