Thursday, February 6, 2020

More Rain


I feel as though I may need some snorkeling gear.  We are forecast to get 2-4+ inches of rain today.  Flood watches are out.  It's also chillier than recent days - only in the mid 30's, so not real comfortable out.  It is the perfect day to stay home...but I am at work....

I did, however, manage to start a new pair of socks last night.

Isn't that yarn pretty?  The colorway is Barn Owl and it is from Sheep's Clothing Yarn Co.  A 75/25 blend.  I believe I picked it up at the Allentown yarn festival last year...but it may have been at a LYS that Dee dragged me to (LOL - not a difficult thing to drag me to a LYS).  Anyhoo, it is delightful to knit with (so far - I've managed to do 10 rows of 2x2 ribbing).  This is not the yarn I had in mind, but this jumped out of the stash chest and caught my eye.  I'm planning these for Fletch (hopefully he will like the yarn) and I think I'll just do a K6, P2 pattern on the leg.  There's enough color variation that I don't really want a busy pattern.  This picture gives you a better sense of the yarn - pic is from Sheep's Clothing web site:

This project bag and the shawl have both come to work with me today - I'll probably work on the sock at lunch.  And now I'm prepared for meeting up with Dee on Saturday - an easy knit to work on while we chat and sip coffee!


  1. That yarn is wonderful and I know your socks will be also. Fletch is so lucky! Have fun with Dee on Saturday; I think it's the one day it's not supposed to rain.

  2. That yarn is gorgeous! I can't wait to see how it knits up.

  3. Gorgeous yarn. That will make a fantastic sock

  4. That yarn is FAB! I hope you get plenty of knitting time on this rainy day. XO

  5. That's a pretty one. Can't wait to see it (again) on Saturday.

  6. That yarn is the perfect match for a barn owl! Ingenious! I don't know how the dyers constantly come up with such wonderful colors.
    I started the second sock for Dennis while I was waiting at the doctor yesterday. Since I have only been working on them at appointments, they have barely grown at all. Now that the shawl is finished, I'll be more dedicated to them.
    I hope the flooding doesn't happen and that the rains aren't as bad as predicted. We ended up with 6+ inchs of snow. Not my favorite. :-)

  7. That is wonderful yarn! Just the thing to keep your mind off how terrible it is out there. Ugh. What a miserable winter. All this rain would have been a fabulous snow storm!

  8. I think a ribbed pattern is perfect for that lovely yarn. Rain in the winter is a little gloomy that is for sure. I think it is fun that you and Dee get together for coffee and knitting. I have a coffee friend but she doesn't knit. I take mine though and we talk books and other things.

  9. What a beautiful yarn. Seems there are as many types, brands, styles, blends, colors, thickness, and textures of yarn as there are of cats!

  10. Bravo on the new sock start.. it will make a nice knit and natter project. Have a super weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. beautiful yarn and a beautiful start to a new sock! I love the light colors for the dreariness of this February!

  12. we had that weather yesterday. I'm sorry for y'all today! and OH MY, that yarn is gorgeous. I'm sure Fletch is going to love the socks.

  13. Love the yarn - those socks are going to be beautiful (handsome!).

  14. Very nice sock yarn!!!! I love the color and the name for it!


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