Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thursday Brings a Finish

Well Hello There,

My intention was to post yesterday, but I wanted to wait until Fletcher's socks were completed and that finally happened at lunch yesterday.  After that the day kind of got away from me.  But here they are in all their glory:

I really like them.  The Madeline Tosh yarn in the colorway Tart is wonderful.  Such a nice yarn and the color is so rich.  I also really like the top of the sock where I used the Gladys Sock Pattern - just the top part.  I don't really like the pattern on the balance of the leg.  Anyhoo, a freebie on Ravelry, and a good one!  I'm glad to have them off the needles.  The Rabbit Hole traveled to work with me this morning.  I'm finished the pattern part of the first sock and am on the heel flap.  Hopefully I'll finish the flap and turn the heel today at lunch.

There are a number of walking trails in the corporate center where my office is.  I walked on one of them yesterday for the first time!  It really was lovely, meandering through a wooded area and I could hear a creek in the distance (and kids laughing).  I went out around 9:30 (obviously a slow morning) and only walked for 20 minutes or so, but what a nice break!  I'm going to try to get out today as well.  I prefer the early morning before the heat (and humidity) of the day (plus, my lunch time is devoted to knitting...and we all know I have to watch where I walk, so I cannot knit and walk at the same time - lol).

Did anyone draw/play with a Spirograph growing up?  I sure did and I loved it - especially when I had brand new colored pencils or pens to use.  Yesterday when I got home, I was looking at the sunflower and it reminded me of a Spirograph drawing so much.

Click on the image to see what I mean.  And, a close up shot that I don't really like, but it shows tiny bits of blue!! in the center which surprised me.

Interesting.  Also, our Trumpet vine is now blooming and the hummingbirds have arrived - going to the vine as well as our feeders.

The shots are a little fuzzy - using my phone and the blooms are high up in one of our trees.

Last night Fletch and I were sitting on the patio around 8:30 and noticed really pretty clouds.

Only unusual because this is the Eastern sky.  Normally we just have color in the West.  Our Western sky was just drab last night, but the East was lovely.  And then we noticed our friend was back.

Tyg is always on the lookout for him...he tries to sneak up on poor little froggy, but Mr. Frog is smart.

We also saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox trot by in the early evening, but he is too quick for me to get a picture.

OK, that's the nature wrap for today.  The weekend is almost here and I am SO ready!!


  1. Oh, I loved, loved, LOVED my Spirograph! That flower's centre looks just like a Spirograph drawing.

    Heat and humidity here in NEO, too.

    Those socks are a work of art. What a shame that they'll always be covered up by pantlegs!

  2. I had a Spirograph too and they were fun. We also had that thing where you pour in paint and spin it. I don't think that lasted long because of the mess. I'm pretty sure my mom tossed that one.
    Congrats on the big finish! Men's socks get double the kudos.

  3. Spirograph was so much fun! And, I agree - that flower must have been the pattern for it! :)

    Nice sock finish! (Although, Steve only every wants socks that are black or grey - how on earth do I get him to want something so bright and cheery?!)

  4. Junah discovered our old Spirograph set (still complete!), so I've been involved lately!! Always fun & fascinating. And nature is AMAZING. My weekend starts at 4pm today and it can't come soon enough!!

  5. Those socks are wonderful - both the color and the design around the top! I also enjoyed all the flora and fauna in your post. I also had a spirograph, and that sunflower is a perfect example. Love the bits of blue, too!

  6. So much NATURE in this post, and every photo is so beautiful!

  7. The socks looks fabulous! Well done!
    I love the idea of walking trails around work! That's awesome. My office had nothing like that, but our office in downtown Chicago had all kinds of little hidden parkettes and seating areas. It was so cool.
    I loved the spirograph! I have a whole album on my facebook I called "Natural Geometry" and it's all pictures of neat shapes I've found in nature.

  8. I spent many hours playing with the Spirograph - fun times. I see it's still available in some stores. Love the socks and the Tart colorway: it reminds me of rhubarb.

  9. I ADORED my Spirograph! And, yes. . . your sunflower looks just like a Spirograph drawing!!! So much fun. Love your socks; love your nature round-up! XO

  10. Beautiful pair of socks!!! Nice work! I loved my spirograph and would love to play with one again!
    Check this out-

  11. beautiful flowers and I had a spirogragh and loved my colored pens that I used with it. The socks are fabulous and tart is a great colorway!