Friday, December 15, 2017


Oh my!  It has been a slammed morning.  Much more so than usual.  Speaking with a few co-workers this a.m. and it seems like everyone is in the same spot.  Tom, one of our Presidents, asked me what the hell is going on that it hasn't slowed down yet.  I have no idea - too busy answering the ever expanding number of e-mails I seem to be getting as well as various requests, updating spreadsheets and the like.  My preference is to be busy - makes for flying days, but these past few weeks have just been nuts.

Meanwhile I'm off the hook for a little knitting!  Too funny:  I had been planning to hopefully knit a hat for Colin for Christmas.  I had even decided to use some alpaca yarn I have in a pretty light brown and some white.  Yesterday Colin didn't work, so he was over watching a movie with Fletch when I got home and pointed out that he had worn a hat I had knit for him sometime in the past 2 years or so.  It was exactly what I was thinking of making for him and even in the same yarn.  I have no recollection of making that hat.  (My memory loss seems to be speeding up as well - lol)  Anyway, I thanked him for getting me off the hook with that knitting project.  He then said he would really like me to knit a blanket for him.  Hmmm...that sounds like a big project to me.  But, maybe, with bulky yarn or something.  I'll figure that one out AFTER the holidays.

Colin also brought over two presents to go in Fletcher's and my stockings:

These cracked me up.  Col always uses brown craft paper to wrap gifts and usually just writes the recipient's name on the package...this time he drew figures instead.  So, the first gifts are in the stockings.  Meanwhile, I have not wrapped anything...or finished shopping....

It's supposed to start snowing here any time now (it's about 12:30) and continue until at least 6 p.m. with 1-2" expected.  I need to stop at the store for beer and a little food on my way home.  We have friends coming for dinner tomorrow night and I need a couple more things for the meal we are planning.  I also need to clean the bathrooms, straighten up some things and wrap the gifts we have for our friends.  Oh yeah and I was hoping to get a pedicure and maybe a haircut.  Not all of that stuff is going to happen for sure.

Now 1:00 and the snow has started!!  Woo-Hoo.

Wishing you all the best weekend with no stress, only fun times.


  1. love the pictorial presents , what a sense of humor. it is snowing here but we are not supposed to have an accumulations (I think they might be wrong on that). I am inside enjoying the somewhat quiet afternoon.

  2. Well, I suppose busy at work is good. Job security??? LOL

    So funny about Colin's hat. But, I'd save that yarn. One of these days he'll be needing a new one. Hats don't last forever.

    Have fun with your dinner party! I'm just about to put a roast in the oven. Seems like a good meal for a snowy day.

  3. Colin's packages are clever. I need to remember that.

    Snow is predicted here tonight and tomorrow, possibly 6-8". I hope it holds off until tomorrow afternoon, as I have a Guild meeting tomorrow morning and don't want to drive on nasty roads.

  4. I'm in the same boat with you - haven't finished shopping, haven't wrapped, plus I've barely decorated. I do have 19 more rows to finish Ryan's mitts, so even if I'm up late tonight, I'm going to be standing in the post office line tomorrow. I'm glad you've gotten a break on hat knitting and Colin is the best wrapper! Safe travels in the snow (there have been two accidents on our street already), and have a happy stress-free weekend!

  5. Those packages are so clever! That's my kind of wrapping. I am the world's worst at it. Thank goodness for gift bags.

  6. OK, I enjoyed this post, but I read the beginning as "sleeping with co-workers" and I was like OH VERA NO!!!

  7. hope your weekend is off to a fine start ... glad you're getting snow and looking forward to an evening with friends.

  8. I love the packages. I hope our work slows down a wee bit so you get some rest.

  9. Plenty of time before Christmas! Don't get crazy.

    Love the packages. I'm going in for all brown kraft paper for everything--found a HUGE (think industrial!) roll at my grocery store for only 8 bucks. I think it's chic.

  10. LOVE the packages! Fun -- and it defintely gets the job done. :-)
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Funny hat story-I so live that moment!