Tuesday, July 14, 2020

TNT July 14, 2020

Good Morning!

I'm posting a bit later than normal today.  I came into the office to do a few things and, naturally, got busy with other stuff...and time went by.  Anyway, thought I would sneak this post in for TNT (Tiny Needle Tuesday) before I leave the office and head to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things. 

I managed to do some more on the Sailor's Huswife during the past week.

The dividing bands under the flowers...and then I started the last section where there are two owls at the top.  There will be branches under the owls, but I didn't manage to start them yet.  The open space to the right of the Z is for the year - hopefully 2020.  I've charted out 2020 to fit in that space, but knowing how I sometimes stop working on things, I will wait until this is finished to add the date.

I also received in the mail the shipment of thread I was needing for my next Adam & Eve sampler, but I will continue to work on this and not start a new one just yet.  Another sampler pattern happened to slip into the order of thread as well...it is Night Walked Down by The Blue Flower, a sampler I've looked at many times.  I love the phrase at the top (Night Walked Down the Sky With the Moon in Her Hand).

In other news, my office is now not re-opening until October 5th!  I received an email yesterday with that bit of news.  Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if we do not re-open until January!  It's very nice being here today as there are maybe 5 other people here.  Empty!!  Everyone is masked except when they are at their own office/desk.  It is so quiet and nice.

Believe I told you that Colin & Mailing are going forward with their wedding in October.  But, it will now be just family and the wedding party and it will be at their home.  The invitations came out.

So pretty!  An afternoon wedding followed by a cocktail hour (or two) then dinner, music and dancing.  I do need to find something to wear.  It is "garden attire."

Finally, I'll leave you with this image which I received via email yesterday.  This is great!


  1. I love that sampler! I may join you in stitching that! And congrats on the finalization of the wedding! I bet it will be lovely.

  2. Your sampler is really beautiful and there is plenty of time left in 2020. I'm glad you are not re-opening until October (and hopefully later)! That sounds responsible and prudent, especially given the marked rise in cases recently. And Colin and Mailing's wedding plans sound lovely; I will hope for good weather on Oct. 10th!

  3. Funny meme! :-)
    Colin and Mailings invitation is so beautiful. I think an at home wedding is the perfect choice.
    Your sampler is turning out lovely. I'm looking forward to doing more cross-stitch as soon as I get caught up on mittens.

  4. I love those memes about wearing a bra! They crack me up.

    I follow a few photography accounts and have seen some weddings popping up... very small but no less (or maybe more) beautiful!

    That sampler is beautiful!

  5. The invitation is lovely. I look back now at my own wedding and wish I had had a small, intimate affair. But, that was not the way it was in 1981.

    Love the owls on the sampler. They're immediately charming.

    That meme is perfect! Love it.

  6. Doesn't really seem things are getting much better on the Covid front and in some places, getting much worse. I'm sorry Colin and Maling can't have the kind of wedding they wanted, but what they have planned sounds very nice.

    I'm wondering what Christina and Scott are going to do. I am guessing they will have to decide soon.

  7. Your sampler is so much fun. I love seeing your progress.
    A wedding! How fun. It must be nice having something to look forward to.
    You made me lol with that meme. Isn't that just the truth? I hate bras.

  8. Nice work on the sampler--glad your thread came for the other one! Things are taking so long to arrive! Mixed blessing about the office closure! I'm glad the wedding is still going on-albeit different than planned!

  9. My niece is moving forward with her wedding in 4 weeks ...just family, outside ... and she enclosed a handwritten note with each invitation encouraging everyone to BE SAFE so they could attend. They have a BIG PARTY planned for 2022. I'm glad you'll be able to celebrate with Colin & Mailing in person in October and hope there will be bigger celebrations down the road. Also, I LOVE how your sock is turning out! (and that meme made me LOL!)

  10. So exciting they are moving forward with their plans but in a safe way. Stay safe.

  11. Beautiful stitching! And what great news about work! (these are scary times, to be sure!) I love the invite... how lovely!

  12. I'm glad to hear they are carrying on with the wedding. The world cannot stop.. but I do hope it is all done safely for all your sakes. Love that sampler. I'm also glad that your company is being that careful for all of you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. “Night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand.” What a lovely image that creates in my mind. Happy to hear Mailing and Colin’s wedding will be held in October: I know it will be wonderful.

  14. That project is beautiful! Lovely invitation.

  15. What a beautiful wedding invitation. I love weddings. And the bra - thing, what a good laugh.

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