Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Unraveled Wednesday 01/08/20

Good Chilly Morning All!

My drive home from work yesterday included a bit of rain, then some splatters, then some "fat rain" and suddenly snow!  And it continued for some time.  However, it was very light and didn't really amount to much.  Looking out my backdoor at 5 a.m. this morning, this is what it looked like:

Pretty, but not enough to stay home from work.  The thing that looks like an icicle hanging from the tree is actually a thistle feeder and to the right of that, the "blob" is really a birdhouse hanging from the tree.

My drive home also included a stop at my local library.  I had received an e-mail yesterday that a copy of Fever had come in for me.  YAY!!  So far (30 pages into it), so good.  I'm enjoying this story and thinking of my Grandparents who were born a little bit before the time of the story.  My Dad's parents were both in Vermont, but I don't believe my Mom's parents had immigrated (my Grandfather from Denmark, my Grandmother from England) yet.  Just weird to think of them being alive during that time and to read how people (not wealthy) were treated in those days.  Looking forward to getting further into this book.  I should easily finish prior to the discussion in February led by Carole, Bonny and Kym.

On the knitting front for this Unraveled Wednesday, I'm happy to show you my Monkey Socks (free pattern on Ravelry).

The first one was finished on Saturday and the second one started that night.  As of last evening I was into the heel flap of Monkey #2.  I'm enjoying the colors in the patterned yarn...but it is still "sticky" and not all that pleasant to knit.  I do like the black heels and toes.  All in all, a happy project.  The socks came to work today and I'm hoping to finish up the heel flap and get the heel turned at lunch.  I was able to do another 10 rows on the flap this morning while having my coffee at home.

Unhappily, neither the Canary Blanket nor the Head/Ear Band that I am knitting have seen any action since last week.  Despite having numerous projects on the go, I still tend to focus on one to completion.  Well, the blanket does get some love in between projects - no way could I work solely on that to completion.  I would go batty!  (Or battier than I already am!).

So that's it for me on this Hump day (which also happens to be Soft Pretzel Day at work!!  woo-hoo!!).  Linking up with Kat on this second Wednesday of January.  Head on over to her blog to see what others are up to knitting-wise and reading-wise.


  1. Those socks! Way back in my early knitting life I tried to knit some Monkey Socks it was really epic fail and I gave up on them. But, I should try them again now! Your socks are just too cute!

    Also, none of that snow here and we have a forecast of 60's over the weekend with monsoon rains. Sigh.

  2. Glad you're liking Fever so far! :-) I'm like you -- no matter how many projects I have going, I really only work on ONE. Turns out I am a very monogamous knitter! ;-) Those are great socks, Vera -- a nice pairing of pattern and yarn.

  3. I've never knit Monkey Socks, but I might have to after seeing yours! I'm glad you've got a copy of Fever, are enjoying it, thinking about connections, and will be joining the discussion.

  4. We got a candy coating of sn*w here, too, in NEO, and some icy winds with it. We won't see 25 today. What a letdown after 40's for the past few days. But we are supposed to see 60 soon!

    Those socks are terrific. I hope they lose their stickiness once they are washed and ready to be worn.

  5. We got nothing but cold rain and today it is windy. Ugh. Me and this winter are not getting along. I was so disappointed. If it's going to be this cold it might as well snow but nooooo...
    Your socks look great. That stripe works well with the pattern.

  6. I really enjoy the Monkey sock pattern. Maybe my next pair will be that pattern. I have the cuffs completed but hadn't decided on a leg pattern yet.
    Were supposed to get a LOT of snow this weekend and very cold next week. I've enjoyed our warmer than usual temperatures this winter but I think unfortunately that's about to end.
    Enjoy your soft pretzel. I haven't had one of those in years and it sounds delicious.

  7. We got about the same amount of snow overnight last night.
    But the temperature has REALLY dropped! Im going to crank the heat and bundle up in my sweater today!

  8. Soft pretzels are yummy, especially when warm. Love the socks!

  9. Not the best driving weather but it is nice to be cozy and warm to knit on socks inside!

  10. I'm glad you got home safe with the dicey weather. Bravo on the socks.. my you do knit fast! Have a super week and weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Whoo - hoo for soft pretzels. I too am glad you arrived safely home. The socks look great - very fun pair. Good luck with that blanket.

  12. Cool cool monkey socks. And At first I thought that was a picture of a miniature scene of the bench and fire pit........I wonder why?

  13. I made monkey socks many times, yours are delightful!!