Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday Felines

Good Morning!

TGIF...though this morning I have 3 conference calls.  Yuck.  This is my new routine every other Friday:  a call at 8:30, another one at 10 and yet one more at 11.  That sort of blows the day.

But it is Friday and it is a holiday weekend.  This will be a strange Memorial Day, but then the entire year has been strange.

So I have a tale of Tyg for you this morning.  Wednesday night I went to bed as usual and then was woken at 1 a.m. by a "banging" at the back bedroom window.  I rolled out of bed to look and there, hanging on to a very thin metal edge was Tyg!  Yup - he had climbed up on the patio roof (not unusual), but then had jumped (HIGH!!) and held on.  He shortly thereafter dropped back down to the roof...I opened the window wide and got the screen out of the way and that beast jumped again right into the window opening and came into the bedroom.  After that, of course, he wanted me to go downstairs and give him some treats.  Oy vey!

I was wound up after that so sat up reading for about an hour.  And then, 4:30 rolls around and Tyg prances into the room meowing and clawing the rug to wake me to let him outside.  No, I did not open the window and put him out that way...I went downstairs and let him out the normal way.

I sure hope this is not a new routine (he was out all last night and did NOT come up on the patio roof that I'm aware of - and did not jump up to the bedroom window.

Here he is:  beast extraordinaire!

In other news:  the catbirds are back and the Goldfinches have arrived (in color):

Beautiful birds.

We went over to Colin & Mailing's last night for a fire.  We hung out for about an hour which was nice.  It got surprisingly cool.  Not sure if we are going to do a cookout with them this weekend or not.  They have a lot they want to get done around the house (gardening, mowing, etc.).

Yesterday afternoon I walked along the towpath at the canal.  No blue herons in sight.  Plenty of turtles (as usual), and not too many people on the trail which was nice.  I remembered to map it this time and was surprised to see that it is 3.2 miles that I walk when there.

No real plans for the weekend - hopefully plenty of knitting.  Perhaps this is the weekend I'll put away the winter stuff and get out my shorts and capri pants?  Whatever you do - have a good one!


  1. Hello,

    Wow, you TYG is a real jumper/climber. Love the Goldfinches, the males are so bright and pretty. I usually use my phone to keep track of my steps/mileage on our walks. Enjoy your day, Happy Memorial Day weekend.

  2. Tyg sounds like he was out getting into mischief. That may be okay, but not if it disturbs your sleep! We don't have any special plans this weekend, just try to make if different than the weekdays! Have a good one, Vera!

  3. One of our indoor/outdoor kitties is driving us crazy too. She wants to be out all night now and screams if we don't let her go. Then in the morning she's nowhere to be found which makes me sick with worry until she shows up. I've got enough to worry about without this nonsense. She did bring me a big fat mouse the other morning so there's that.

  4. Your Tyg is a little rascal! I would have been very alert for a long time. I hope your calls go quickly, my husband hates the zoom meetings, they suck up a lot of time. May your weekend be filled with knitting and sunshine!

  5. It's that time of year for cats. The ferals in our neighborhood are very bold and driving my kitties nuts. Tyg, however, is not very respectful of your routine.

    I'm thinking I need to switch my closet over, too, finally. We'll be near 90 early next week. Hello Summer.

  6. Our kitties certainly keep us on our toes. LOL

    Have a good weekend.

  7. I never had an out-of-doors cat, so Tyg's middle-of-the-night antics would unsettle me. He is such a pretty cat!

    When my kids were very young, Tom (who is a total jokester/kidder) convinced them that the goldfinches at our bird feeder were called "Jamaican Finches." Let me tell you, Erin was NOT HAPPY when she argued with a teacher about the "true" name of goldfinch and found out what was what! ;-) (In our family, we still refer to them as "Jamaican Finches.")

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh Tyg!
    There must be something in the air, because Relic has been doing strange things lately too. Last night, Relic came in the bedroom as we were getting into bed - that's normal - he usually snuggles with me for a bit every night. But instead of hopping on the bed - he went and opened the closet door (it's a slider that doesn't close right, so there's a gap he can get his paw in). After opening it, he let out a big meow and sauntered right in to investigate. He was in there for about 10 minutes before he finally came for his bedtime snuggle.

  9. Enjoy your extended weekend. Hopefully, Tyg will be more considerate in the future.

  10. Tyg is a beautiful cat but that would have driven me crazy. What a worry with him hanging on the the window! I hope you're weekend is a good one whatever you decide to do. It's strangely cold here this morning. 39F! I'm still going to the lake. I can sit inside there as well as here and I have a lake view!

  11. I'd say Tyg is one lucky cat to have you as his person! I got out shorts and sleeveless back in April and have had just a couple of days to wear them. We've had such a cool May. Enjoy your weekend no matter what you do!

  12. OH Tyg. Naughty naughty. Has he been watching SIMONS cat videos"?
    Im glad you will get to see your son and that you had a nice time yesterday. At least Zach finally has a phone again! It arrived today. It was so worrisome when he didn't have a phone. Even though we did facebook message it was not my comfort level!!

  13. oh, the things these guys get into their heads! Who knows what possessed him to try to get in your bedroom window!

  14. I think this week I can finally finish washing my winter woolens and put them away. And perhaps Tyg could come and rid my yard of the rabbits that are eating every thing in sight! (Although, he'd have to agree to leave the birds completely alone! lol)

  15. Are you sure that Tyg's last name isn't Wallenda? ;-)

  16. We're getting more cats around and more fighting is heard in the woods. It's that rotten male time for another month when they all want to be king.

  17. I think no plans sounds nice and relaxing. Tyg sure is something! Stay safe.