Friday, May 8, 2020

End of the (Work) Week

Good Morning!

We made it to Friday, so cheers for that.  It has been a busy week work-wise for me.  I've missed walking, but the weather hasn't been the best anyway.  More grey and damp today.  Some are saying a chance of snow on Saturday.  I'm not listening/not paying attention/ refuse to believe!

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all.  Some of us have human children, some of us have animal children, all of us nurture something or someone.  I'll be remembering my own Mom (and missing her) and Fletcher's Mom (and missing her too).

No new Granny Squares since Wednesday.  The heel of Tutti Fruitty sock #2 has been turned and gusset stitches picked up.  Hopefully I will knit down the foot today/tomorrow and this pair of socks will be completed over the weekend.  I'd like to wind the yarn from Make Do (Vicki) and cast on a hitchhiker.  And, if it is as chilly as forecast, I think I will cook a turkey breast that has been sitting in the freezer for months.  And then make a big pot of turkey soup!  That's pretty much as far as any weekend plans for me go.  IF the weather cooperates, I'd love to get outside...yet TBD.

Meanwhile, let's see what's been happening around the yard.  Big news:  the fig plant that the deer munched on last year and left for dead appears to have revived!!  There are several buds on one of the twig stalks.  Happy!!  Even bigger news:

We have two Asian Pears forming on our little tree!!!  There were so many blooms we hoped we would get a pear or two, but didn't expect to see them so early!

The sugar snap peas are growing quickly and climbing the trellis.  No blooms yet, but it won't be long:

And the rhubarb is now flowering:

That's another weekend thing - I need to harvest some rhubarb and bake a pie 😊

Our wisteria seems less full than usual - a bit on the sparse side, but still very pretty and so fragrant:

Given today's forecast (rain - heavy at times) I decided to cut a lilac bloom to bring inside:

Gorgeous, non?  Early this morning (4:30!!) Tyg wanted to go out.  When I walked downstairs and headed towards the kitchen to let him out on the patio, all I could smell was lilac.  It was wonderful!

And that wraps up things for me today.  I have a conference call in an hour and then another one after that.  I'm hoping for an easy afternoon!  Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Today is supposed to be cold and yucky. I wish I knew how to dress I'm either too hot or too cold...I wish the weather would get better!

  2. I always love a tour through your yard and garden to see what's growing! Despite the chilly weather, it sure looks like spring at your house. Between lilacs and turkey soup, your house will smell wonderful! Have a Happy Weekend, Vera!

  3. It looks like spring is exploding in your garden, Vera!!! (I'm not listening to forecasts that include the "S" word either. La La La La La.) (But I may cover some of my emerging plants anyway.) Have a wonderful weekend. XO

  4. Oh boy, we're a ways away from blooming lilacs and such... but I can't wait!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and a very happy Mother's Day!

  5. Oh, how I miss my lilacs! My transplanted bush thrived for years and years, then got some terrible mildew/disease. I've been without it now for years, afraid to plant another.

    We're due for wintry mix, a freeze, and probably The Murder Hornets, too, while Ms. Nature is at it. WHAT IS SHE TRYING TO TELL US, DO YOU THINK? I have my Theories.

    Please send rhubarb pie Immediately. I'll trade you my last bottle of Sparkling Pinot Gris. Trust me, it's worth it.

  6. I have no business doing so but I caved in this week and ordered some seeds. Kale and chard. I figure I can put some pots in my garden wagon and drag it around to where the sun is all day. Crazy but I am so inspired by everyone's "victory" gardens.

  7. Wishing you a good weekend. Looks like Sunday might be a good day for a walk ......cloudy, but at least not freezing.

    Snow in May ----------CRAZY!

  8. Hello, I would love to have the lilacs and wisteria, they are so pretty. The turkey soup sounds delicious and good for a chilly weekend. Happy Mother's Day weekend to you!

  9. Oh, I can almost smell your lilac. It's my favorite slower smell in the spring. I can't believe that snow is predicted for this weekend for the east coast. It's crazy!
    Our wildlife is getting pretty brave too. A coyote ran up to Dennis's office window this week chasing a marmot!
    Have a great weekend Vera!

  10. How I love lilacs! I purchased a Yankee Candle - Lilac scent just to experience that bit of Spring. My former community was filled with lilacs and crab apple trees; Spring was divine!

  11. Your gardens are already so far ahead of mine!

  12. My nana had wisteria in her back yard! Tho sparse, those are truly lovely! And that lilac aroma is simply the best! Happy Weekend (it is snowing right now in the 'Burgh... sigh)

  13. I need to have a wonderful alcove covered with wisteria with a bench underneath for me....your's is beautiful!!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Lilacs are my favorite flower and we can't grow them here so enjoy. Happy Mother's Day, be safe.

  15. I'm jealous of your lilacs ... it's too warm for them here and I miss them every year! Happy Mother's Day!

  16. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    ❀•.❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Mother's Day! ❤•.✿.•❤•.❀
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. We used to have rhubarb at our Illinois home. I would make strawberry rhubarb pie for my husband each year!!

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