Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Some Pretties and Some Creatures

Good Morning!

The sun is out and it looks like it will be a beautiful day.  But, oh boy!  The temps sure dropped last night.  Fletch actually shut the patio door and turned the heat on in the downstairs bathroom before dinner!  Good thing I did not mess with my clothes yet and winter woolens are still available (don't really believe I'll be wearing them...but...).

Yesterday I never made it into the office.  I got busy with work and then all of a sudden it was time for my 10:00 conference call.  So, the plan is to make a mad dash in this morning and be home before lunch.

Finally our lilacs are beginning to open.  The fragrence is just amazing!

This is a plant that I brought down from Vermont years ago and it has struggled ever since.  We never have many blooms.  This year I think there are 5-6 clusters.  Last year it was pretty much choked by a vine of some kind (can't remember this morning what it is), but I think we were able to rip all of that out, so here's hoping that the lilac will now thrive.

Then there is this plant that we have down near our crepe myrtle by the edge of the street.  It is something Fletcher's Mom brought to us and neither of us can remember what it is.  Does anyone know what it is?

And a close up:

The flowers almost look like spent nut shells.

Now for the creatures.  First of all, Tyg.  This box is at the end of the hallway (the area that appears to be a dumping ground for things to go down to the basement...), just outside the office room door.  He curled up in the box and was purring so loudly when I started my conference call at 10 yesterday morning.  And, he ended up sleeping in the box for over 2 hours!  So silly and so cute.

Last afternoon/evening while I was preparing dinner I walked from the livingroom into the kitchen and glanced out the patio door.  I saw this guy hanging out at our peanut feeder:

I love this shot!  I think it was a red-bellied woodpecker, but he flew off before I could get closer.

Yesterday was also a fun mail day.  Last week I ordered a skein of yarn from Vicki and it arrived in yesterday's mail!  Woo-Hoo!  It is even more gorgeous in person than in this picture.

There is a lot of yarn here folks - 463 yards and it is a soft 4 ply fingering (75/25 superwash).  The colorway is Hellebore and it is just so pretty.  I did not have anything in mind to make with it, I just fell in love with the colors.  But now that I have it in my hands, I believe it is screaming Hitchhiker!  It's been a year since I knit one, so it might be time.  What do you think?


  1. I am still wearing a woolly sweater daily. The sun yesterday was so wonderful - I spent most the day outdoors working in the yard! Last night I slept like the dead, lol!

  2. Hello,

    Love the woodpecker and your cute Tyg curled into the box. Our lilac did not survive. It is really cold this morning, I heard there may be snow flurries on Saturday. Is this May? Take care, enjoy your day!

  3. That must be a very comfortable box! I love seeing your woodpecker and that yarn yelled Hitchhiker to me also (but that's what most yarn says to me.) I think you should do it, or I'll have to order some and knit one so I can see what it looks like (which is not actually a bad idea)!

  4. Lovely yarn!

    I have no idea what that plant is. I do have an app on my phone, however, called Seek. It uses the camera on your phone and identifies various plants. I use it a lot and it is incredibly accurate. Try it!

  5. Ooooo! That's a calycanthus! (Also known as a Carolina Allspice.) The blooms are gorgeous -- such a unique color. And -- the flowers have a spicy, cinnamon scent! (I used to have one at my previous house.) Vicki's yarn is beautiful -- those colors! I think it will make a beautiful Hitchhiker. XO

  6. Oh, YES!! I think that yarn would make a lovely Hitchhiker!! It's one of my favorite colorways. I had a hank of the same in worsted that I used to make Viv a pair of socks for Christmas. (On Rav: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/knitorious/cuff-down-socks)

  7. I think your mystery shrub is this: https://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/550/

    For your lilac, do you prune it in the fall, or does it get a lot of bird activity in fall/winter. Apparently, they set thier buds in late fall/early winter, and if they get damaged (by pruning or birds nocking them off) you won't get many blooms. The first winter I had mine, I made the mistake of putting the bird feeder too close to it. The birds were using the branches as steps to get to the feeder, and that spring I got about three bloom spikes, total. I was so sad. I moved the feeder, and now it's covered in flowers every spring - and it's only about five years old.

    Tyg is so cute. He's so much like Relic in personality! I love him!

  8. That yarn will make a gorgeous Hitchhiker!

    Love the photo of Tyg.

  9. Lilacs are by far my favorite Spring flowers! No doubt, I’ll be wearing woolens until June. Some days, I’d like to find a comfy box to snuggle into and nap.

  10. I miss my mom's lilac. We tried to take cutting from it when we sold the house but none took. That sock yarn is heavenly. It would make a beautiful hitchhiker.

  11. This is the first house I haven't had a lilac bush at and I really miss the wonderful aroma in the spring.
    It's supposed to be 73 today here and tomorrow a high of 52 and rain. The rollercoaster of spring weather continues! I don't care. I'm having fun sewing with many breaks to rest my back.

  12. Bravo on the Lilac blooming! It should produce more as it grows. I have no idea what that other plant is, it's quite interesting! Take care and keep safe. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. My beautiful warm day ended and it's in the 40's. All week!! No sense in getting my spring clothes out because not one damn thing will fit. Not even close. Anxious to see this wild child yarn develop.

  14. Oh my. That yarn is so tempting. You cannot lose with making anything with it.
    I see fingerless gloves

  15. We had that same plant when I was growing up. My mother called it the Sweetbud Bush. It has a faint sweet smell. And in the fall, my friends and I used to pick the dried pods. They rattled with seeds inside them.

  16. Oh, I do miss my northern lilac bushes! i can almost smell this one!
    The photo of the woodpecker in the feeder is really cool! I hope you can bear up under this cold snap--hope it will be the last one for Spring!

  17. I don't think my lilacs are blooming (second year after a severe pruning). Love that yarn!!!

  18. wow, so many pretty things .... and especially Vicki's yarn (she's got an eye for color and her yarn is especially nice) ... I've never knit with her fingering and you've convinced me I should! That's going to be a lovely Hitchhiker!

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