Monday, March 6, 2017

A Near Disaster Averted – Miracles DO Occur, a Fresh Start and Sleepy Birds

Hello All,


How’s that for a post title?  Well, the shawl is not finished, in fact it is where it was when I left off with last Friday’s post.  After being so sure I could whiz through the final rows, I somehow managed to screw it up royally during lunch on Friday.  What a mess.  And, my lifeline was at the very beginning of the lace work (15 rows back).  I think I remember saying here that I should not work on the shawl or any lace work while at work.  True, true.  When I knew for sure that I had messed it up, I just threw it in my bag.


After a glass of wine that evening I decided to tink it back.  Ha!  That didn’t work, so in my frustration I just pulled the needles out.  This is where the miracle occurred:  I was actually able to pick up the stitches once the needles were out.  I did not have to rip it back to the lifeline!  Some of the stitches were twisted, but I managed to correct them when I knit a row.  But, I had miss-guessed the row I was on, so that didn’t work either.  I put it away for the night.


Saturday morning (which was wicked cold – about 8 degrees!!) while having coffee I looked at it again.  I tinked the row I had done the night before and then knit the correct row.  And it worked out!  Whew.  I debated about moving the lifeline up to a new position and wasn’t going to, but fortunately some sanity prevailed and the lifeline has been moved (just in case…).  At that point, I put it away again and decided not to mess with it for the rest of the weekend.  I need a rest from it and, I’m sure it needs a rest from me.


Needing something to knit, I cast on a new sock.  These will be for my son (since the last pair didn’t fit).  The yarn is Schachenmayr Regia in the colorway “pinstripe.”  And the pattern is Petty Harbour which I have knit before.  An easy pattern to memorize and I think it will look good in this yarn.  This is where they were as of last night.


They are in my bag for working on during lunch today…believing I can do this without messing it up – lol.


Yesterday was still bitter cold, but we got up and went out to breakfast.  Later was grocery shopping and interspersed throughout the weekend was a lot of laundry, cleaning bathrooms, scrubbing the kitchen floor, etc.  Fletch installed a new LED light over the kitchen counter on our driveway side.  I love these lights!  I can see!  He had installed one over our sink a month or two ago and what a difference.  Now I want to find some (large and long) to replace the fluorescent lights we have on our patio and in our basement. 


Sunday afternoon I looked out our back door and saw two birds napping!  One was a downy woodpecker on top of our suet feeder (that picture didn’t turn out) and the other was this nuthatch hanging on to our peanut feeder.  Not a great picture – taken looking through our (somewhat dirty) sliding door onto the patio.


This morning was still cold, but birds are singing their Spring songs and it is sunny.  Temps are forecast to rise all week.  I’m ready for sun and warmth.


Hoping everyone has a great week!


  1. Give it a big timeout ! we turn the clocks forward on Saturday! Our birds are very busy. We cleanedout a bluebird house on the property and are anxious for someone to build a nest in it!

  2. Yeah! Glad you were able to save it! happy Monday!

  3. Glad you were able to save the shawl.

    I've put Petty Harbour in my list... I'm always on the look out for a pattern for Dave that's not too fussy for him to wear, but exciting enough it won't bore me to tears in the knitting.

  4. I'm glad things worked out well with your shawl - I can sympathize, since I've been having issues as well. But it sounds like we are both back on track. :-)

  5. Sometimes knitting just needs a time out, and the knitter needs a nice glass of wine. Hope your shawl and sock knitting proceed without any more issues!

  6. Ouch....I hate when lace attacks. I have had the same experience after pulling out the needles in desperation. I am not sure why it works but sometimes it does.

  7. When knitting lace, I use a lifeline every repeat or 2 inches, whichever comes first.

    Nice looking sock yarn. I love Regia yarns!

  8. Glad you were able to fix your mistake without having to rip all the way back to your lifeline.

    I put that sock pattern right into my queue. I'm always on the hunt for a good sock pattern.

  9. So very nice to meet you, Vera. You must be a friend of Dee's. I love the socks you are working on. Your frigid temps sound dreadful. Rarely does it get that cold here in GA, but occasionally. I hope your day is going smoothly. Come and visit again and I'll do the same.

  10. The sock looks good so far! I love your yarn bowl.

  11. Sigh. It must be something in the atmosphere. I just started my latest project, got six rows in (!), transferred it to a better set of circs, and too late! realized that, because of the pattern, it was now backwards from the transfer.

    I felt like a dunce.

    Then I found an error, too.

    Unraveled the whole blasted thing and haven't touched it until I'm Over It.