Thursday, September 19, 2019

A Thursday That is Like a Friday!

Good Morning!

Well, a chilly start to the day - it was in the 40's on my drive into work today and I (gasp!!) put the heat on in the car!  It is so sunny and just lovely out.

Yesterday I received an e-mail mid-day letting us know that our office will be closed tomorrow as a thank you for a strong end to our fiscal year!  Isn't that just the best?  Bobby (CEO) told me it was just so beautiful driving in yesterday that he thought we should all have a long weekend for the last one of summer. 

And the weekend promises to be JUST like summer - temps are forecast to be in the upper 80's with plenty of sun.  Dee and I are going to meet up at a craft fair that is being held at Pennypacker Mills which (hopefully) will be fun.  I don't think I've ever been there, so am looking forward to seeing the place.  I'm sure there will be coffee and knitting too😊

Usually I don't participate in Three on Thursday, but yesterday when I got home, Fletch and I were sitting on the patio with our beverages and I looked out at the garden and saw three things to share with you!

1.  Not the best picture (it was sunny and shadowy), but this is the Fall planting of sugar snap peas beginning to climb the trellis.  Fletch thinks they will start blooming by the time we return from vacation.  YAY  (The mess behind the trellis is the volunteer raised bed box with tomato plants, cantaloupe vines, etc.)

2.  This is the Fall planting of spinach and lettuce (a big mix of things).  Fletch has built a cold frame cover for this raised bed box.  In past years we've been able to pick greens at Christmas!

3.  🍅Tomatoes.  Still.  I picked the bowl on the left yesterday.  The bowl on the right was picked two days prior (and had more in it, but we've consumed a bunch).  These are so sweet and so tasty and they just keep on coming!  Our large tomatoes have been slow to develop and slow to ripen, but when they do they sure are good!  I'm also planning to use a few for Fried Green Tomatoes.

Linking up with Carole and others for Three on Thursday (or Friday in my case!).  Bring on the weekend!!


  1. It was indeed chilly on my walk this morning, but it felt good to finally be able to wear a fleece. All three things in your garden look just great! I've still got lots of green tomatoes that I'm not sure will ripen at all (maybe I'll end up making tomato relish?) but I'm amazed at your profusion of cherry tomatoes. Next year I'm planting some! Happy "Friday"!

  2. I love cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes! Sometimes, I want just those, burst in the oven or on the stove with good olive oil, on pasta and that's it.

    We have very chilly nights and mornings here, too, and I'm loving that. Our weekend is to be hot, but maybe that will be the last gasp of Summer weather.

  3. As we're driving we're going from pretty chilly weather at home to close to 90 when we get to Omaha tomorrow. Last night in Wyoming was really nice.
    How fun to get an unexpected day off. It makes the mind think of fun things to do. I'm glad you and Dee get another day together. So fun.
    The tomatoes look delicious. I showed them to Dennis and he is a wee bit jealous. He loves tomatoes, especially the little ones.
    Have a wonderful "Friday".

  4. Ahhh, these air temps are just the best!! Have a FUN LONG weekend!

  5. It was so nice to get up to 50 degree weather this morning. I know it won't last but it was nice to enjoy a hot pot of tea instead of my usual iced coffee.
    Your tomatoes look so yummy. There is nothing better than a freshly picked tomato still warm from the sun.

  6. A long weekend is a very nice surprise! I'm hoping I can get my work done early so I can sneak in some quilting, but we'll have to see.

    Temps are all over the place here - mornings and nights are cool, but the days are still pretty warm. It should make for a good showing with the fall leaves this year though.

  7. Oh, the sugar snap peas are calling me! We used to love them growing them!

  8. A surprise day off? Fantastic! Having a boss who appreciates his employees makes work so much easier. Enjoy your day

  9. What wonderful garden things!!!! What a treat to extend the growing season with a cold frame. But the biggest treat . . . is an unexpected day off! What fun! XO

  10. Your post reminds me that one of my favorite things is the dust smell that one gets when one turns on the heat for the first time!

  11. Hello, YAY for the extra day off. Your garden sounds like it is doing great. I love the cherry tomatoes, I use them in salads and in a pasta dish. Enjoy the craft fair, sounds like a fun time. Have a happy day, wishing you a great weekend ahead.

  12. Bravo for the garden doing well for you! The cherry tomatoes are a boon.. I love them on a salad. What a good boss to give you an extra day off! You're lucky, so many bosses are not that nice. Have fun at the craft fair.. I hope you find some treasures. Dayle dug his little tree 10 years ago or so.. and planted it in the Bonsai pot himself. Have a super weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. A Thursday like a Friday is a great thing. Your day with Dee sounds like fun. And look at the fall greens and peas. You will appreciate the veggies as the Farmer's Markets wind up their season.

  14. congrats on getting Friday off! That is like a beautiful snow day without the worry of driving home in the snow. Your garden produce looks great, makes me wish we had planted something.

  15. A bonus three day weekend, how wonderful. Enjoy every minute.

  16. Aw those tomatoes look so good. I'd roast them with olive oil and fennel and put them on a homemade pizza with no cheese

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