Tuesday, July 28, 2020

TNT July 29, 2020

Good Morning All!

Another Tuesday rolls around, so another Tiny Needle Tuesday (TNT) post and this time a finish!!

I managed to finish up my Sailor's Huswife by Darlene O'Steen over the weekend.  Of course this is just one portion of it...and all I am going to do - lol.  The balance is another side that you attach fabric to and then stitch a bazillion queen stitches (which I don't enjoy doing).  Even when I started this (decades ago), I had no intention of making a huswife (huswife. Noun. (plural huswifes) A small case containing scissors, thread, needles, and other sewing things.) out of it.  Here are closer shots of the top and bottom portion.

The finish pleases me and yes, I have started the next A&E sampler...more about that next week.

Turns out that yesterday was the perfect day to go to the office.  When I arrived just before 8:00 I was the only person there.  Tom from IT showed up a little later, but he left before 9:00.  My boss Bruce showed up just before my conference call started at 10.  I saw one other guy walk by while I was on my call (a college student who is doing a summer internship with us - not sure what he is doing...).  That was it - no one else was around.  I left before 11, ran to JoAnn's (couldn't find all of the floss I need) and was home before Noon!

It was a pretty hot day (again), but I went out to the garden and picked more tomatoes and some jalapenos.  We had another cold supper - just some shrimp salad, raw veggies and croissants.  A perfect summer meal!

I'm expecting a pretty easy rest of the week work-wise.  Today I'd like to look at my yarn (FUN!!) and pick out some for making fingerless mitts for Christmas gifts.  And I naturally need to wind a skein of sock yarn and cast on the next pair.  I may run up to a different JoAnn's to see if I can find the floss I need and Fletcher needs some elastic cord (thick like bungee cord) which I couldn't find yesterday.

After all our cold meals, we are both in the mood for something else, so I'm making a meatloaf and we are going to steam the garden potatoes Fletch dug last week.  I'll make a mushroom and onion gravy to go with that and figure out some vegetable or two to go with it all.

That's it for me this morning.  How's your week going?


  1. Your tiny needle project is just lovely as a sampler! I had never heard of a huswife, but now I can say I learned something new today (although I may have a hard time using it in a conversation with someone). Looking forward to seeing what your next cast-on will be!

  2. Hello,

    Your finished sampler is pretty. It is great you will have an easy week at work. The shrimp salad is a favorite of mine and the meatloaf with gravy sounds delicious too. Have a great day!

  3. Excellent finish.
    It's probably going to be a quiet week for me work wise, which is nice! Last week was busy!

  4. I'm glad you have an easier schedule this week! The sampler turned out beautifully! The yarn scrounging sounds fun--mittens to knit in your hottest part of summer will infuse them with warmth for the winter!

  5. I know what you mean about cold meals. Last week I made a baked pasta casserole with ground beef. I had a hankering for something substantial!

  6. Oh, I love your huswife. The squirrels are cute, but I still favour the owls.

    We had shrimp last night, too. I had planned on Rick grilling them, but a huge thunderstorm came through, so I roasted them quickly. That and a salad of avocado, cucumber, onion, and tomato with some crusty bread was dinner. I may try to get out some yarn and needles today and see if my knitting desire rewarms. I keep trying, but it just doesn't catch fire.

  7. Excellent finish! Are you going to frame it? Happy to hear you will have a more relaxed work week. I hope you find the floss.

  8. Congrats on the finish. It looks beautiful!

  9. Wowza!!! That is just spectacular. What an accomplishment. It looks amazing. I'd be spending the big bucks to have that framed. It's an heirloom for sure.

  10. Great work! It takes me sooooooo long to do CXS!

  11. I really like your finish. I think it was fast. Glad that you have (hopefully), an easy rest of your work week.
    We have another hot day today too. In the 100's the rest of the week. We've been eating salads for most of the week but tonight I'm roasting a chicken in the toaster oven outside. It works surprisingly well.

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