Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday October 27, 2021

Hello and Good Morning!

Who else is astonished that we are already at the end of October?  Thanksgiving will be next month and Christmas the month after that.  Incredible!

Talking with a girlfriend last night, she mentioned she had heard we are supposed to have a very mild/warm winter.  Other people have told me they have heard the exact opposite with heavy snows forecast.  Who knows?  No one apparently.  I guess we will just need to wait and see.

As usual on Wednesday, I'm linking up with Kat and her merry band of Unravelers to talk about making and reading.  And look at this!  I actually have a finished object!!  The first of Peggy's socks has been completed.

And the second one started.  Let's hope that this second one doesn't take me quite as long (7+ weeks!  YIKES!!).

French Market Bag #2 also saw a few more rows added.

I'm so enjoying the stripes on this lump (hard to call it a bag just is so limp and just a blob).  The last time I checked I had knit this one (so far) about 2-3" longer than the first.  Still a way to go as I want this bag to really be a good size.

On the reading front, I finished a mystery by Linda Castillo (part of the series that takes place in the Ohio Amish land).  It was good but a bit predictable.  I've started Pax, Journey Home which I guess is really written for kids.  I had read the first book ("Pax") and enjoyed it.  I'm finding this one slower to get into.  Last night I started Malibu Rising which is much more of a "beach-read" type of book than I was expecting.  I'm a little bored with this one, but will keep with it for now.  Fletch and I have not picked anything new to read and I'm missing that time together.  The past couple of books I chose he hasn't really liked and he is not choosing any, so we are sort of at a standstill.

Well, time to look over this for any glaring spelling errors, then I need to wake Fletch and get myself ready to go to the office.  Hoping your Wednesday is a pleasant one.  Be sure to head over to Kat's for inspiration from everyone there!


  1. That is a lovely sock and I hope you have time to work on the second one. The French Market Bag is looking good, too. I'm also finding this Pax a little hard to get into. I've got the audiobook, so it's an okay book to listen to while knitting. Hope it's a good Wednesday!

  2. That is a lovely sock!! And, around here, some socks take years to knit... just sayin' lol

    I just requested Pax from the library... and am on the very long wait list for Pax, Journey home. I will be interested to see your thoughts on it!

  3. Yay for the sock finish! The knitting can get some center line attention now that you have the new glasses-won't that be more comfortable?!

  4. love the colors in your new market bag! I cannot believe we are at the end of October, why doesn't July - August - go just as fast???

  5. I love the stripe pattern on Peggy's sock -- and the color, too. I hope the second sock just flies along! (I felt same about Malibu Rising. I read it as a quick "beach read" during the summer, but . . . there's not a lot of THERE there.) Have a great day, Vera!

  6. I think with Peggy's socks, you probably knit the second sock first (the second sock always takes longer, right?), so the first sock, which you're knitting now, should surely fly. Your market bag must be a good, relaxing knit -- just mindless stockinette!

    I found that Malibu Rising was a bit of a slow start. It does start to pick up, but yeah, it's definitely a beach read.

  7. My knitting interest is at ZERO right now, so you're way farther ahead than me. I've been working the same sweater project since...June? Sigh.

    It's ridiculous.

    I read "Mrs. March" and loved it. Not sure it's your husband's cup of tea. How about some Sedaris?

  8. Peggy’s sock is wonderful: I like the striping. I hope you and Fletch can agree on a book, so you can enjoy reading together again.

  9. I had th same weather chat with Dennis's Mom yesterday. We both heard opposite things. I guess this way, someone will end up correct!
    I do like your sock. The second will fly off the needles. That's what happened with my Woodsie socks this week.

  10. That sock is so pretty!

  11. Yes, I am quite amazed that this is the last week in October. I ran into Target today and felt a little depressed about the Christmas stuff beginning to fill the store. The sock is so pretty. I bet the recipient is going to love them.