Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The BEST News and TNT


Thank you all for your concern about Mailing and your prayers, sending good vibes and good juju, etc., etc.  Finally heard yesterday morning that her Covid test came back NEGATIVE!!  Yay!!  As I mentioned, she was sure it was just a stomach bug of some kind, but it is still such a huge relief to get the news that all is well.

Yesterday started out pretty sticky and humid.  But, inspired by Kym I decided I had to do something with the over-ripe peaches, apricots, blueberries and raspberries we had.  So I made a galette.

Very rustic looking and delicious!  I only added a sprinkle of sugar - maybe a tablespoon at most,  Fletch had some last night for a snack - warmed up in the microwave and then covered in whipped cream - and pronounced it delicious.  I had a bite and thought it was pretty good.  These are so much easier to make than a pie.

Of course, on a hot, sticky day having the oven on at 400 degrees is not the best (we do not have central air).  But late afternoon an unexpected storm rolled through and the temp dropped from 90 to 70 in 20 minutes.  Then it really started storming.  At some point it got really loud and we realized it was hailing!  I went out on the patio and reached out and picked up a couple of pieces.

The hail didn't last all that long, but the storms continued for a few hours.  Last night I was able to sleep with no air, just the ceiling fan and the windows wide open.  It felt so good!

Anyway, here we are on a Tuesday, or like we say, TNT - Tiny Needle Tuesday.  I did manage to finish "Crows at Strawberry Hill" over the weekend.  It took a little longer than I expected as I realized I was off on my count by one thread on the border at the bottom.  Grrrr - had to rip that out and re-start.  But I love the end result.

I did pick out a new Adam & Eve sampler to stitch, but I'm waiting for threads to be shipped to me.  So, in the interim I pulled out an old UFO.  I'm pretty sure I blogged about this piece a year or two ago when I pulled it out and worked on it a bit.  Then it went back into the stitching black hole.  This is The Sailor's Huswife by Darlene O'Steen.  I believe this is out of print now, but is on the Bay of Evil.

Excuse all the wrinkles - this piece has been folded up for so long...Next up under the flowers is another dividing band and the balance of the alphabet.  I don't plan to make the whole thing (back side and pockets to keep things in, etc.).  I'm just stitching this main panel.  After the dividing bands and alphabet the next (and last!) section has acorns and squirrels on it!!  This is a fun piece to work on.  I think I'm using 36 count fabric, but I'm not sure, and DMC threads.

As I mentioned the other week, my office is now not opening until August 6th.  This Friday, July 10th, no one is allowed in the office as it is going to be "deep cleaned."  Not sure what that means exactly.  I will probably go in one day this week as there are things I need to print on the "big boy" paper (lol - that is what we call 11x17 paper - makes small spreadsheets that much easier to read).  I'll also take in some rhubarb for my boss and leave it in one of the refrigerators for him (our rhubarb plant is going gang busters again!).

In other news I had a doctor's appointment (routine) with my primary care physician next week, but received a call that she is still not coming into the office.  I didn't want a telecon appointment so they rescheduled me.  The first appointment I could get is in late October!  Crazy!

Well, time to fix another cup of coffee and get to work.  Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. Good news! That is such a relief. My Grands started camp yesterday and I am not sure how I feel about that but I am biting my tongue for the moment.
    Those storms were something. I was afraid to go to bed last night.

  2. Hello,
    Great news on Mailing's test! I love your crows! Both look very pretty. I think we had rain late last night, no hail. I wonder if the doctor/dentist will ever catch up with everyone. Take care! Enjoy your day, have a happy new week!

  3. I'm glad Mailing finally got good news; waiting must have been tough for all of you. The samplers are really lovely, and I especially like the Adam and Eve one. I have a couple of rescheduled doctor's appointments, but one of them is because the doctor himself has tested positive. Yikes!

  4. Mailing must feel such relief . . . finally getting her test result. We could use a break in the heat wave -- and some rain, too -- so I kinda wish we'd get a good thunderstorm. But the forecast is for hot, Hot, HOT. And not a raindrop in sight. I love your samplers. They're just charming!

  5. Hooray for Mailing and her good news! I know your relief was palpable. We had the same situation here a couple of months ago.

    Impressive hail! I wish we'd get some rain. We have none in our forecast until possibly the weekend.

    The crow sampler is lovely. You did such nice work!

  6. I wish we could get a storm like that! Still disgusting here and no relief until the weekend, they say.

    So glad Mailing's test was negative.

  7. A negative test result is one to celebrate!

  8. Again so happy to hear your Good News about Mailing's test results. I do love TNT and I think I remember that alphabet piece from a few years back. Glad your office is holding off on re-opening (seems like that's happening in other places and maybe - just maybe - it won't be too much too late).

  9. So glad that the test was negative! Some good news! I will be peach picking in a month or so. I will keep in mind that galette. It looks amazing.

  10. I have to go in for a physical in late august, I know my doctor is open. She will want to do all sorts of crazy tests that I won't agree with! So glad Mailing is negative and you can go on about your lives! Stay safe.

  11. Hope your cars made out okay in the hail. We hardly got anything here, just a few thunders and some rain.

    These telecon appointments are a waste. How do you know if my thyroid or my liver is off if you can't palpate the area. Test numbers are not the whole story. I'm sorry you have to wait so long for your appointment. Mine is next Tuesday (after being put off an extra 3 months because I didn't want a Telecon either.)

  12. Good news and glad she is doing well.

    I need more sugar than required and can't seem to enjoy any other way. My rhubarb croaked a few years ago.

    My sister called for an appt in early May and got late December!!

  13. both of those stitch projects are great!!!! Im not sure if my first visit with my new doctor is on line or in the office...hmmmmmmmI . Id best find out. its in a week1

  14. I'm so glad to hear that Mailings test was negative. Such good news. No heat here yet. In fact the furance is on tonight. Starting tomorrow though it's supposed to warm up and be 86 by Friday. We rarely have much humidity though so it's not too bad and it always cools off at night to the 40's and 50's.

  15. Great news to hear Mailing tested negative. Sleeping with cool breezes from a storm sounds nice. I love your cross-stitch. I worked on mine for quite a while today. Will show it tomorrow. It's actually not much.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. thank goodness it is negative, I bet that eases your mind. My kidney doc just bumped me to telemed. I guess I am too healthy to come to see her in person (as in transplant patients). I'm disappointed but whatever.

  17. Hooray for good news! Yeah, Covid isn't done messing with our lives yet-sorry. The hail is quite large!

  18. Hooray for good news for Mailing. Testing seems to be a mess. I had a telemedicine physical in May and it wasn't very satisfying. I ended up scheduling an in person appointment in June for a breast exam. All is well but I needed to know for sure. Your stitching is amazing. I certainly couldn't do 36 count anymore. And that rustic pastry looks good enough to eat. Whipped cream would be the best addition ever.

  19. I'm so happy to hear the good news for Mailing!

    Darlene O'Steen!! I went to Just Cross Stitch's "Christmas In Williamsburg" stitching seminar in December 1992 (!!) -- my first-ever crafty get-away -- where she "The Dorcas Haynes Christmas Sampler." Naturally, it is still unfinished. :)