Monday, May 11, 2020


Good Morning!

How was your weekend?  I hope it was good.  Ours was nice and thankfully did NOT include snow!!  Though I know it was all around us.  Definitely a weird Spring, but the weather has been weird for so long (my opinion).

Friday ended up being very busy work-wise and I never shut the computer down until some time in the evening...and then was back doing work Saturday morning.  But, that's ok (happy to be employed).  I (finally) took a turkey breast out of the freezer and cooked that on Saturday.  The house smelled like Thanksgiving!!  I ended up making a huge pot of turkey soup with the carcass and some of the meat and now we have good sized containers of home-made turkey soup in the freezer.

Yesterday, Mother's Day, was a much nicer day.  It turned out to be beautiful.  We met Colin & Mailing, Zhongren & Bonny (Mailing's parents) and Anna (her sister) at the trail I walk alongside the canal and river.  Huge turtles were out in amazing numbers, but no sign of the heron and (thankfully) no sign of serpents!!  It was just so nice to see everyone and get out in the fresh air.  After our walk we all stopped at Zhongren & Bonny's house.  They had made dumplings earlier in the day and had large containers for everyone.  YAY!!!

When Fletch and I got home, I noticed something high in our crepe myrtle tree.  It has not leafed out yet and I believe what I spotted is a hummingbird's nest!!

(Look at how blue our sky was yesterday!!).  It is roughly the size of a golf ball.  Not sure if this is a current nest or one from last year.  Fletch did see a hummingbird one day last week and our feeders are now out, but we have not seen one since.

There was a small amount of knitting over the weekend.  First, I finished the socks for my sister-in-law on Saturday morning.

I smile each time I see them - they are just happy socks!!  I decided I needed to pick out yarn for socks for my brother in CO and I also wanted to wind the yarn from Vicki for a Hitchhiker.  The yarn I picked out for Phil's socks I'm positive I bought at a fiber bestival (probably Allentown).  It is by Cape May Fiber Co. and the colorway is Janthina.  So pretty:

So pretty, but notice the way it is wound?  This yarn would not behave and ended up looking like this at one point:

Yup - yarn barf!  It took ALL Saturday afternoon and part of the evening to straighten out this mess.  Weird how some skeins just fit on the spindle and wind up beautifully and others are a horrible mess.

The Make-Do yarn from Vicki DID wind up beautifully.  While the sock yarn for Phil was put in time out for misbehaving, the Hellebore Hitchhiker was started yesterday.

This is going to be one gorgeous Hitchhiker.

I also managed to make one Granny Square over the weekend.

If you click to enlarge, you should be able to see that the yarn in the outer rows has some deep red in it.  Soon I'm going to have to spread out all the squares and see what they look like together.  Not enough for any one thing, but it should be fun to see them all together.

It is grey and overcast (again) outside and I think rain (again) is in our forecast.  I hope to run out to the garden this a.m. and cut some rhubarb to make a strawberry rhubarb pie later today.

Here's to a great week ahead!


  1. Hello, it is wonderful you were able to meet up with your family. The soup and the dumplings both sound yummy. The socks are happy looking. Your granny square is pretty too. We had cold weather but no snow. It is nice this morning..Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  2. This was a good weekend - turkey soup, dumplings, a hummingbird nest, finished Tutti Fruity socks, enough patience to wind that uncooperative yarn, and the start of a really lovely Hitchhiker! I hope you have a good week and enjoy that pie!

  3. I just had two identical balls of Felici and one was wound the wrong way. I had to slowly wind them both up into balls to try to figure out why the stripes weren't matching. I have no idea how Knit Picks managed to do that.
    Love those happy socks! I am sure they will be most appreciated.

  4. I love to detangle yarn barf, it's one of my superhero skills. I'm so glad you had a M's Day with Colin and family - beautiful!!! I agree that your finished socks are cheerful!!

  5. We had the dreaded sn*w in NEO. So depressing to see it covering my patio furniture and spring flowers. But things rebounded a bit...with rain and gloom on Sunday. I AM OVER THIS. SO. OVER. IT.

    Your socks are so cute and happy! You've got to be more than satisfied with how they turned out. They will be such a welcomed gift.

    All the yarn in this post is just lovely, despite some Bad Behaviour. That shawl will be a trophy when it's done.

  6. So glad you had a fine weekend (and no snow). Your socks really are HAPPY socks. Your sister-in-law is going to love them. Here's to a good week, Vera. XO

  7. Those are happy socks! (and I want a Hellebore Hitchhiker now!) That is gorgeous yarn!

  8. Sounds like a nice Mother's Day. We got snow on Saturday and it's been nothing but grey, rain and cold since. Yuck!

    Both yarns are lovely. I can attest from dyeing that sometimes if we get a little too vigourous with our efforts, or don't put enough ties on the skeins, it can make a terrible mess when it comes time to wind. We had to be REALLY careful with anything that contained silk - sometimes it would tangle just by looking at it.

  9. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Glad you got to see your kids AND a bonus of dumplings.

  10. We had crappy weather for Mother's Day weekend, too, but I consoled myself with the forecast this week: warmer every day! Those socks certainly do bring a smile. Oh my, I can't wait to see that Hitchhiker grow! That's one of my favorite colorways (I think I've told you that once or twice already!) :)

  11. The naughty yarn definitely needs a time out. Your SIL is going to love the socks.

  12. You sure accomplished a lot over the weekend. The socks turned out to be so happy and wonderful, just as I knew they would. My Hubby enjoys turning yarn barf into balls. I'm VERY grateful to him for that skill.
    Our weekend was in the upper 60's and lots of wind but we still enjoyed our time at the trailer. (I'm still there.)

  13. I never thought about hummingbirds and nests but I guess they have to have them!

  14. Wow, what a full weekend ... and so much good stuff! I LOVE that Hellebore Hitchhiker and I'm a little jealous of the dumplings :-)

  15. How lucky you are to have a hummingbird nest! It will be nice to see it flitting about. I like all of your projects. The yarns are all nice. I think that I like the sock yarn the best.

  16. Oh A hummingbird nest ! WOW. We must have more photos! Ive heard the eggs are the size of tic tac s
    I love your socks and yes the whole yarn barf thing is a mystery I have yet to figure out. There used to be a popular pooling thread on Ravelry . People would show their pooling and sometimes one person love it and another hated it.

  17. I love how the socks turned out! We've had those yarn barf things, but Dayle is so sweet he will take the mess and untangle it while I wind it up. I agree that that is going to be one wonderful hitchhiker! Have a super week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  18. Oh I hate yarn barf! But i love those happy socks! Glad you got a nice walk and visit in with family. How nice! And bonus dumplings too!

  19. Oh I hope you have enough rhubarb for a pie. Now that is a sign of spring for sure. I like to chop it up, cook the bejeebers out of it and use the juice for jelly. Last year I combined it with red raspberries. Your projects look great. You are getting lots done - happy socks, a new hitchhiker and untangling a wayward skein of yarn. I love the crocheted squares. It will be fun to see them come together. And hummingbird's nest. That is something.