Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Tuesday 9/1/20 - TNT

 Hello and Good Morning!

I am happy to see September.  Might just be my most favorite month.  Fletcher's birthday is in a few weeks...I need to figure out what to get him in these strange times.

Yesterday ended up being a strange day.  It was sunny when I first got up and then quickly the clouds rolled in.  It was cool yet very humid.  At the last minute I decided to walk after lunch at the canal.  The parking lot was half empty and there were almost no folks on the trail and only a few in kayaks on the canal.  I saw a Blue Heron fly up the river (Schuylkill River) and then spotted one on a sandbar.  I couldn't get a really good shot with my phone, but here he/she is.

By the time I was back at my car I was pretty sweaty.  But, it did feel good to get up and move a bit.

Our exciting garden news is this:

Do you see it?  That is a little fig forming!  YAY!!!  I was sure this plant was dead.  Last year it had two figs growing when the deer came and gnawed the entire plant down to the ground.  Heartbreaking.  But now the plant is very healthy and FINALLY a fig is forming.  Most likely it is too late in the season for this to get larger and ripen, but I'm happy to know the plant is so healthy.

My other exciting news is that the sampler I was working on is finished!!

Oh I just love this one so much!  All the quirkiness and the subtle shades of floss.  I love the verse too:  "Still let thy grace my life direct.  From evil guard my way.  And in temptation's fatal path.  Permit me not to stray."  I haven't ironed it or anything.  For now it's put away in a drawer.  Here is a closer picture showing the verse better.

I'll admit that Adam looks a little blotchy or like he has an uneven skin tone.  He does!  The joys of using hand dyed threads...the colors do not always match.  Just one more thing that makes me smile.

Details:  "Permit Me Not To Stray" by Beth Twist (Heartstring Samplery); 38 count white Gander linen, Sampler Threads by The Gentle Art with two colors of DMC because no one had the needed Sampler Threads in stock.

For now, I pulled out a new very small (pin cushion size) piece to stitch and I also pulled out a Mexican sampler I had started years ago and then set aside.  Later this morning I'll re-look at what I've pulled as well as a few other things and decide what to start next.

Another grey day out there.  I haven't checked weather but it looks like it could rain at any moment.  I hope not - I'd like to get out and walk again.  Hope your first day of September is a great one - enjoy!


  1. That sampler just raced to the finish! I love it, too. I think Adam is just muscular and contoured, LOL.

    So glad about your fig tree. Perhaps that fig will race to ripeness. Fingers crossed.

  2. Adam looks like he has been pumping iron!!! LOL

    Congrats on the finish. It is beautiful!

  3. Ah. Your TNT posts make me itch to stitch again! Now that I have better glasses for closer work, it wouldn't be so painful. :) Do you use any special equipment when you stitch -- light, magnifier, etc. (forgive me if you've talked about this before...)?

  4. That lovely sampler finish and a new fig are indeed Big News! I'm looking forward to seeing what you're working on next. The weather is strange with lots of humidity. I'm glad the temps are cooler but I'm still looking forward to some clear, crisp fall weather.

  5. Hello Vera,
    Your finished sampler is beautiful. We have had cloudy skies and rain yesterday and today. The little fig is cute. Great sighting of the heron, I always enjoy seeing them too. Take care, enjoy your day!

  6. A FIG!!!!! I miss my fig tree so much. It broke my heart to leave it when I sold Dad's house. Fig jelly in the winter was a real treat.
    Your stitching is AMAZING! I love that sampler so much. I want to chuck everything I am working on and get something like that.

  7. Wow, the sampler was finished so quickly and is beautiful. I love those large flowers!

  8. That sampler is so beautiful and quirky. There really is no other word for it is there? You finished it so fast.
    I do hope your fig has time to ripen and the deer leave it alone this year. It would be so exciting to eat it yourself. :-)
    I love September! Today is our anniversary. 42 years! Who would have thought it?

  9. Wow, Vera - that's stunning!! I cannot believe the size of those TINY squares. and I'm a huge fan of the hand-dyed threads.

  10. Bravo on the embroidery finish! It is a real unique design. I am welcoming September, too. Summer seemed to be depressing for the first time in my life.. covid and the looney-tunes in office have made me so sad and hopeless. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Beautiful beautiful work! You are an inspiration!

  12. Great job on the sampler finish!!!!! I love September, too!

  13. I am very amused by Adam and Eve! I think they fit right in with the sassy lion. ;-)

  14. hurray for a baby fig and I love that cross stitch!!

  15. What a lovely sampler. The colors are so pretty. I'm with you Fall is my favorite season. I do my best to enjoy what summer has to offer but I'm more than ready for Fall. The socks in the previous post turned out great. What's next for socks?