Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday's Q&A...the Snowy Version

Hello Everyone,

This week Kathy has divided her Q&A into two groups:  one for the snowy (or soon to be snowy) folks and one for those in warmer climates.  Since I am in the path of the oncoming storm, here's my version:

  1. You are snowed in.  What 3 things do you need to have for a storm?

Plenty of yarn and stitching supplies (check)

Plenty of reading material (check)

Plenty of wine (and other libations) and plenty of food for cooking and baking (check/check/check)

I’m ready to goJ


  1. Do you eat corned beef and cabbage?

Well, I made it last year and hated it!  My Mom used to make it several times a year and I always liked it then.  I will not be making it this year.


  1. What is your favorite hat pattern to knit?

I’ve only made one hat – the Baable hat which I really like (even if it is a tiny bit small for me).  Once I did knit and then felt a bowl and my son took it and used it for a hat – lol.


  1. Are you wearing wooly handknit socks today? What color?

Not today because the boots I am wearing are too tight to wear handknit socks with them.


  1. How do you deal with  your hair drying out in the winter?

I was just talking about this with my girlfriend the other day.  Growing up (adolescent thru college and 30’s and 40’s) my hair was fairly oily.  Aging has done away with that problem and now my hair tends to be dry enough that I use Argon Oil on it when I blow it dry.  It seems to be helping a bit.


We are forecast to get a foot or more of snow.  I'm not really interested in more winter weather, but I am definitely interested in not going to work tomorrow.  I'm already planning what to make (bread and soup and a pie since tomorrow is Pi Day), what to knit (maybe I can pick up the shawl and finish it??), and what to read (almost finished "News of the World").  Our son is coming over to stay since his office doesn't close unless the stock market closes.  We are only 5-10 minutes from his office, but he lives about 45 minutes away.  Much easier to navigate from our place.  Will be fun to have him around for a night or two!

Everyone in the path of the storm - stay warm and safe.


  1. Happy Snowstorm Stella! I think it's going to miss us. At least I hope so. Any snow would be heavy slush at these temps and I am in no mood for any power outages in this cold with the chimney not working.
    Argon oil is lovely. I have a bottle of it here for soap making and need to experiment with it.

  2. I will have to try the Argon oil - thanks! Stay safe and warm and enjoy some knitting, reading, eating and visiting with your son.

  3. I had to laugh about your son using a bowl as a hat. ROFL

    It is very nice that your son can come stay when the weather gets dicey. Hope you have a good visit.

    Happy snow day! (Stay safe and warm!)

  4. YOu are so funny. Libations OF COURSE!!! Im so happy you get family time because of the snow ! Enjoy. !!!!! Have libations together!

  5. I just heard that the winter storm warning is now a blizzard warning - uh oh!

    We will probably be open tomorrow, but I planned the day off long ago, so it works nicely for me. :-)

  6. I hope the storm was not as bad as predicted.

    The Baable Hat is an adorable pattern. One of my friends has knit several - all larger than anticipated.

  7. Oh this SN*W!! Here in the secondary snowbelt in NEO, we got hammered, are still getting hammered by Lake Effect, and are under the Winter Storm Warning until 8PM Wednesday. Sigh. All the schools in a four-county area are closed or delayed. Hey, Winter--Go AWAY!