Sunday, March 19, 2017

Almost Spring...and a Finish and a Half


Happy Spring, almost.  Tomorrow morning Spring will arrive.  This morning when I looked out the kitchen window I saw a fat robin on a patch of grass that is exposed (we still have quite a bit of snow on the ground).  Also when I looked out the window first thing this morning (while still in bed), I could see some huge sheets of ice hanging off the upper roof ready to fall onto the patio roof.  We've been hearing crashes all morning and stuff is dripping like crazy.  The icy patch at the end of the driveway is gone.  Hooray!

Can you hear the Hallelujah Chorus?  The Oaklet Shawl is finished!!  Woo-Hoo.  I love the colors.  I did not like working with the yarn (KnitPicks Chrome in the Vermont colorway).  And the shawl?  I like it, but am disappointed that it did not block out larger.  It can hang down my back, but then it won't wrap around my shoulders comfortably.  If I wrap it around, then it draws up pretty short in the back.  I would call it more a shawlette than a shawl.  But, the main thing is it is finis!!

So much sunlight today!  This was finished yesterday just before dinner.  And, on Friday night I finished the first of Colin's socks:

The yarn is Regia and the pattern is Petty Harbour (free on Ravelry).  Look at the size of that foot!  This had better fit's big on me, so there is hope.

Also on Friday I made pizza for dinner.  OMG, this was so good.  Trader Joe's pizza crusts (I like their pizza dough too, but these ready-made crusts are fabulous).  Toppings were:  some sauce and oregano, asparagus (which I had par-boiled), black garlic (also from Trader Joe's - it is a fermented garlic and is kind of sweet and smoky), prosciutto, onion slices, marinated artichoke hearts and some mozzarella.

Last night I cooked a turkey breast and roasted some winter squash and Brussels Sprouts with a little butter, maple syrup and cinnamon.  Yay for turkey sandwiches today.

I really do like to eat...more than I should.....

Last night was another one of those nights when I didn't sleep well at all.  I went upstairs around 11, read for a half hour or so and turned off the light.  Fletch came up at 1 and I was still awake and I doubt I fell asleep before 3 a.m.  Tyg woke me at 5 to go out and then I woke up at 7.  I've been in a cleaning frenzy this morning (bathrooms, kitchen floor, several loads of laundry) in the hopes that I will be exhausted tonight and sleep well.  I hate going to work worn out!

See you next season!!


  1. Your lovely shawl reminds me of a butterfly in the sunshine! Colin's socks do look like a true labor of love with that foot! My sons have size 13 and 14 feet, so I knit hats for them far more often than socks. I also love black garlic and will be copying your delicious pizzas very soon. Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight!

  2. Shawl looks great!

    We've got some nice sun today, but it's still cool and there's still lots of sun on the ground.

  3.! It looks so yummy. Your shawl is beautiful. I agree with Chroma. It is a pain to work with but it does look so pretty.

  4. Yay! for the ice melting! Your shawl is certainly gorgeous. I like the socks too. You made me hungry describing your pizza! I hope you will rest soundly tonight and feel better for work tomorrow.

  5. WaHoo, on persevering and finishing the shawl! I'm sorry that it's not the length you would prefer. I like to have a long wing span on my shawls, too.

    Great first sock finish. Your pizza dinner sounds delicious.

  6. Your shawl reminds me of a polyphemus moth that I saw last summer. Both are beautiful!!!!

    Hope you sleep well tonight.

  7. Oh my gosh, that shawl is gorgeous. If you don't wear it, maybe you can at least use it as an antimacassar or dresser scarf so you can always look at it. So pretty!

  8. sorry you aren't sleeping well, I am lucky that I only suffer for one or two nights at the most and it's usually because of chocolate consumption. Gorgeous shawl! yay!!! I love it :)

  9. I think your shawl is gorgeous. Why don't you use it more like a scarf? I did not sleep well either, maybe to much on my mind. Hugs.