Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Felines

Hello All!

Almost weekending time...just need to get through the Friday workday...but - hey - breakfast this a.m. at work.

My son texted me this picture of Marcel yesterday:

Climbing along the clothes.  I asked if Marcel was stuck or just resting...Colin replied neither - he is just being a nosy brat!

Meanwhile the warmer weather we've had earlier (like last week) seems to have brought out the ticks.  We (well, Fletch) has pulled two ticks off Tyg in the last two days.  I really hate to use Frontline on him, but I'm not sure what else to do.  Any recommendations?  I've heard that rubbing fresh rosemary on pets helps deter ticks and I used to do that with Maestro, but she was never really bothered by them (meaning they didn't seem to like her).  Any suggestions would be great.

The Oaklet Shawl is almost done!!  Only 6 more rows and then I can bind it off.  This is where it stands as of this morning:

I tried to spread it out to show the lace work, but it wouldn't spread too well.  The strand of red is my lifeline which, since I put one in, I haven't needed.  Hoping to get a row or two done at lunch today and finish it up tonight.  A wash and blocking party this weekend!!  Pictures once it is finished.  Just hoping I don't run out of yarn.

What is everyone up to for the weekend?  I have no plans other than casting on something new.


  1. Cats are amusing creatures - love the photo!

    Thrilled to hear you found the solution for the shawl border troubles and crossing my fingers you'll have enough yarn for the bindoff.

  2. Thanks for the lifeline reminder! I am hoping to get going on a lace border this weekend and a lifeline will be a good idea (since I have already unknit and started again once).

  3. Marcel is an Adventurer. When his blood stirs, he is helpless; he must Forth.

    I am casting on a cushion cover this weekend. I have, however, been saying that for about a month. Sigh.

  4. That's a crazy kitty!
    My weekend plans just got cancelled so I too am looking forward to some knitting time-but I think The Mister has taxes on his mind. Boo.
    Love the shawl. Good luck with the big finish.

  5. Marcel is a ridiculous as any other cat I've ever known!

    The Oaklet looks nice! I can't wait to see it all blocked out.

    I am hoping that my new glasses will be ready for pickup this weekend. That's about as (possibly) exciting it will get ...

  6. I am grossed out by Ticks every time. I itch for days after I see them. I hope Fireman and I dont get any when we take to the woods to work again soon.
    Your shawl is going to be amazing off the needles!
    Im hoping to cast off my HELENA tonight. Then Im not sure what's next!
    We are planning a day in the yard Sunday and a burn. Saturday is going to be cold, so more of the same: knit, knit knit!

  7. The photo of Marcel really gave me a laugh.

    As for Tyg's ticks --- we use a product called Revolution. It takes care of fleas, ticks, internal parasites and ear mites. I'm assuming it works. Giroux doesn't have much opportunity to get ticks.

  8. Cats can be so funny!
    I love your shawl. The gradient yarn works beautifully with that pattern.
    I am exhausted, so I'm glad to say that I have a pretty quiet, restful weekend ahead.

  9. That's a lifeline for you! :-) That's one curious kitty!

  10. Dave's old cat Mopar used to climb through the closet like that!

  11. That pic of Marcel is hilarious! Mia loves to go in my closet to explore, but I don't think she's ever been up by the clothes rod! Lovely shawl! Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. We use Pet Armor Plus through Walmart online in the 6 pack. Much less $$ and works well. The problem is getting it on them and the application sometimes misses the mark. I keep a good tick spray on hand but I won't spray it all over them. My method is to saturate a Qtip with it and rub it on both sides of the tick, and again in an hour if it's not dead.

  13. Cats can get in the most ridiculous places! What a great pic of Marcel! We use Revolution on our 5 cats, also. What gorgeous colors in your shawl. You are very talented.