Monday, February 3, 2020

Monday Again

Well Hello!

How was your weekend?  Mine was not what I had planned!  Well, first our Super Bowl lunch at work was very nice - pizza, wings, hoagies, snack things, cookies, brownies, etc., etc.  And, the best part was the office closed at 2:30.  Yay!!

But our friends Carol & Gregg did not come up on Saturday.  Gregg has been having back issues recently and they have been getting progressively worse.  Finally they had an appointment for an MRI on Saturday at 11:30.  Apparently he has both a pinched nerve and bulging discs.  Not fun.  I hope he can get some relief pronto!

So, I went over to Colin & Mailing's early Saturday to feed the cats and then later Fletch and I went grocery shopping.  Not an exciting day.  We did (finally) finish watching Season 3 of the Crown.

Sunday we got up and decided to go out to breakfast.  That's always a good move in my book.  When we got home I started cleaning bathrooms, kitchen floor, etc., etc.  It had been a very foggy morning, but by 10:30 the sun was streaming in the bedroom window and I decided to get out and go for a walk.  Ha!  By the time I got to the trail, it was completely overcast and chilly.  I walked anyway for about an hour.  The first half the wind was so biting in my face that my eyes were watering and my nose was running. 

You can see from this picture how grey and uninspiring the day was.  This tree had fallen into the canal fairly recently (and will need to be cleaned up before kayak season!).  I was hoping to see the Great Blue Heron again, but the only wildlife I saw were some ducks.  I did, however, meet a chocolate lab whose name is Fletcher!

Shortly after I got home it actually started snowing!  Just some minor flurries and nothing that stuck to the ground...but chilly!!

The afternoon was spent knitting and I successfully finished up the first lace section of the shawl I'm working on (Odyssey by Joji Locatelli).

Difficult to get a good shot of it.  The top photo is of the shawl on the floor.  The second photo is me attempting to spread it out.  The shots on Ravelry show the lace pattern much better.  this should be very pretty once it is finished, soaked and blocked.  I've also knit the next 6 rows of the 2nd section...only 14 more to go and then the second lace section.  The plain sections are just knitting back and forth - no counting needed, so I've brought it to work (I have yet to pick out yarn for the next pair of socks).

Late in the afternoon on Sunday Fletch discovered Tyg had made a little nest in the guest room!

He wasn't thrilled with being found/disturbed.  Shortly after I took this picture he wandered into the kitchen for a little bit of food and then went out to walk around/survey "his" property.

The kids made it back from CA with no issues - they flew back to Newark (NJ) on the red eye Saturday night - got back home by 7 a.m. Sunday and I think slept all day.  I left Mailing's ear band at their house and am hoping she will send a picture of herself wearing it!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


  1. It was a day of curious weather on Sunday! We started with snow and ended in the 50's here in Pittsburgh! And, that sun stayed for Monday making it a much cheerier day! :)

  2. Sometimes, a spontaneous weekend works, too! Shawl is coming along nicely!

  3. Is that the same place where we went walking?

    One of these days I'll have to try kayaking there.

  4. I hope Gregg can get relief from his back pain soon. John has had three back surgeries and it's always awful to see watch someone you care about struggle in terrible pain. We drove down to MD in snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain, and sunshine -- all in the span of 2.5 hours. Today looks like blue skies and warmth before four days of rain and gloom. Good progress on your shawl!

  5. That kitty photo is just precious! He looks so comfy I want to go take a nap now.

  6. I feel your friend's pain... literally. That's the issue I have with my back. The good news is it can be managed with medication and movement.

    Im very interested in watching this shawl develop. I haven't made a shawl in ages. Maybe when I get the never-ending poncho off the needles

  7. hope your friend's back gets better soon, I know three people in my life currently going through the exact same thing. This weather was crazy but all that snow looked beautiful in the air and it melted on contact over here. Now it's a beautiful sunny Monday :)

  8. I love a weekend like that--lots of 'found' time!

  9. Tyg has the right idea. I'm glad you had a good weekend though sorry that your walk wasn't what you would have liked. Your shawl is going to be beautiful. I have 12 rows left on mine and hope to finish it today. I hope you're Monday is a wonderful one.

  10. Hello, it was a chilly and damp weekend here. I saw some snow flurries too. Going out to eat is always nice. Your shawl look pretty. It is a beautiful day here today. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  11. Sometimes weekends that don't turn out as planned turn out perfectly ... and even with the wet/chilly weather, I think yours did! Maybe your friends can come of a visit this month? It's nice to have things to look forward to when February drags into March ... and winter can't seem to let go!

  12. Sometimes weekends that don't turn out as planned turn out perfectly ... and even with the wet/chilly weather, I think yours did! Maybe your friends can come of a visit this month? It's nice to have things to look forward to when February drags into March ... and winter can't seem to let go!

  13. I got such a kick out of Tyg, he looks like a roaring lion! Or is he yawning? We had a good weekend.. a surprise sunny day on Sunday. I hope your friend does ok.. back issues are awful. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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