Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Unraveled Wednesday 9/16/20

 Hello and Good Morning!

Another hazy morning here - they say it's from the smoke on the West Coast!  It is also another cool morning - 45 when I got up at 5:30.  The air is so fresh.  When I got home from the office yesterday I took a 5 mile walk on the River Trail and it was wonderful.  Refreshing, cool (I even had a sweatshirt on for half the distance!).  There were not many people at all on the trail (though more unleased dogs!!) and it was just so peaceful.  Turns out the River Trail is 3 miles my goal the next time I am there is to walk the 3 miles and then back for a total of 6!

I showed some knitting the other day and no more progress has been made.  Monday was devoted to finishing that one section on the sampler and yesterday there was not time for knitting or stitching!  Not a good thing...but here is a picture of the sock that I started using Val's Pattern somewhat stretched out so that you can see the pretty lace.

Isn't that pretty?  And this yarn is fun.  The various colors that show up are so subtle and pretty.  Wish I could remember where and when I bought it!

So, as mentioned, no time for crafting yesterday because 1) I was in the office in the morning, 2) I walked in the afternoon, and 3) when I got home from walking and cleaned up Fletch and I left for Colin & Mailing's.  Mailing had been in NYC for the day and hadn't gotten home by the time we arrived, but she showed up shortly thereafter.  Colin made homemade pesto using garden garlic and garden basil.  OMG - so good!  And he grilled shrimp.  Can you say yum?

Since the kids are leaving for Richmond this afternoon, Fletch and I brought the leftovers home with us.  I didn't have dessert, but the others finished up the coffee ice cream I had made for Labor Day and Mailing brought home some cookies from a bakery in New York.

There are some definite signs of Fall around.  Here is a look at the kids' Dogwood tree.

And these berries (Poke Berries?  Poisonous?) growing amongst the thistles Colin is letting thrive.

What a pretty magenta color.  And gosh, the bees and the goldfinches LOVE all the thistles.

Here is Colin after firing up the grill.  The stand of thistles is in the back...hiding their table and chairs for dining (though it was chilly enough that we ate inside).

His hair is beginning to curl a bit!  After dinner Colin built a fire in their fire pit and we sat and chatted for a little while.  We didn't stay late - I had to get up dark-early again today to be in the office.  I'm hoping to leave by Noon and get a walk in again this afternoon.

As I mentioned the other day, the latest Louise Penny book came through on Overdrive for me, so I'm reading that (only 2 chapters so far, but it is good) and then some other books have come through on Overdrive or I am very close to getting them (#1 or #2 on the wait list).  I'm hopeful that my reading mojo is back and raring to go!!

Like other Unraveled Wednesdays, I'm linking up with Kat - head on over to see what others are making and reading.  Inspiration abounds!!


  1. I do love nicely grilled shrimp.

    That's a lovely sock you're working on. The yarn and pattern complement each other so well. Sort of mermaid-y.

  2. I was a little surprised to see the hazy smoke this far east, but I'm sure it's much, much worse in the west. That food looks absolutely delicious (Mmmm, homemade pesto!) and that sock is really lovely. Hope you have a nice walk this afternoon!

  3. Mmm, homemade pesto is the best!

    We were definitely a little hazy here yesterday, and I'm wondering if that bit of smoke in the air is why I was getting the back-of-throat allergy tickle yesterday.

    I think the plant with the magenta berries is pokeweed (I happened to google it the other day because it was in a book I was reading and I wondered what it looked like). Some neighbors down the street, who only live here part time and have been at their other house since the pandemic started, have some enormous plants growing in their front yard. I believe it is poisonous to eat, but I was wondering if the berries could be used to dye yarn. It's such a pretty color!

  4. Trust me, there is more smoke coming your way! The sock yarn is pretty. I like the stitch pattern in those muted colors. Here’s to a great day.

  5. That lace -- and the yarn -- are really pretty.
    Your son and Mailing are just so sweet to you guys!

  6. My pesto is spinach, pine nuts and parmesan. Your family sure knows how to cook. Colin must enjoy doing so since he's so good at it!

    Would love to have water to walk along. But I certainly wouldn't make it as far as you have. Five miles would take me six hours.

  7. The pesto pasta and shrimp look delicious.

    I cast on Val's sock pattern as well, but I'm not very far along.

  8. That is a beautiful sock! I love that pattern. I've used it several times when I want to gift something special.

  9. My goodness! You have our smoke way over there? So you can imagine just how bad it still is here. Dennis got home last night and said that they drove through it from about Chamberlain, SD all the way home. It's awful!
    I love Val's pattern and your sock. I have some Knit Picks yarn that I pulled from storage to make my next pair of socks but I'm afraid it won't show the pattern to it's full advantage. I may start them though and see. Right now I have two sweaters to make for Piper. Possible three. Her birthday is the 29th so I need to get busy if I want to finish one and mail it in time. I have 1 inch done! Ha!
    Take care and stay out of the smoke.
    Oh, that grilled shrimp looks amazing!

  10. What a lovely pairing of yarn-and-design for those socks, Vera! Just perfect! It sounds like you've been really busy -- and what a nice walking route for you. :-)
    I just finished reading the latest Louise Penny over the weekend. You're in for a treat! (And, yeah. Poke berry. Poison. And really cool looking!)

  11. Unleashed dogs are one of my pet peeves. I like dogs but I just think they can be unpredictable. Otherwise your walk sounds lovely. I like the pattern on the sock.

  12. That lacy sock is gorgeous and the yarn coloring is delightful. I'm glad you're enjoying your cool weather, sorry about our smoke making your air icky. It's really awful here. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Hello Vera,

    5 miles, that is a nice walk, your dinner sounds delicious. The pokeberries are poisonous but the birds will still eat them. They are invasive and will take over. I really enjoy the latest Louise Penny book. Now, I hope there will be another one. Take care, enjoy your day!

  14. The sock looks pretty - I agree the yarn is lovely. The sampler is looking so wonderful as well.

  15. I always love to read about your food adventures and that menu looks really tasty (and isn't Colin a dapper cook?!) Looking forward to some cool mornings next week - although nothing approaching 45 ... still, it will be nice to put on pants for a change!

  16. The socks--how pretty! What a wonderful time you share with Colin and Maling--precious!

  17. grilled shrimp! I love that the most. How nice to see them and be with them and get the left overs. No cooking equals more knitting!

  18. That is a lovely sock pattern and perfect yarn for it too

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