Monday, December 4, 2023

Weekending 12/4/23

 Good Mornoing All,

How are you and how was your weekend?  Mine was good and I hope yours was too.

Saturday morning I met up with Dee at the Manhattan Bagel in Lansdale.  We went there because I had to stop by C&M's to feed Marcel and Talbot.  Convenience is everything.  Even if the horrible singer was there (again) (they need to get someone else to entertain).

Saturday night Fletch and I started watching Season 8 of Shetland.  I wasn't sure I would like it without Jimmy Perez (LOL), but we both thought the first episode was good.

Sunday the temps were very mild (50's) but we had rain ALL day long, so it felt rather damp and chilly.  I think that's over for now.  I managed to do a little knitting and a little cleaning.  I got as far as putting a Christmas tablecloth on the table and a seasonal runner on the buffet, but I have yet to drag out the birch log and other decorations that are standards in our house.  We have (finally) made a decision on a tree.  We will get a small table top tree that we can have in the living room and see how Mabel deals with it.  Hopefully she will just think it is beautiful and then leave it alone!  Ha!  Of course we have not gotten it yet, but hopefully this week.

Today I will go over to feed the cats this morning and then head to the office.  I need to print some things and overnight them to Kevin.  I also have a big (meaning a lot of people on it) conference call at 10 which I will plan to take at the office.  Then it will be off to Trader Joe's for a few things, Staples for a couple of things and, of course, the State Store for some wine (always some wine).

And then I am off on Tuesday and Wednesday!  Yup - I emailed all the powers that be and told them I wanted to take a couple of days off and they were fine with that.  I will also be off the week between Christmas and New Years (though most of those days are holidays anyway).  No real plans for this week other than I did make an appointment to have a haircut (again!!) on Wednesday.

Mailing flies up tomorrow for work, so we will be "off" cat duty for a couple of days.  The break will be nice.  So, a good weekend and a start to what I am sure will be a good week.  I did not take any pictures over the weekend, but my brother in Colorado sent me a picture of his backyard a few days ago:


A beautiful creature, but I'm glad we do not have them around here!  My brother and his family are vigilant since they have dogs - one of which is a small one...


  1. Being close so you can feed Marcel and Talbot is a high price to pay for the awful singer! I wonder if he's the manager's brother or boyfriend? Or maybe he's blackmailing the manager and having him sing is the price the manager has to pay. There has to be a reason he continues to be there. Anyway, have a good Monday and an even better Tuesday and Wednesday!

  2. How nice that you and Dee can meet to catch up over a bagel. I love the Shetland series and was sad to see it end, including the book series. I have been thinking about rewatching it though. I can’t figure out how to change the comment reply, but hopefully it is working.

  3. Days off are delightful, Vera! Woo! I watched Shetland this weekend too... and I am holding my thoughts until I have seen a few more episodes. I do so love the scenery though! That bobcat tho... I even have messaged Steve about it! lol (he needs diversions, he has a LONG-ASS meeting this morning as well!)

  4. Hooray for days off at this busy time of year, maybe it will inspire you to tackle your Christmas decorating. I took today off and I'm so glad for the extra time at home after a busy weekend.

  5. I have to agree with Bonny that the horrible singer must have some connection with the place if he keeps coming back. At least you don't work there and have to listen to him all day! I'm glad to hear of your planned time off and hope you have some fun things in store for those days!

  6. I have never seen a bobcat up-close-and-personal myself, although when I lived out west, we'd hear about sighting quite often. What a beautiful creature. (But not in my backyard, please.) Here's to a lovely week, Vera.

  7. The funniest thing was the $20 bill in his tip jar. Now you know NOBODY tipped that man 20 dollars! LOL Thankfully, where we were sitting it wasn't too loud.

    You have to admit, the coffee there isn't half bad. LOL

  8. Enjoy the time off! I remember several Christmasses where we had to have a fence around the tree to keep kitties off it. We're doing small trees this year too since we don't know how Scout will react. They are supposed to arrive today!

  9. Glad you and Dee made the most of the time together! The pic of the bobcat is beautiful!

  10. hurray for scheduled time off. just think of all the knitting you can do!!

  11. Oh, my....that bobcat would scare me to death. Even here, when I have to go outside I get the willies thinking something is out there and the only thing I have to fear are foxes and they are more scared of me than I am of them.

  12. I'm glad you were able to spend time with Dee even if you had to tolerate the singer to do it. Maybe you should just talk louder or laugh really loud. :-) I know Colin and Mailing appreciate all you and Fletch do for them.
    Our weekend was REALLY busy and fast. We had Piper and Lizzie. The kids flight was late getting to Omaha last night. I had taken Piper home and put her to bed there in the evening so she would be in the appropriate place for school this morning. They ended up not getting home until midnight which is no big deal to me. I was up until 2:30 anyway. I just couldn't sleep. Thank goodness I didn't have to get up early today although I did get a lot done when I did get moving around 8:30. I went to Walmart and bought some organizing containers for the kitchen drawers and reorganized some cabinets and drawers. When we moved in I just threw stuff inside them and never really redid them.
    I just finally got the last package in the mail for Pipers Christmas gift so I'll wrap that tomorrow and I'll be completely done for Christmas! Yahoo! She did a great job decorating the tree yesterday. We had fun. :-)
    Blessings and love,

  13. Hi there! had a great time reading about all that's happened ... C&M back for a bit, Thanksgiving, more work, Mabel getting into trouble, and now headlong into the very short holiday season. Hope you're making good use of your time off! Happy December!