Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Unraveled Wednesday 01/01/20

Good Morning and Happy New Year!

Here I go - tempting fate by posting (or at least trying to post) two days in a row from home!!  It is another grey and chilly morning here.  There is snow around us, but thankfully none right here.  Yesterday the sun managed to sneak out in the afternoon, so after lunch I headed over to one of my favorite trails along the canal (between the Schuylkill River and the Canal in the Phoenixville area - Dee, you and I have walked there).  It was the perfect time to go.  Not many people on the trail - a couple of walkers, a few with dogs (one guy on a bike who was having one of his dogs pull him and the other running behind him!).  It was so peaceful.  There were plenty of geese and ducks and then this magnificent creature appeared in front of my eyes (on the opposite bank of the canal).