Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Unraveled Wednesday 12-6-17

Hello All,


Here it is mid-week.  No knitting pictures (it is still secret knitting), but happy to report no yarn unraveling this week.


My patience, however, did unravel last night.  Fletch will be the first to tell you that I am not strong in the patience department and also that I do not suffer fools.  Let me say that Verizon seems to be lacking in the customer service department for moi.


We have had two TVs and two cable boxes for ever.  I almost never watch TV and when I do, it is with Fletch.  So (finally) we decided to get rid of a TV and get rid of the extra cable box.  Over the weekend I called Verizon and they promised to ship a box for us to return the equipment.  It won’t come off our bill until they receive it (and to the best of my knowledge there is no place locally to drop off equipment).  I also got our cable bill lowered a little bit.  Yesterday a box from Verizon arrived.  It was heavy!  It was a router.  We already have one.


After approximately 6-8 calls last night, here is what I learned:


  • First call – wait time was over an hour
  • 15 minutes later I tried again and the wait time was under 4 minutes
  • Most of the people answering the phones at Verizon don’t speak English very clearly.  I had an extremely difficult time understanding most of them.
  • We need to replace our router for faster speed…ok, but I don’t really think it’s necessary and I’m not good at that.  Fletch couldn’t figure it out last night…hopefully Colin can tonight.
  • When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was first told by one person that they were not available but they could call me back – maybe in an hour or two.  The next time I asked to be transferred to a supervisor I was told they are not allowed to transfer me to anyone…they (the person who answers the phone) HAS to help me…but they were unable to….
  • The box that the new router came in will not accommodate the cable box we need to send back (and remote for said cable box).  In addition, we will have to return the old router.
  • I drank extra wine last night


Frustrated doesn’t begin to explain how I felt.  I’m ready to get rid of everything Verizon…but I’m afraid I’m not a fan of Comcast or Direct TV either.  So, we are kind of stuck (which I guess Verizon realizes).


I need to attempt to call them again tonight to at least get an empty box sent to us (with a return label this time – that would certainly help).


To ease my aching soul I ordered some yarn today.  I’ll show it to you when it arrives.  I think I deserve it.


Wish me luck (and patience, please).


  1. Extra yarn and extra wine for you! A friend in PA recently had an issue with Verizon and finally got it resolved after several weeks and multiple phone calls by tweeting and posting on facebook Maybe it's worth a try if the next call doesn't work. I can't even tell you that Comcast is any better, so I really do wish you good luck in getting an empty box from Verizon!


  3. Oh, wow.....what a story. When Daddio was home and in early stage dementia he kept calling and canceling all his utilities for some reason. I would have to fight for hours trying to get someone to understand so I could get them turned back on. It was terrible. Good luck. Wine helps but tequila is better. Sounds like margarita time to me.

  4. Have you tried to contact them via email or a live chat on their website? Sometimes tech businesses have those options, AND you'll have a written record of when you contacted them.

  5. Some of the most frustrating days of my life have been spent on the phone with cable companies. UGH. All the wine. And some new yarn. Fortify yourself! XO

  6. O M G ......I can't imagine not being put through to a supervisor or manager.

  7. yay for yarn and wine! and BOO for poor customer "service" ... hope you get resolution quickly!

  8. I am in total agreement over Verizon customer service or the lack thereof!!!!
    We keep going without phone service-no calls, no texts can go through-It is a misery to be cut off. After hours of waiting on hold, they tell you they do not show you don't have service...

  9. Grrrr. Verizon knows we are in a bind, because as horrid as they are, Comcast is THE WORST in the universe.

    I would have ordered yarn and had a few glasses of wine ...