Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Unraveled Wednesday 09/18/19

Good Morning!

It is a gorgeous morning here in Eastern PA.  The temp was only 55 on my way into work this a.m. and it felt so nice.  My car was covered with dew and luckily I noticed a Praying Mantis on my windshield before I turned my wipers on.  I moved him onto a plant at the edge of our driveway where I think he'll be happier.

I've made some progress on my Cascading Leaves sock (the first one).  The heel flap is finished and I am ready to turn the heel.

Once again it has come to work with me and perhaps I'll be able to complete the heel today.  So far this week, I have not knit at lunch...but hopefully today.  I can't say enough good things about this Make Do Yarn dyed by Vicki - it is SO nice to knit with...soft and squishy.  Love it!

On the reading front, I started Before We Were Yours and am about 50 pages into it.  So far it is ok - I feel about it like I did about Where the Crawdads Sing.  It's good, but not great writing by any means.  But, it is holding my attention which is more than I can say for some of my recent reads.  Fletch and I are continuing to enjoy reading Tom Sawyer after dinner.  And, we are continuing to laugh out loud as we read it.  Fun!

I've been getting into the Fall baking/cooking mode recently.  I made a batch of Toffee Pecan cookies on Monday and tonight I'm hoping to make either a pie, tart or cobbler with some of the last of the garden rhubarb along with blackberries and raspberries.  Not that I need any of these sweet treats mind you, but I enjoy making them. 

Linking up with Kat and friends on this Unraveled Wednesday.  Head on over to see what others are making and reading.


  1. What beautiful socks! I love the color -- and the yarn is a perfect match for the design. I love to bake, but rarely do it now that my kids are out of the house. (Because then I eat what I bake, and that's never good for me. . . ) My book group read Before We Were Yours. Not my book. . . but glad you're enjoying it. Tom Sawyer is one of my childhood favorites! XO

  2. Your socks are beautiful and just glow! I need to knit with some of Vicki's yarn in the near future. The picture I get in my mind of you and Fletch reading Tom Sawyer is just wonderful and I love that you read out loud together (and wonder if I could ever convince John to try it).

  3. Those socks are making me so happy!!!! I love that color and that pattern-wow!!!!

  4. The sock progress is fantastic. Such a cheerful fall colour.

  5. Love that color on your socks! They look like a complicated knit - but so lovely!

  6. Gorgeous sock: I love the texture and the color. Next Spring/Summer I need to find a source for rhubarb. I like to keep some in the freezer for sauce and baking.

  7. what a gorgeous colorway and perfect for this time of year! The texture is fantastic :) The weather this morning was perfection.

  8. I think you found a perfect pairing of yarn and pattern - the socks are really pretty!

  9. That is a gorgeous sock! Bravo! I read "Before We Were Yours" last year and it really made an impression on me. What is horrific is it was written using factual historic events that really happened. Just awful. Enjoy your cooler weather.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Hang in there on BWWY; it gets better. You’re right, however, that the writing is not the draw. For me, it was knowing that the plot was based upon real events.

    Love the sardonic tone in Tom Sawyer. I haven’t read it in years and years. Huckleberry Finn will always be my favourite Twain book.

  11. I agree that the writing in Crawdads or Before We Were Yours wasn't the best...

  12. I absolutely love those beautiful socks, both the yarn and the pattern. I hope you had time to knit today. Did you get the heel turned?
    I harvested more rhubarb last week and put it in the freezer. I've thrown the last several harvestings away because I couldn't find anyone to take them and our freezer had enough. It's unusal to get good rhubarb this late in the season out here. It's usually woody, but this was wonderful.
    We're in Casper, WY in a hotel tonight. Wouldn't it have been fun to meet up with Nancy? She's out of town right now though. So sad, but it's gorgeous here in Wyoming today. Tomorrow we're on to Nebraska.

  13. Pretty autumn sock. Something about fall puts me in the mood to bake - the taste of apple, pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon - I love them all. I hope to get some fresh apples soon and then perhaps a crisp and some apple butter. Enjoy your fall baking and the treats.

  14. What a pretty sock! I know it'll be a pair before I check in again :-)
    and if you could send some fall baking mojo south, that'd be great. I feel 100% certain I'll be in the mood for fall/pumpkin/spice in about two weeks!

  15. What a perfect Fall sock!!! Great progress! The Toffee Pecan cookies sound delicious!

  16. I sure love how that sock is turning out -- perfect pairing!! (And thank you SO MUCH!)

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