Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Felines

Good Morning Everyone,

Finally it is Friday!  Seems like it has been a long work week after having time of for Thanksgiving.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I'm meeting up with Dee for coffee and knitting and, perhaps, a little shopping here or there.

I don't have any recent pictures of Tyg (bad mother that I am), but here is a shot of Marcel from Thanksgiving.

He looks rather possessed, doesn't he?

Happy Weekend - make it a good one!


  1. Happy Finally Friday! Your plans with Dee sound like a great start to a great weekend.

  2. Enjoy your visit with Dee. It's fun to sit and knit with friends.

  3. Devil eyes, LOL!

    Have a WONDERFUL time tomorrow - next time I hope to join you. :-)

  4. He looks like he is saying, "give me ALLLLLLLL the turkey!"

    Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

  5. Im glad this week with Pie's illness is over. Im tired from all the worry. But so so grateful she is getting better. Everyone has been so nice here and in blogland. I think we have found our NEW vet for our new Wisconsin life. It was hard to trust another after 30 years with our buddy kristine . But this new practice has been wonderful. SO thats a plus

  6. Wow...that is other worldly kitty you've got there!

  7. Cat eyes are so funny . . .
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. With having my tooth pulled, it was an awful week! And I only went to work for half of it. Next week is going to be all about catching up.

  9. Dear Tyg
    Your little girlfriend MIss Pie met another milestone today. She pooped! Yeah! she seems to be almost back to normal.