Sunday, July 19, 2020

Le Weekend

Well Hello Everyone!

I don't know if I've ever posted on a Sunday before - lol.  But, tomorrow I'm going in to the office and it could end up being a busy day, so I decided to post now. 

It is a hot and sultry afternoon in Eastern PA.  The thermometer is reading around 92 which is way, way above my comfort zone.  Our neighbors (with whom we share a driveway) had 3 trees taken down today and the chipper has been in the driveway.  Noisy!  Major headache!!  Thankfully they are gone now.  The tree guys actually worked very quickly.  The trees they removed were dead (Emerald Ash Borer) and were in danger of falling any day.  Good to have them gone.

Friday night I finished the first Tomfoolery Sock!!  It only took me a month (that is pathetic).

I love the way it turned out and it fits perfectly.  I'm happy to say that sock #2 is already past the halfway mark on the leg and I'm hoping to get to the heel flap tonight.  No Second sock Syndrome for me!

Saturday was such a fun day for me.  Yes it was hot, but not as hot as today.  When I took my coffee out onto the patio in the morning, look what I saw:

Three spotted fawns!  So cute.  They ran off pretty quickly and then their Mom (I assume she was the Mom) came out of the woods and down onto the lawn.  Luckily she moved along too.  We've been having garden damage, so I didn't want them sticking around...but I do love seeing them.

I met up with Dee for some much needed time together.  Yes we wore masks and social distanced.  We sat outside at a coffee shop and knit in the morning and then went to one of Dee's local stores where I was able to score some masks:

The racoons are so cute!!  And...I got yarn!!  I have not bought any yarn (except the skein of Hellebore for my Hitchhiker that I ordered from Vicki), have not been in a yarn shop since before Covid.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Pretty, right?  The grey and white with flecks of red at the top is Trekking.  We all know this knits up nicely and wears so well.  I'm sure this will become a pair of socks for one of the men in my life.  The other two skeins are a new-to-me yarn:  Machete Shoppe.  The skein on the left is "Clairvoyant" and the yellow one is "Vanilla Boom."  Personally I think it should have been named Lemon Drop.  Feels like nice yarn.  75/25 Merino/Nylon.  Just some further incentive to get that second Tomfoolery Sock completed.

Fletch and I sat on the patio with beverages before dinner and watched Mr. or Mrs. Wren.

Wrens have the prettiest songs.  And this guy (or gal) is hysterical.  He goes into the little camper birdhouse that we have, turns around and then pokes his head out and watches us!  He will stay that way for minutes on end.  Cracks us up.

Dinner was leftovers - the Flat Iron Steak we grilled when Colin & Mailing were over and I made a salad with the leftover corn, some cherry tomatoes, red onion, pasta shells and cilantro.  The dressing was fresh lemon juice, EVOO, dijon mustard and some dried basil.  I'll be making this again - SO good!

Tonight we are having another cold supper - some smoked trout and raw veggies.  It is just too hot to even think of eating anything hot.

We did a small grocery shopping today and picked up some local peaches so I can make a pie.  I remember my Mom used to always make pies at 6 a.m. in the summer - before it would get too hot (we did not have AC when I was growing up).  I may end up doing that too.  The peaches need to ripen a bit before I can use them.  Maybe by the time they ripen the temps will have modified a bit.

Well, that wraps it up for me.  Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the weekend.


  1. Wonderful happy photos! And I love the colors and the pattern on the sock.

  2. Sounds like a good weekend, other than the noise!
    Love your yarn. I am not buying any sock yarn until I knit down my stash to a significant degree, but I enjoy seeing others score.
    You are so lucky to get to knit and shop with Dee. When this is over and I'm retired, I'm driving out to knit with you two!

  3. It sounds like you had some quality down time this weekend! I'm so glad . the sock is so pretty-no wonder you got right at the second sock! and the new yarn is a real incentive to get knitting, too!

  4. It sounds like a pretty good weekend except for the heat! The heat index in MD at 6:30 on Sun. night is 107 and tomorrow is supposed to be the same. I love your Tomfoolery sock and am thrilled you got to visit Dee and a yarn shop. Nice choices and stay cool!

  5. Oh, that yarn!!!! Your finished sock is pretty. I love those colors.

  6. Love that you met up with Dee. And that yarn is beautiful. I have now ordered more yarn, well on top of yarn I ordered a few weeks ago to crochet a cardigan. The new yarn is from We Are Knitter's their puma cotton, I have some plans for it plus darn I just needed to shop for yarn! have a wonderful week.

  7. Good to hear you had a good weekend and fun that you got to go in a real yarn shop! Nice new skeins and colorful. I spent the day blanket stitching the linen to some felt after I finished sewing the flag to the linen. Oy. What a time suck this project has been! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Your weekend sounds wonderful. Yarn shops, knitting, good food, fun animal visitors, time with Dee and Fletch. You certainly packed a lot into the days. I really like that sock pattern.

  9. Hello, I love the sock, looks very cute. The fawns are adorable. I hope you have a garden left..Your new yarn is pretty, lovely colors, I like the mask too. My wrens are really noisy. We had a tall pine tree just fall over in our yard, what a mess to clean up. Take care! Have a great new week!

  10. How nice to have an outing, even socially distanced with masks! Any type of normalcy is a welcome change. Love your first sock! And love your yarn purchases too! Stay cool!

  11. I miss yarn shopping! I'm so glad you two got together. I hope your work day isn't as busy as you fear and that you get lots of knitting time in.

  12. Had a great time on Saturday. Glad you found some yarn (and masks) that you liked. I think you'll really enjoy knitting with the Machete Shop yarn. I like it a lot.

    We hit the Horhsam Farmer's Market on Sunday. It's not quite as big as Lansdale's, but it was nice.

  13. That salad looks and sounds wonderful! Corn and tomatoes are a staple salad around here in summertime.

    So glad you got to hang with Dee and get some normalcy and good times back in your lives. What a joy!

    I loved seeing the photo of your fawns. We've had so many deer suddenly appear out of nowhere here, and we're vastly more urban. I worry for them.

  14. Love the Tom Foolery sock! It’s good to have a variety of masks at the ready. I think we are going to be wearing them a good long while. I hope your week is a good one and that you’re able to bake that peach pie.

  15. We lost huge towering ash trees to the borer, five of them. Heartbreaking for me. And we've never had so many nesting wrens. All 10 houses are filled again.

    Supper looks great and I love those socks. Hope your meds are taking care of the rash.

  16. How fun to see those spotted fawns and nesting wrens are a treat. I love the yarns - all of them. It is a treat to get out a little. My local yarn stores are now open with precautions and masks in place. I might have bought a skein of sock yarn which I swore I wasn't going to do for awhile.

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