Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday October 12, 2021

 Good Morning!

Last night I could not keep my eyes open after dinner.  I tried knitting and reading - nothing worked, so I finally went to bed around 9:30.  Friends...I slept until after 7:30 this morning!  It was wonderful, but I haven't fully woken up yet.  Waiting for the coffee to kick in.

My morning in the office yesterday was productive, but I had gone in specifically so that Bruce and I could meet and he never showed up.  Frustrating.  So tomorrow when I go in, I need to find time (individually) with Bill, Kevin, Bruce, Lisa and Mike.  But meanwhile, they are in a management committee meeting all day!  Guess I'll be catching them on bathroom breaks - LOL.

I had meant to mention a month ago when Bobby (the CEO) sent out an email and then I forgot.  But October at my office is Socktober!  I don't think anyone will be handknitting socks to donate (certainly not me with the way my knitting is so slow these days).  This is the email that came out yesterday:

You'll have to click to enlarge if you like.  Basically we are collecting socks to donate to a shelter at the end of the month.  When I arrived at the office yesterday, I saw two large boxes (decorated) in the lobby for collecting the donations.  A great and thoughtful idea.

And look what I spotted on my drive to the office yesterday:

A chiroprator's office with a skeleton by their sign.  How appropriate!

Well, it is TNT (Tiny Needle Tuesday) and all I have to show is a very tiny start on one of the Pomegranate Birds.

I started to stitch on the bird (lower left of the urn) on Sunday afternoon and then Fletch and I went over to see our neighbors.  By the time we got back, it was time to start prepping for dinner and I never got back to stitching.  Hopefully I'll do more this week.

Yesterday Dee posted about the forecast for the coming winter.  Apparently the Farmers' Almanac says we are in for a doozy of a winter this year.  Dee also posted pictures of her black walnut tree (bare of leaves) and her winterberry bush - so full.  So, I thought I would show you our winterberry as well:

Certainly more berries than last year.  Could the Almanac be right?  If it is, I'm prepared with plenty of stitching and knitting options!

I can see that work emails are flying in like crazy, so I'd best pour a second cup of coffee and get cranking.  Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. It sounds like you really need a good night's sleep! :-)
    And it's a good thing that you're prepared for a long, hard winter . . . just in case that almanac prediction is right! Have a good day, Vera.

  2. Good luck meeting with all the people you need to see. Maybe you need to send out a sign-up sheet for them to come find you! I keep looking for wooly bear caterpillars as they are what my grandfather always used for winter predictions, but I haven't seen any yet.

  3. I love that pomegranate sampler. The colours are lovely.

    You must have needed that sleep! It sounds wonderful and luxurious. Good for you.

    Right now, I'm not thinking of winter at all. It's summer here still, and I'm mightily sick of it.

  4. It's so nice that your work is collecting socks.
    We look at woolly bear caterpillars here to predict the weather but it doesn't look promising. The more black they are, the worse the winter but the one I saw yesterday was mostly brown. I still have the AC on blast here so winter can't come quick enough, snow or no snow again. It's kind of weird sitting here in the AC looking at the leaves starting to turn but what about these days is normal anymore?

  5. What a great thing to be collecting socks. I think many will be store bought though since it's already almost halfway through the month.
    We're having gorgeous weather so far. No leaves turning yet except a tiny, tiny patch on the tree across the street. It did get into the 40's last night though so I'm guessing the colors will change quickly now.

  6. Bravo to your company for collecting socks for a shelter! They will certainly be needed if the winterberry predictions are correct. It’s in the 30s here this morning with a stiff breeze - brrrr! I’d prefer a gradual cooling.

  7. Good post today.

    Hope you get caught up with all the workers you need to and then can go home and stitch/knit/read the night away.

  8. Pomegranate birds is looking great. I think I might pull out some cross stitch this winter - maybe after the Christmas rush is over.

  9. If I have trouble keeping my eyes open in the evening, it's my body's way of telling me that I need some extra sleep -- and clearly that was the case for you!

    We're running a Socktober drive at my synagogue to collect socks for shelters and other agencies locally. I'm glad to see it's a thing elsewhere!

  10. I find I am sleeping a bit more because it is dark sooner and then later in the morning! The collection of socks at work is a great idea! We have winterberries here, too, which doesn't have the same impact at the bush will against snow for you this winter! lol

  11. Good for you for listening to your body! Sleep when you can get it is such a glorious commodity!

  12. I am so tired at the end of the day (each day) now do I get a good night's sleep, well sometimes. I love the nights when I am out of it! I hope to be stitching something soon.

  13. Your stitching is so pretty. The colors in this piece are lovely and very fall-ish. A good night's sleep is a wondrous thing.

  14. I had five days off of work and five glorious nights of sleep... now I'm back to work/reality and not sleeping very well at all!!

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