Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday 2/1/22

 Good Morning!

Welcome to February!!  A short month, but filled with fun things.  Ground Hog's Day!  Valentine's Day!  Bang Out a Sweater Month!  Is anyone going to join Ann and Kay and bang out a Daytripper Cardigan?  For the record, I am not.  A little tempted, but not going there.  Instead I keep thinking about a temperature blanket.  I even went so far as to look at temperatures in Norfolk, VA for the first few months of Fletcher's life (mimicking Vicki here).  But that may be a bit complicated for moi.  Maybe I could do one based on temps here and temps in Austin, TX.  Still mulling things over in my mind.  And that may be as far as these plans get (the mulling over stage).  More thinking/mulling needed.

But here we are, the first Tuesday of the month and time for a TNT - Tiny Needle Tuesday - check in.  Though progress was made on both pieces, not quite as much as I thought.  Here is A Visiting Bird.  

A Visiting Bird

The only addition are the two leaves/petals to the right of the big yellow flower.  I thought I had stitched more on this, but I do remember some shiny object distracting me.

Next up:

Adam & Eve

(though they are still missing in action...somewhere...later)

Again, not as much finished as I thought...but the letters in the latest alphabet are thicker and, therefore, are taking longer to stitch.  This one is definitely going to keep me busy for a little bit!

There is a time consuming project that I am working on for work (updates to our legal data base), so I anticipate spending more time on that today.  Also, Fletch and I plan to venture out and get some groceries.  I'm curious to see how the store is people-wise.  We usually shop on the weekend.  I'm hoping it is not crowded and we can get in and out.  Other than potatoes and onions and broccoli, we are out of fresh produce, so that is on the list (though I do want to get some things at Trader Joe's and will probably head there tomorrow when I go to the office).

That is about the excitement here!  Hope everyone is having a good week.


  1. Lovely stitching, Vera! You are making good progress! I too am thinking about a temperature thing... not knitting though. Some years ago I saw a beautifully stitched temperature piece. I am thinking about doing something similar but have not gotten threads or fabric yet.

    TJ's... my favorite spot ever! lol I was there on Friday!

  2. Several years ago (pre-pandemic) our local art museum had a special quilt exhibit. One of the most spectacular quilts in the show was temperature based. It was absolutely stunning! I really think the temperature projects are very cool, although I'm not planning to join that bandwagon (at the moment; things can always change).

    I love your stitching -- especially the colors in your bird piece. They work so nicely together! :-)

  3. I really love all the temperature blankets, and perhaps it will be a project I do someday, but right now I'm focused on working from my stash and I don't think I have enough colors of any one yarn to do it justice.

    I hope you encounter few people on your shopping trip today and can stock up easily!

  4. I like both of your projects, but the bird one just makes me smile.

  5. Love the Visiting Bird sampler. The colours are so lovely together.

    I'm doing a (hopefully) quick grocery run today before our big winter storm. We're getting some truly terrible weather starting tomorrow night with big snow totals after initial ice. What a lousy winter we're having.

  6. The colours in your birds are so pretty!

    I tend to shop on weekday evenings and manage to avoid the crowds pretty easily. I used to do Friday mornings, which was a great time to shop, but my schedule doesn't give me time to do that anymore.

  7. Oooh, check out Cara's IG feed where she's knitting "squares" that represent the weather in Philly in September 1970 and 2020! She's also giving a talk about temperature blankets on Vogue Knitting Live in a couple of weeks.


  8. I think you got a lot of stitching done. Those leaves are more stitches than you would expect.

    Happy February and Happy Lunar New Year.

  9. That's a lot of stitching progress and it all looks great! I love doing letters for the way they look but they can be a bit of a slog. I can't believe how many you got done in only one week.

  10. I see lots of progress on your projects. They are beautiful. I really like going to the store on the weekdays. It's so much quieter than on weekends or evenings.
    I started a temperature blanket two years ago. I got all the way through April and I hated it. So I ripped it all out and used the yarn for mittens! If I had chosen a different pattern it would have been much better, but I was "over" it by then!

  11. The stitching is great! That alphabet is really striking!

  12. COVID numbers are still skyrocketing, so I’m shopping online for pickup only. I appreciate that option more and more. Love your stitching, especially the colors of the Visiting Bird piece.

  13. Nice progress on the stitching--hope work goes well for you. Shopping is still strange but you will be fine.

  14. I love your stitching on both samplers! No matter how much you get done each week, it's still interesting to see them grow. I like seeing people's temperature-based blankets, etc., but that sounds a little overwhelming for me this year. Maybe next year when we're not moving!

  15. gorgeous progress! I am getting reading glasses JUST for the cross stitching, I hope it helps :) (I wear progressive lenses and the reading part just doesn't cut it)