Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday, October 6, 2021

 Good Morning!

It is dark and early here in Eastern PA.  Yesterday ended up being very busy work-wise (even though I was still *technically* on vacation).  But, I was glad to get through all the emails that came in while I was away.  I really don't like this time of year at work - so many initiatives, so much going on, one fiscal year ending and another beginning.  This year it is compounded with Bill's retirement and his replacements.  But, anyway, here I am.  I'll head to the office around 7 a.m. and I'm hoping I don't need to be in Mike's meeting ALL day!

Yesterday saw 4 loads of laundry done...still a load of jeans and one of towels to do.  I'm fully unpacked and we finally sat on the patio around 4:30 with a glass of wine (me) and a cup of coffee (Fletch).  And suddenly Mr. Buzzard showed up - LOL

What a massive bird!  Very impressive.

So this October 6th brings us to the first Unraveled Wednesday of the month.  Usually we all link up with Kat and other Merry Unravelers, but Kat is away this week.  I think I did more stitching while on vacation than knitting, but something was accomplished.  First a little (as in VERY little) bit of knitting on the first sock for Peggy.

This is the sock that was started and unraveled several times before I finally decided that just a plain old vanilla sock was best.

My second French Market Bag is coming along:

I'm several rows past having 200 stitches on the needles, so now it is just round and round and round we go.  I think I will start in with a bit of the green yarn on the left, then switch to the multicolored yarn on the right...back to the green and the handles will be a combination of the green and gray.  The intent is to make this one much, much deeper than the thistle one I made first, so this is not even close to completion.

Not much reading occurred while I was away.  I did start (and got about halfway through) When We Were Young and Brave by Hazel Gaynor.  I've only managed to read another chapter or so since being home.

Time for another cup of coffee before I get ready to head to the office.  I hope this finds you all enjoying the week.


  1. I'm sorry you had to do some work while you were technically on vacation, but I know how it feels to get back and be buried in emails -- sometimes it's better to deal with them ahead of time! I hope today goes quickly and easily, just like the rest of that French Market Bag.

  2. As much as I resent giving up my vacation to work, I also like to be prepared and not overwhelmed. That sock looks lovely, as does the market bag. I hope you have a smooth re-entry and a short week!

  3. I love the colors in that sock yarn - and the occasional stripes make it look enjoyable to knit as well.

  4. I like the plan for the market bag. The colours look great. I look forward to seeing it take shape.

  5. I love how the yarn is striping on Peggy’s sock. I hope your day at the office goes smoothly

  6. You've made some good progress on your knits.
    Here's hoping you don't get tied up in that meeting all day.

  7. That is a BIG buzzard. WOW! Sorry yesterday ended up being so busy for you. That's why we always came home a day early too, especially before I stopped working full time. I could at least get most of the home stuff done before starting in at work again. That was in the days before most people could do any work at home. I had files I had to access in the office, and of course daily deposits. I'm SO glad that is all behind me now. Although my days seem just as busy. :-)
    The bag and socks are looking great. That yarn knew it wanted to be plain vanilla socks didn't it?
    I hope today is a calm one with a SHORT meeting.
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. I hope your day at work goes smoothly -- and that you're back home and settled again before too long! I never seem to knit on my vacations. I always THINK I'm going to, but I just never manage much. I really like the striping on your socks, and think "plain vanilla" was the way to go. Welcome back!

  9. it's sunny here and getting warm, sigh. Lovely the new sock colorway- so cheerful!

  10. I love that red sock. All those colors are beautiful together.

  11. The knitting looks good. I too like that red sock. Re-entry into the work is always a bit of a bummer but you seem to manage with grace.

  12. The sock is coming along nicely. They ARE pretty colors.

    Were you the one that recommended Four Winds. I started it last night. Wow ---------good book.

  13. The new socks are very pretty! Nice to be caught up after a trip--it takes a lot to get there! The down time before work is good...

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