Thursday, February 24, 2022

A Finish!!

 Hello Everyone!

Yesterday - wow!  It was around 60 degrees F out and Fletch and I actually sat on the patio before dinner sipping our beverages.  There was a little wind chill, so we needed light weight jackets, but as Fletch said what a wonderful teaser for Spring.

Then Fletch grilled a pork loin for dinner.  One of those small ones that are already seasoned.  This one was with tri-colored peppercorns and it turned out perfectly!  To go with it we had steamed French green beans and some fingerling potatoes.  I mixed up a gravy with sauteed mushrooms and onions.  Best of all there are plenty of left overs.

In the not such good news department, my Xray results showed possible lumbar compression so I will be getting an MRI.  Weirdly I seem to be improving daily and, in fact, skipped pain meds yesterday completely.  (I did wake up at 3:30 this morning though and took a pill...but everything feels fine right now.)  Years ago when I had a bulging disc in my neck I was told that my spine was "riddled" with arthritis and a decade or more ago when I had a dexa scan it did show a bit of osteoporosis.  I'm sure those two things contributed to whatever is wrong with my back (along with my foolish behavior of attempting to lift a very heavy object).

Let's move on to nicer things, shall we?  I am happy to tell you that the Terrarium socks are finished!

They are a bit more matchy-matchy than I thought and I just love the way they turned out.  Better yet, Fletch loves them too!  I gave them to him last night.  The picture above looks more grey than green.  That shot was taken last night after dark.  I took a picture of the left over yarn this morning that shows the colors better:

The yarn is Static from KnitPicks and the colorway is Terrarium.  These are pretty large socks:  15 rows of ribbing, 70 rows on the leg and 70 rows on the foot.  The skein weighed 106 grams at the start and I still have 26 grams left!  The pattern is Petty Harbour on the leg and I used #2 needles.  This is the 4th skein of Static I have knit and I may need to order more of this yarn.  There are great colors and all of them are now under $10 a skein!  You cannot beat that price.

After our Spring like weather yesterday, it is now in the 20's and there is a winter weather advisory for ice.  Luckily I have plenty of things to occupy myself with right here at home, so I will be staying in.  Wishing you all a lovely day on this Friday Eve.


  1. Oh, Vera! Ugh! That is just not great news... although it is awesome that you are feeling better. I hope your MRI is soon and has better news!

    Your socks look great! I am almost done with the ribbing on Sock Two! :)

  2. I'm sorry for the lumbar compression news, but the fact that you're feeling better sounds quite good despite what the x-ray showed. Fingers crossed for a good MRI.

    Those socks look wonderful! I haven't ordered from Knitpicks for years but now I'm compelled to check out their colors of sock yarn. Happy Friday Eve!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the results of the X-ray and that you have to deal with an MRI now. I hope that the additional scan gives them more information so they can help you feel better!

    The socks look wonderful and I'm glad to hear that Fletch likes them! Sounds like he'll need them this weekend.

  4. We're under the same advisory/warning. A big storm--yet another one!--is headed our way this evening. I'm so sick of this weather pattern.

    There are so many new, minimally invasive treatments for lumbar compression now. The fact that you're feeling so little pain is a great sign. Keep healing! Those sox look great.

  5. Oh, drat. I have a very dear friend who has been dealing with lumbar compression and occasional flare-ups of back pain for years . . . but who is successfully managing "surgery avoidance" with a number of strategies to keep her in pretty good shape most of the time. I hope you are able to find alternatives to surgery (unless that would be the best option for you, of course!) -- and that you keep feeling better each day. The socks are really wonderful, Vera. And we had a similar weather pattern -- a day ahead of you. (Although it never got warm enough to sit outside, we did enjoy a walk in 50F degree weather. Today it is snowing. Sigh.)

  6. Good to enjoy a mild day when you can. I hope your back continues to feel better--good to move carefully so you don't strain anything!
    The socks are gorgeous! I think that yarn, Static, makes a great pair of socks!

  7. Hope you keep feeling a bit better every day! Nice work on the socks! 70 rows are a whole lot. I just found a partially finished Petty Harbour sock and added it to my pile; it won't have 70 rows though. :>) Stay warm. It's chilly here, too, with a dusting of snow.

  8. The socks look FANTASTIC!

    As someone who lives with "lumbar compression" I have good days (when I have little to no pain at all) and bad days (moderate to bad pain)- and really bad days (can do much but whine about the pain) when I've done something silly like move/lift heavy things (or just sneeze too hard!)
    The fact that you're improving does make sense to me, because that's how I am. Dr. told me to keep moving as much as possible and avoid sitting for long periods whenever I can.

  9. Sorry to hear about your back, and hopefully the MRI will have some better news? Can they do anything about it?
    Off to beat you to the Static page to buy some of this yarn--eager to try it and it's a great price now!

  10. Fletch’s socks look great, and being able to sit comfortably (albeit in jackets) sounds fantastic to me. The spine is tricky and finicky. We don’t really think about it much until it causes pain. I hope your back continues to improve.

  11. Sorry to hear the not-so-good news. Bugger!

    The socks do look great. He'll have them on his feet tonight for sure.

  12. Those socks look wonderful. I'm sure Fletch will love them on these cold days.
    Your weather did the sae thing ours did. 64F on Sunday and -25 wind chill on Monday. It's snowing today but supposed to be 66 next week again. It's crazy this year!
    Oh I hope you don't have any permanent issues with your back. I ended up with a compression fracture a few years ago from falling while snow-blowing. That was no fun at all. I'll be praying for your MRI and that they will find a treatment plan that helps you.

  13. Yay for the finished socks but no yay for the x-ray results. At least now you know what it is and hopefully they'll get you fixed up in good time. They've come a long way in back treatments. My poor dad suffered through many treatments for years with his but my son who had something very similar to yours recently had a minor surgery and is right as rain.

  14. Most of the time our weather moves East. Sunday we had an absolutely beautiful close to 60 degree day and then Monday at noon the cold wind started to blow. This week has been bitter cold and today we had a dusting of snow. I'm sorry to hear about your back. The socks look great. The color is a nice and manly looking without being boring. I'm glad your husband likes them.