Friday, January 31, 2020

YAY for Friday

Well Good Morning!

As so often happens, Murphy's Law occurred several times today (already!!).

First, it is Friday and my calendar is filled with conference calls this morning (8:30 and then 10:00).  I have reports to get out in advance of the calls, etc., etc.  And, I wanted to write a blog post (still have a dead laptop at home).  So, I was up earlier than usual (thank you Tyg) and came into work about a half hour early.  Only to have an email from Kevin cancelling our 8:30 call.  Not a bad thing mind you, and now I have time to relax and write a post comfortably (and my reports for the 10:00 call have already gone out).  So much for rushing to get in early though.

Secondly there was a bit of unraveling this morning.  I should know better than to try to work on a lace pattern while at work.  But yesterday at lunch that's exactly what I did and of course some people couldn't resist interrupting me.  Last night when I knit another row my count was off.  I was pretty tired (Fletch and I had gone over to Colin & Mailing's to feed the cats after our dinner) and it was getting late (after 9 p.m.), so I put it aside and decided to look at it this morning.  I looked and did not like what I saw.  Only six rows, so what the heck?  I had a lifeline and I pulled that long circular needle right out.

Here we are, back to where I was when I re-discovered the shawl recently.  The only difference is there is yarn wound around the cake instead of still being inside it - lol.  Also, the colors in the picture above are not accurate.  That looks almost minty green and the outer layer of the cake is really a mustardy-yellow-green.  Oh well.  I was able to pick up the exact stitches thanks to the life line and should be able to proceed with no issues (hoping).  I may be foolish, but I did bring it to work today.  I'm doubting that I will have time to knit, but better to be prepared than not.  Note to self:  Start another pair of socks so you have something easy to knit that you can bring to work!

On a more positive note, I bound off Mailing's Ear/Headband Wednesday night.  I sewed the ends together yesterday at lunch (before the lace work!) and then when I got home last night I soaked it and now it is blocking.

Kind of a funny shot!  The blocking mat is balanced on a rack I have in our downstairs bathroom that is right above the heater.  The rack is where I dry my hand knit socks when they come out of the washer.  So this shot is taken looking up.  On the wall below the rack you can see the top of a very small curio cabinet we have in the bathroom.  Some day I'll have to take a picture of that to show you.  The card balanced on the top of the cabinet on the right hand side is one my friend Carol found and sent to Fletch.  It is an announcement that "Dr. Fletcher" has removed his practice from Susquehanna to Carbondale and that hereafter he will limit his practice to diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat!  It is dated November 5th, 1895!  Cracks me up.

The Ear bands knit up so quickly!  I'm thinking of designing another one, but instead of cables this time I would do some color work.  I'll go through some of my books this weekend and see if I can come up with a fun pattern.

What else?  The kids (Mailing & Colin) are in San Diego for a few days.  Colin texted a number of pictures yesterday including:

Seals!  They remind me a bit of sloths (which I love).  Mailing is out there for work and Colin tagged along for fun.  While she is working, he is going to the beach, people watching, etc.  They plan to spend Saturday at the Zoo before flying back on the red eye that night.

Because the Super Bowl is this weekend, we are having a catered lunch at work today.  Sweet!!  I'm not sure what we are having or who the caterer is, but I'm sure it will be tasty.

We are hoping that our friends Carol & Gregg will come up tomorrow to celebrate Christmas (a bit late) and Carol's birthday (also late).  They were supposed to come earlier in January, but the weather turned crappy and they didn't want to drive up (they live in Maryland).  So, hopefully tomorrow.  I'm planning to make my BBQ shrimp dish (New Orleans style) which they both requested and a big salad.  Also a pie.

So, Yay for Friday!  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and if you are into sports (unlike moi - lol) may your team win the game.  Have some fun!


  1. When John asks me something while I'm counting, I have perfected my scowl and counting louder. I hope you can train people at work to not bother you while knitting. Your dinner menu sounds delicious and I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I am with Bonny... I have a death stare that matches my louder counting when Steve even thinks to interrupt me when counting! Have a fun weekend!

  3. I'm so glad you were able to rip out and then get back into the pattern without much hassle!

    Sounds like you have a good weekend planned - enjoy!

  4. Oh boy. I'm curious about whether your coworkers interrupted you to talk about knitting? or something else?

    Have a great weekend, Vera!!

  5. When I was still working, I kept a set of needles and dishcloth cotton in my desk drawer for a relaxing, mindless knitting project. Enjoy today's catered lunch and the holiday and birthday celebrations this weekend.

  6. You work at the best place. Lots of lunches and it sounds like you have a great boss. That was not my experience. The last place I worked, for way too many years, was awful to the employees.
    It sounds like you have a great weekend planned and I hope your knitting goes smoothly from this point on. The lifeline was a VERY smart idea. :-)

  7. When my husband interrupts when I'm counting I just count louder, then he yells back various numbers and then I start recounting because he messed me up....I have seen seals at zoos and when we visited our daughter on the west coast in CA.

  8. Hello, love the cute seal photo. They are neat to see on the coast. it is nice your work place has these luncheons catered. I do not have a favorite team to win the super bowl. I am hoping for a nice weather weekend. Have a great day and happy weekend!

  9. I love getting a surprise cancellation, and it looks like you made the best of it!

  10. The yarn gods have not been kind to me either this week. IN fact, almost every blog I've been to today has had a knitting horror story to share. I wonder what's up with that?
    The Mister is having BBQ shrimp for the Superbowl too. I'm having veggie chili while I watch the Puppy Bowl.

  11. I'm glad you get a nice weekend to relax. You will really enjoy being retired. :-) I'm going to crochet the last 14 rows of my Dahlia blanket.. or get a start on it, anyway. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Welcome to the Tink Club! What a wonder to have that lifeline~!!!
    The headband will be appreciated, very pretty!

  13. I hope you're having a relaxing weekend, Vera! XO