Thursday, October 7, 2021

Thursday Stuff

 Good Morning!

It's another early and dark morning here.  I've had my first sip of coffee, so not really fully awake yet.  Usually I post about food and a recipe on Thursdays, but today is just random.  Colin will be over tonight and Fletch is going to grill some hot and sweet sausage.  I will cook up some onions, peppers and mushrooms to go with that and we have some good Italian rolls to round out the meal.

This is one of the sights on my way to work yesterday morning:

Hahahaha - I love this!  I was behind this pick up for maybe half a mile or so and I was grinning the entire time.  We passed a couple of school busses and I bet the kids loved seeing Skelly in the back of the truck.

Yesterday was a pretty long day at work (7+ hours!!), but extremely productive.  Helena, one of my new RVPs brought me a present!

An eyeglass tray that is a cat!  I love it.  She said she knew I liked cats (understatement) and she knew I wore glasses.  So sweet of her.  There were other gifts awaiting me from my bosses as well.  All lovely surprises.

I ended up just sitting in the meeting for an hour or so and that wasn't too bad.  Mike had also invited me to a meeting in Florida in November, but I was able to get out of that gracefully and with no issues.  Whew!

There were more folks in the office than I have seen in a very long time.  All of finance was in (fiscal year-end, closing out the books, etc.).  Luckily they are at the opposite end of the building from me.  And, everyone had masks - we are not required to wear them at our desks, but walking around the office everyone had one on.

So, today is my busy financial reporting day and I need to get going on some of those.  My follow up eye surgery is this morning and I will need to leave here by 8 a.m., so I'd best get cranking.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Skelly on a truck! That's funny.
    Best wishes for your follow up procedure!

  2. I'd love to see a truck like that; thanks for sharing! Gifts from bosses almost makes up for long days in the office. I hope your follow up eye surgery goes really well, your financial reports go quickly, and you enjoy a delicious dinner tonight!

  3. That skeleton is funny! I passed a skeleton sitting in the passenger seat of a car the other day but didn't think to get a photo. I did do a double-take, though!

    Hope all goes well with your follow-up appointment today!

  4. I have seen several very clever skellys-in-action this year, but none driving around in a truck! What a fun way to begin your day. :-)

  5. Hope the follow-up appt goes well! The eyeglass tray is so fun! Enjoy your reward at the end of the day--dinner with family!

  6. Lots of skeletons around our lake all summer. It was a quirky theme, for some reason. We even had a skeleton band on one boat dock, complete with instruments, and there were groupies nearby on the lawn.

    Your eyeglass tray is just too cute. And so thoughtful. Keep us posted on your follow up surgery.

  7. Good luck with your eye surgery today, Vera!!

  8. That skelly really made me laugh.

    Love the kitty glasses tray. What a thoughtful gift.

    Good luck with the surgery this morning.

  9. I’m late reading blogs this morning, so no doubt you’ve already had your surgery. Certainly hope it was successful and your vision is clear. Love the eyeglass tray.

  10. I hope the surgery went well as I am reading this about 10:30 central time, I'm guessing it's done with.
    Your sweet little glasses tray is so cute. That was thoughtful wasn't it?
    Your dinner sounds delicious, everything about it down to the rolls. :-)

  11. I love Hallowe'en! People seem to have so much more fun with it than other holidays!

  12. Hope the surgery went well. So is this your birthday? The eyeglasses tray looks purrfect for you.

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