Monday, January 27, 2020

We Did Not Build an Ark!

Good Morning!

How was your weekend?  Mine was WET.  We had such torrential rains beginning Friday night and going through till Saturday early afternoon.  We had some water in the basement, but not enough to build an ark.  Luckily.  And a little bit of moisture didn't stop me from going out to meet up with Dee for some coffee, knitting, chatting (not necessarily in that order) and a bit of lunch.  It was a lovely time, as always.  Thanks for meeting up Dee!

I finished the first sock Friday night and promptly started the second before the needles got cold.  LOL  I've made a bit of progress since then:

The finished one looks like it is for Bigfoot, but really it is normal size.  If you click to enlarge, I believe the pattern on the leg (Diagonal Lace by Wendy Johnson - free on Ravelry) is visible.  It's a very pretty pattern.  Getting so much of that second sock finished, I completely ignored the Canary Blanket and I have yet to cast on for Mailing's headband.  No huge rush on that as Colin & Mailing are headed to California later this week (work for Mailing, fun for Colin).  They won't be gone long, but it should be a nice break for them.  We will, of course, be on cat duty while they are gone.

Fletcher's eye was a bit uncomfortable over the weekend.  It feels better when he gets out and walks at night, which makes me think the dry indoor air is not helping.  Fingers crossed he will be more comfortable today.  He is still not supposed to get any water in the eye, so showering and washing his hair has been a challenge.  That's only a couple more days though and next week he will go back for another check up. 

I did finish another book - this one was a book of poetry.  I have not yet read any more in Disappearing Earth - perhaps tonight.

No other news.  Other than meeting up with Dee and grocery shopping on Sunday I didn't really do anything!  A lazy weekend was very nice.  The week is starting off in a good way:  My 10:00 conference call has been cancelled and I have an off-site luncheon today.  Fingers crossed I can just go home after that (not likely, but hoping!!).

Wishing you all a great week ahead!


  1. You knit socks almost as fast as Sarah Jordan (PAKnitWit) does! Wow! That is impressive!

  2. Your needles are on fire! I'm trying to finish up a pair of socks for my sister that have been languishing for 10 years, so clearly I could use some of your sock motivation and speed!

  3. I can attest, the sock is quite normal sized. LOL And, it is lovely.

    I had a great time on Saturday.

    Glad that Fletch is going to be able to get back to normal life soon. I'm sure that first shower is going to feel GREAT!

  4. My weekend was spent at the sewing machine, and the time flew by too quickly. Fabulous progress on the second sock - you'll have it finished in short order.

  5. Wowzers! you've made great progress on those socks.
    I was just commenting to Dave that this winter has been a very wet one. Mostly rain, and when we have had snow, it only lasts a few days before the rain washes it all away again. I'm starting to feel like I'm in Vancouver!

  6. I think the socks look great, isn't it nice to be nearly done?

    I'm just curious - has Tyg ever met Colin and Mailing's kitties? I was just wondering if that ever happened, and if it ended well ...

  7. I wasn't here but The Mister said it poured here too. I can tell by the muddy floors-and the muddy dog. It's always fun to come home to a mess. Not.

  8. We've had rain here every day for over a week. Very unusal...more like Seattle on the west side of the state. We usually have snow this time of year, but I'll take the rain. If this had been snow we would be buried above the roof!
    The sock looks great. How fun to spend time with Dee again. You girls are so lucky to be close.
    I'm still keeping Fletch's eye in my prayers. I hope it's healing well and I'm sure that he'll feel better after his follow up.

  9. Cute socks and, wow, you're humming right along!

  10. Oh, I hope Fletch's eye feels better soon - I guess it's good that outside is humid these days?! I so enjoy hearing about your meetups with Dee and seeing ALL the socks. oh my goodness, y'all are prolific! I just started a new pair for my mom - a wool/nylon blend that will hopefully withstand the wood floors where she lives.

  11. Love how the socks are looking! Nice! Bummer on Fletch's eye. Now you're making me nervous. lol! Sorry about your basement. We had fairly heavy rain for a while, but nothing major. I guess it depends on where you were. Have a great week!

  12. So glad you and Dee were able to keep your plans together, despite the rains! And I love the sock. It's so fun with that combination of pattern and yarn! XO

  13. Despite the rainy weekend, it sounds like you had a good time! The socks look good!