Monday, September 23, 2019

A HO...or One Finished and the Next Started

Good Morning Friends!

Let me tell you, it was SO wonderful to have the gift of Friday off.  I managed to get up (ha!), get 3 loads of laundry finished, pay the bills that were due, run some errands AND knit!  Getting all of that stuff done also allowed me to have a fun day with Dee on Saturday.  Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day to be out and about and we went to a great craft show, walked around Skippack a bit, had a wonderful lunch and then went to a coffee shop for some knitting time.  Perfection!

On Sunday I finished the first of the Cascading Leaves socks in the beautiful Make Do yarn.  Love it!  And # 2 has been started (cuff ribbing complete).

This guy kept me company while I knit.

Minutes before I snapped that picture he had his right paw covering his eyes - too cute.

Fletch and I ran some errands yesterday and when we got home, Tyg was by the water feature.  Next thing I knew, he had a frog under his paw!  I yelled and the frog got away.  Tyg was not amused, but this guy is safe, at least for a little bit longer.

Today should be a nice day.  We have an employee lunch off site (Bahama Breeze).  Since we had Friday off, I doubt that Bobby will tell us to just go home after lunch, but you never know! 

How was your weekend?


  1. I do love those socks - a perfect yarn and pattern match! And you work at the BEST place!

  2. Well, you know, I met up with this friend and we had a great time browsing the crafts, eating all the food ......and trying to turn her into a sports nut. ;-) (I don't think it worked.) LOL

  3. I'm so glad you had some extra time to get things caught up and your mind could relax!!! Time with Dee is always great, too! Nice work on the sock--it really looks so pretty and a perfect Fall sock!

  4. What a lovely sock you've knit up! It's gorgeous.

    Tyg looks so cuddly, but not like very chatty company. My huge orange marmie snores terribly when he falls asleep next to (or ON) me as I knit. Annoying.

  5. The photo of Tyg is priceless. I'm glad the frog escaped to live another day.

  6. Oh Tyg!
    Did I tell you Relic brought me a baby bunny a few weeks back. Usually he brings them still alive, but this one didn't make it. He was completely unrepentant!

  7. I do love that orange sock!! The color, the pattern-everything!

  8. wouldn't it be awesome to go home after lunch? you can dream!! Lovely photo of the kitty, too sweet. I'm glad you had a great weekend. I did a ton of laundry as well.

  9. Hello, you had a busy Friday. The craft show sounds like a fun time. I am glad the frog escaped from Tyg! He is a cute kitty. The sock is a pretty fall color. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  10. I feel like it's been a while since I had a nice 3-day weekend to enjoy... with nothing on my list except what I put there!! They really are great! You are going gung-ho with the socks!!

  11. Cute socks! Three day weekends are the best!

  12. What an adorable photo. Glad the frog escaped!

  13. That's just the perfect yarn for those socks! Lovely! And Tyg looks so . . . angelic in your photo. (But I bet the frog doesn't think so!) XO

  14. Your job always sounds like a happy place to work! Love the Tyg position. And I love your amazing fall sock

  15. It sounds like you were very productive Friday so your Saturday was free to play with Dee. I'm so glad that the two of you get to have adventures together.
    Your sock turned out great. The pattern and yarn work very well together.
    Tyg is so cute but I'm sure glad he didn't succeed in getting the frog. :-)
    What a great place you must work. After all, if you have to work it's good to have a nice boss isn't it?

  16. Love the sock! Oh.. that Tyg and is frog obsession! You keep rescuing them.. have your saved all of them? :-) I hope the boss let you off early. You will love retirement! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Glad your extra day off made the weekend even better. A beautiful sock, adventures with Dee and a free frog, what more could you ask for?

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