Monday, January 13, 2020

Another Monday Brings the First Finish for 2020!

Well Hello!

Still thinking this cannot be January!  It was in the 60's both Saturday and Sunday.  So strange, but I'll take it.  We did have very windy weather though (windy/noisy enough that I did not sleep well at all Saturday night).  The winds seem to have died down as of today.  I think by the end of the week the temps will moderate a bit more toward Winter temps.

Meanwhile, the Monkey Socks are finished!  I knit the last stitch and wove in the ends on Friday night:

And here they are against the bare Christmas tree:

I love these.  They make me smile and grin all the time.  They also turned out matchy-matchy!!

And, yes, the tree is out of the house.  Believe it or not, it was still extremely healthy.  It hardly dropped any needles and was still so fragrant.  Fletch and I both miss seeing it in the living room, but it is also nice to have things back to "normal."  Yesterday I managed to clean the remaining Christmas decorations off the buffet and put them away.  A new runner on the buffet and fresh flowers makes it look so nice.

How was your weekend?  Mine was so nice.  Saturday morning Dee and I met at Backyard Beans for a therapy session of coffee, knitting and chatting.  It was so nice to get together.  I cast on the pattern I designed for my head/ear band and knit about 20 rows...decided I didn't like it and ripped it out.  I'm still fooling around with it - started again yesterday and then this morning decided I'd like to do something different...stay tuned.....

Late Saturday afternoon Fletch and I drove over to Colin & Mailing's.  Fletch was helping Colin with something in the basement (some kind of caulking I think) and then Colin cooked dinner.

He made home-made ravioli with a spinach/basil pesto filling and a spicy vodka sauce.  OMG - so good.  We had a Caesar salad to go with the pasta and some espresso gelato rounded out the meal.  Oh - dirty martinis before and a really nice wine with dinner.  It was so mild (still) that we sat outside and had a fire.

Fletch had brought "something" that he sprinkled on the fire that produced some beautiful colors (you can see the green in the picture above). 

Colin & Mailing had just picked up their "Save The Date" cards that they will be mailing out for their wedding in October.  The formal invitation will go out later.  The cards turned out really well - using one of the pictures of them from the Japanese Garden in Fairmount Park.  I'll show it once we get one! 

Sunday was just filled with some errands (groceries, hardware store) and chores (laundry, cleaning bathrooms, etc.).  Fletch grilled lamb chops for dinner that were so tender and delicious.

I hope to figure out the head/ear band pattern for good today (though I think it will be a little busy at work) and I've also started another pair of socks (of course).  More about them next time.

Wishing you all a great week!


  1. It was a crazy warm weekend here too! But, that fire! Wow!

  2. That is a terrific weekend -- warm temps, knitting with Dee, great food, a fire, and new knitting. Hope your week is off to a good start!

  3. So good to get together again.

    Colin's ravioli look delicious!

  4. Fantastic socks.
    The weather is nuts here. The winter storm we were supposed to get ended up being masses of rain and temps of 55F. The very next day, the sun was out, but it was freezing cold. Now we have snow.

  5. Those socks look great. That's a really pretty stripe. I love your fire. I could use one right now. It feels so cold this morning at 50 degrees after yesterday's heat wave.

  6. wow those socks are fabulous and you knit them up so fast. How exciting that the save the date cards are done. EEp! a wedding!!

  7. Those socks are fabulous! I really like them a lot.

    Hamlet and I had several walks over the weekend, with the nice weather. Sadly, even though we were out for a long time, we never got very far - he was too busy getting people to stop, pet him, and talk to him.

  8. Those Monkey socks are just the best!!!!!! Someday I'll monkey around. Again jealous of your son so close to you! yesterday seemed like it dragged on and on. Both adult kids busy and we didn't hear from them , except for quick text.

  9. Great finish on the socks! The fire looks so pretty with the added perk!

  10. The socks are perfect. Matching too! I really enjoy knitting the monkey pattern too. How fun to have a fire in January. The colors are cool too. I'm looking forward to seeing the save the date card.

  11. The wind (40-60 mph) is frequent in Laramie and the surrounding area, so I hear it often. I'm thankful it doesn't keep me awake. Love the socks!

  12. Hello, I love the socks, very cute. The ravoli looks delicious. The fire does look pretty with the colors. Congrats to Colin and Mailing. Wishing you a great day!

  13. Fabulous finish on the socks. You really had a lovely weekend. The meal you had sounds perfect for me from beginning to end. Dirty martinis are my go-to cocktail.

  14. Bravo on the sock finish! Your weekend does indeed sound wonderful. I did a lot of crocheting, myself. We are finally getting some snow! Maybe just a dusting.. who knows, but it's pretty. Have a great week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Yay for a FINISH! (I'm not even close to one for 2020) and I always love hearing about what you eat. Sounds delicious!

  16. The first socks of 2020. They make me smile too. And the spinach pesto ravioli - sounds heavenly. I love a good pasta dish.