Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday 9/22/20

 Good Morning!

Happy First Day of Fall!!  It's a bit warmer here today - my phone says 40.  It is still dark, so I can't really read the thermometer we have on our patio (even with the patio light on!).  I never did get out for a walk yesterday.  I ended up being fairly busy work-wise, but also spent the entire day sneezing and blowing my nose.  I don't know if it was/is allergies or a cold or what.  I also could not get warm!  It doesn't help that there is no heat in my home office!  Yikes!!  We have electric baseboard heat and each room has a thermostat.  The one for the office room stopped working several years back and we just ignored it because we rarely used the room.  Our neighbor, Rob, will be over to replace the thermostat before we get into Winter for sure.  I also discovered one of the windows was still open - letting 37 degree air blow in - lol.  No wonder I was cold!

Fall is being ushered in on Tiny Needle Tuesday.  I don't have much to show this week.  The third and final section at the bottom of my sampler is taking FOREVER!  I'm liking the way it looks - a lot, but geeze it's taking a long time to stitch.  There are so many color changes and then weaving in the ends on the back side....here is a picture of the whole thing and then a close up of that final section.

You can see that the final section is divided into 3 bands.  I still have some stitching on the top band.  The middle one is similar to the top and then the bottom one is (thankfully) just one color and the pattern is like a Greek key - very pretty.  My hope is to have this finished by next week, but we'll see.  My sock knitting is also calling to me...

I'm going in to my office later this morning.  I have some things to go over/review/work on with my boss Bill and then I have a meeting from 1-2 with finance to review one of our year-end procedures.  Our fiscal year ends September 30th and then the scramble begins to finalize those numbers and start a new fiscal year fresh.

Somehow we ended up with an invasion of fruit flies in our house.  Oy!  We have traps out, but it takes a long time to be rid of these pesky devils.  And, they get in everything!  I'm constantly wiping down counters with disinfectant.

Well, time to do a bit of work before heading out.  Wishing you a beautiful Fall day!


  1. The abrupt shift in temperatures have been a shock on my "used to 90's" body! I am bundled up with socks and a wooly sweater! Ha!

    Your stitching is just beautiful! (I hope your work day goes smoothly!)

  2. I'm glad you've taken steps to warm up your home office. Closing the window is a good start! That sampler is a lovely and complicated one, and I really like the curly scrolls you are working on (but you also need wool socks as you head into fall and winter)!

  3. Your stitching is looking so nice - I love the way the colors play with/off one another.

    I am happy as the proverbial pig in you-know-what with the cooler weather. And on the days I have to go in to work, it means I don't arrive already soaked to the skin in sweat - YAY!

  4. I couldn't get warm yesterday, either, but I just blamed it on my tendency to be cold (and the fact that it was about 65 in the house until late in the day). I'm glad you have a plan to get that thermostat fixed before it gets any colder!

  5. I'm already encased in fleece. The weather change is welcome, but difficult for me. Everyone else is still wearing tees and I'm bundled up and shivering.

    Fruit flies drive me nuts as well. How do they happen so suddenly? All it takes is one, it seems.

  6. Beautiful stitching!
    We also fought the fruit fly battle this summer. I bought some little red cups from Amazon that you put vinegar in and they work great. I dump out dead flies all the time but never see them flying anymore.

  7. All the smoke in the air has triggered my allergies, and I’m sneezing like crazy and trying to keep up with a dripping nose. Love the progress on the sampler!

  8. Gorgeous and intricate piece!

    Too cold for me.

  9. You're a busy bee! That is such an interesting stitchery, the bottom reminds me of woven tapestry ribbons which I think I mentioned before. Can you imagine stitching yards and yards of it in the olden days before machine embroidery? I have a special cross stitch thing to show you on my blog post tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. The smoke is my nemesis right now. Even though the skies look clear, you can still smell it. It triggers a drippy nose and low grade headache.
    Your beautiful cross stitch is coming along even though it seems to be taking forever to you.
    Take care and stay warm.

  11. Hello,
    Your sampler is pretty, lovely details. I have year round allergies now, I was tested a few years ago and the test saif I was allergic to trees. I have lived next to a forest for 30years. The mornings have been chilly here, in the 30's. We turned the heat one. Take care, enjoy your day!

  12. It was a beautiful first day of fall here - I spent most of it at the firing range with my Dad (we're working on my pistol skills), and it was a perfect day (It's an outdoor range).

    I love that sampler. You really make me want to pick up my cross stitching again

  13. The colors on your sampler are stunning!!! That alone would keep me motivated.

  14. I like it chilly when i sleep, but 37 degrees is brrrrrrrr.
    You always seem to enjoy your job! That's wonderful
    Nice stitchwort

  15. we've had fruit flies too! and we don't have anything that is food available so I think they are dying out. Lovely stitching :)

  16. Oh, those flies are such a bother-=they fly right in your nose, mouth or eyes! I told my husband to watch out---I was walking around with a spray can of bug killer to eradicate the problem! lol

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