Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday 9/13/22

 Good Morning,

Another kind of grey day here.  I'm not complaining though as we went so long without any rain.  Jim, the mower, came on Monday for the first time in at least a month if not longer.  After last week's heavy rain, the grass grew quickly.  We had a bit more rain (or I should say mist) yesterday on and off.  Mabel went out at 3 this morning and when I let her in at 6 she was a little damp - not sure if it has rained or she was just going through the grass/shrubs/what have you.

We got our 3rd Covid Booster shots yesterday with no ill effects so far.  Fletch commented that his arm was beginning to feel tender last night, but I have not felt that and I slept fine.  He is still asleep at this hour, so I'll find out how he feels once he gets up.

On today's agenda is grocery shopping (minimal I hope) and getting a watch battery.  I went to the jewelers yesterday, but found out they are closed on Mondays.  I will try again today.

All of that brings us to Tuesday Morning and Tiny Needle Tuesday.  A bit of progress has been made on each sampler.  First  up, the BIG one (Ellen Harrison 1889 from NeedleWork Press):

Yikes!  Even enlarged this one is difficult to see.  The border stitches blend into the linen.  But...I made it fully across the top of the sampler (242 stitches) and just starting down the sides and managed to stitch her first name.  Here's a close up that is easier to see:

That's a fancy E at the beginning of Ellen

Next up is the Praise Sampler (Praise Loudly, Blame Softly) - a small band sampler from Eileen Bennett.  The acorns have been completed between the little birds and the next band has been started:

I'm having fun with this one and enjoying the different stitches as a nice change from just cross stitch.  There is a stitch coming up that I have never done before - Hollie Point.  I will need to practice that one for sure (it is a lace stitch that was popular during the 18th century).

That's it from me for today.  Hope you all have a peaceful and nice Tuesday!


  1. I really like both of your samplers and look forward to seeing what Hollie Point looks like. Those birds and blue and gray scrolls and vines are really cool!

  2. Oh, Vera! I am absolutely charmed by those little birds!!! XO

  3. I still love those little birds! Glad to hear you had no ill effects from your booster, and I hope Fletch is just sleeping in.

  4. Nice work thus far. I love the birds and acorns (even though the acorns look more like little pineapples to me). We're getting very chilly mornings here in NEO--55 degrees! Sleeping with windows open has been heavenly.

  5. I love the way those border stitches almost blend in. I think it looks so elegant.
    I need to schedule our boosters but the last one knocked me out so badly I dread it. The Mister gets no side effects at all. I get them all. Ugh.

  6. Stitches are looking good. I love those little acorns

  7. The border for the Ellen sampler is elegant and will highlight the piece more as you progress. I’ve never heard of the Hollie Point stitch, so I’m eager to see it in your work.

  8. Those birds are divine! And I have never heard of Hollie Point... I am eager to see how that looks!

    I hope your weather cools off soon... it was just lovely here today!

  9. Such sweet little birds. I'm another that has never heard of Hollie Point. It will be fun to see it being worked into your sampler.
    I hope the no side effects continues and you both continue to feel well.

  10. Beautiful stitching!! I will look forward to seeing the new stitch, too!

  11. I am so impressed by all of your stitching! I've been tempted to pick up a few projects lately, but I'm really trying to stay focused. I started one in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee back in February and the designer has charted a new dedication that can be substituted in... I would love to do that. But. FOCUS!

    I hope you continue to have no ill-effects from booster. Take care!

  12. always love to see your stitching! I've been working on a little cross stitch Christmas ornament for the grandson. One day I will photo it and do a post.

  13. What a cute design. Never heard of hollie stitch, will look it up and learn something new.

  14. Such pretty stitching. That is a mighty fancy E. I've never heard of the hollie stitch either. We're off to get Covid boosters tomorrow. I planned it for Thursday and not much to do on Friday.