Thursday, September 8, 2022

Leading Up To The Weekend!

 Hello All,

How are you today?  We had another rainy day yesterday, but the sun is out today.  I've been up since forever (couldn't sleep after 4 a.m.), but on the positive side, all my Thursday reports have been run and sent out.  I'm betting I take a nap later.

It was another chilly afternoon on the patio for us (sweatshirt for me, flannel shirt for Fletch) and not very much bird activity.  When I went in to prep for dinner, Fletch decided to walk out to the garden.  This is what he came back with:

I hadn't even noticed the peppers growing - they must have been hiding under leaves.  And four figs!!  Fletch is betting that the rain we had will be encouragement for the figs to ripen a little more rapidly.

The dinner I prepped was one of our favorites - BBQ Shrimp.  Oh my!

I almost forgot to take a intent on filling my plate and mouth.  LOL  Tonight I am trying a new (to me) recipe for a green curry dish with chicken.  Yum!  If it turns out well, I may make it (without meat) when Colin is next here.  He will be up in 2 weeks for a meeting or two at work and will have dinner with us at least one night.  Can't wait to see that boy again.

Meanwhile...I can't wait for Saturday which is NJ Sheep and Wool!!  The only festival I go to now (Maryland Sheep and Wool is just too big and crazy for me).  Dee and I will head over in the morning.  We had hoped to meet up with Bonny, but she has other plans.  Bridget is planning to go as well, so perhaps we will be able to see her.

Before that, though, I need to get through work today and tomorrow.  And next week promises to be even crazier...not looking forward to that!

Hope everyone is doing well and having some fun!


  1. I wish I could meet up with you and Dee and Bridget (and Bonny, too!) at NJ Sheep & Wool. It sounds like such a fun outing for you all! And the shrimp looks divine . . . XO

  2. Mmm ... that shrimp looks delicious! I really should have checked the calendar before telling our guests this would be a good weekend to visit. I was so looking forward to it and seeing you guys. Next year for sure!

  3. So exciting to be able to go to the Wool fest--and with a friend which makes for a perfect day! Nice haul from the garden!

  4. A fiber fest!! How exciting!

  5. That looks fantastic - Dave won't let me cook shrimp with the legs still on - it freaks him out, lol. But that shell just makes them so much better inside.

    Our weather has been just perfect the last couple of days. We went to get groceries after dinner last night, and I needed a cardigan on. Love this time of year with warm days and cool nights.

  6. Your garden is producing well. I’ve been eating shrimp than usual this summer. It’s so yummy. Enjoy the fiber fest!

  7. Like Kym, I wish I could meet ya'll at NJ Sheep & Wool! I hope your work stuff passes quickly so you can skip to the good part!

  8. The shrimp look good and I look forward to hearing about the curry (though no one in my house would eat such a thing other than me!). I'm excited that you get to go to a fiber festival this weekend! I am skipping Rhinebeck this year because the fall is going to be too busy with the bat mitzvah coming up, and I'm getting sad about it.

  9. I remember that shrimp dish. SO YUMMY! See you bright and early in the morning.

  10. That shrimp looks wonderful! I love shrimp and could eat it every day. I'm jealous yet again, of the fact that you and Dee and others get to go to a wool festival. Someday I'm going to do that.
    So glad that Colin is coming to visit again. Our kids are back in London after spending a month in Japan. Alex's company had several grand-openings in Tokyo and Northern Japan. He got a lot done in the short time he was there. They arrived back yesterday, just in time for the bad news of the Queen. Love live King Charles III! Hmmm. Not sure about Charles but I sure loved the Queen. May she rest in peace.
    Blessings and hugs,

  11. I love shrimp any way I can eat them!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  12. The shrimp look wonderful. That's on the menu for us this weekend. Such an easy thing to make.

    Have a wonderful meet-up on Saturday! How fun. I can't wait to hear all about it and see what you got.