Thursday, September 17, 2020

Pictures Along the Canal

 Hello All,

Last night saw me put 8 more rows on the sock, but not enough to merit an updated picture.  We ended up watching The Wife with Glenn Close (finally).  Very good!  Unlike all of you (or at least almost all of you), I don't knit while watching TV - we usually have all the lights out and I can't knit in the dark - lol.  We also saw Rocketman earlier in the week, but neither of us really liked it.  I was bored during most of it.

Yesterday after leaving the office, I came home and had a bit of lunch and then took off for a walk along the canal.  It was a little bit warmer, but still pleasant walking and once again hardly anyone on the trail.  Here are some pictures from yesterday.

My old friend, Mr. Skelton is still hanging out on the bench.  I love the Purple Martin House too.

Some lovely flowers trailside and a house on the opposite side of the canal with a beautiful display of flowers.

A picture looking down the canal.  So calm and peaceful.

Finally, this guy was fly fishing in the Schuylkill River (the canal is on one side of the trail, the river is on the other).  It was mesmerizing to watch him cast.

It was a nice walk (I ended up walking 4 miles) and I'm looking forward to going back there on Saturday with Dee!!

Hope your week is going well.  We are almost at the weekend!  Now I need to go over to Colin & Mailing's to feed Marcel and Talbot.


  1. what a great walking space you have....believe me, my overgrown little alley is getting really really old!!!! need to find a new place to hang out.

  2. Yay! I can get a photo of Skelly!

    Please tell me that is not a TRUMP flag he is holding. :::sigh:::

    Your pictures are beautiful.

    As for Rocketman .............Elton John's autobiography was boring as hell. We'll have to talk about it when we get together.

  3. Love the photos, especially the trees reflection on the water.

  4. The canal looks like such a peaceful place to walk -- certainly more so that along the busy city streets in my neighborhood!

  5. Hello,

    It is a pretty place for your walk. I love the flowers and the skeleton sitting on the bench is funny. Take care and enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend!

  6. Those are some gorgeous photos along your walk. I always like stopping and watching the fly fishermen along the Yellowstone River. It is almost like a ballet.
    I knit/crochet while watching TV, reading, talking. Just about anything that doesn't involve my hands being used. I'm not a super fast knitter so it would take me forever to complete a project if I didn't multi-task.

  7. That skeleton cracks me up!!!
    There is someone in Detroit where my son lives that puts them out in their front yard in different funny poses every day.

  8. It does look so very calm and peaceful, just what we all need! I also love to watch fly fishermen, but the few times I've tried casting myself I've only gotten tangled lines and lots of frustration!

  9. what a lovely walk - just enough to see to be entertaining, without being too distracting ;-)

  10. What a beautiful area to walk! I love to watch fly fishermen! Good pictures!

  11. Thanks for sharing your canal and river as you've mentioned it so many times it's nice to put visual with the stories. Have a lovely and restful weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. I would love a walking space like that! We have our dirt road but only a pond is our water feature (never a bird there).

  13. What a nice place to take a stroll. Well, four miles is more than a stroll.

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