Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thursday Things

Good Rainy Morning!

I woke this a.m. to the sound of was so hard to get out of bed.  I love laying in bed and listening to the rain hit the roof.  To me it is such a soothing sound.  Ah well, work beckoned and I got up, made the coffee, etc., etc. and here I am.

First of all, thanks for all your well wishes about our washer.  All is good!  The *wizard* repaired the machine for under $200 which is quite a bit less than a new washer would have cost.  Count me happy on that front.

Next up is sock progress:

Yesterday at lunch I finished the heel flap and last night I turned the heel and am on the foot now.  Won't be long till this one is finished and I can start the mate.  Hoping to get a bit more done at lunch today.

And last, have any of you used Bees Wrap?

Colin and Mailing left us some zucchini bread wrapped in this.  I had heard of it, but never seen or used it.  It feels a little waxy (duh - bees wax) and almost a bit dampish.  I put the wrapped bread on our counter and it left a little bit of a film.  Yesterday I unwrapped it to cut a piece for breakfast and found that the bread was moldy😢.  Now, I had not put it in the fridge and I suppose I should have done that.  Anyway, this wrap is re-useable and washable.  So last night I washed it and hung it up to dry to return to Colin.  It was weird to wash and I wonder if I really got it clean?  Hard to tell.  If any of you have experience with this stuff, let me know.  I like the idea that it is re-useable, but I'm a bit unsure about it...inquiring minds want to know.

That's it for this morning.  I've got to hustle to get out some financial reports this morning.  Wishing you all the best Thursday!


  1. Glad to hear good news from the magician and your sock is looking great! I've heard of Bees Wrap, but have never used it. I've also wondered about it leaving a film of beeswax on things, and thought that maybe washing it repeatedly would eventually wash the beeswax out. Happy Thursday (despite moldy zucchini bread)!

  2. No experience with Bees Wrap, sorry. I always refrigerate zucchini bread, banana bread, etc., mainly because I like it cold.

    So happy to hear your washer was a repair bill and not a replacement bill. I really dislike shopping for new appliances. It's dizzying.

  3. Never heard of Bees Wrap either! We have to refrigerate all bread like that. Nice work on the knitting!

  4. Oh, such good news from the Appliance Wizard! (It's good to have one of those in the old Rolodex. . . ) And your sock is looking great. I've heard of Bees Wrap - there is a local company that makes it and I plan to pick some up next time I see it - but I have never used it. I'm interested . . . but perhaps there is a learning curve? XO

  5. I haven't heard of that and it seems like it should be a very Oregonian thing.

  6. I was glad to read your repair went well and fairly cheaply too. The same with our A/C last week. It's 17 years old and when it didn't come on we had to call a repairman. We were so afraid he was going to say we needed a new one. He repaired it for just the cost of the service call which was under $100.00 so we counted ourselves lucky.
    I have seen several podcasts talking about the beeswax wrap and one lady even demonstrated making your own. No mention of how to store the food though, in or out of the refrigerator. It does sound like a good earth-friendly thing to use if a person knew the processs.
    Have a wonderful Thursday. I'm going to make some Texas Brownies this morning for BIble study tonight, before it gets too hot. Yum! So much for the diet. :-(

  7. I didn't care for the Bees Wrap. They sold it at the Farmer's Market in Jacksonville. I didn't think it was a very sanitary way to wrap things. Even though they say you can wash it, if you use hot water it melts the bees wax off of it. I'll stick with Saran Wrap. I don't use all that much of it.

    Glad the washer got fixed.

  8. Hurray for the appliance wizard! I haven't heard of or even seen Bees Wrap. I doubt I would use it.

  9. We have an appliance wizard too! And thank goodness or my $700 year-and-a-half old dishwasher would be on the lawn right now, instead of fixed for $75 and a case of beer! We may be getting him to come back and look at our washer. Though if it's unfixable, I won't be terribly sad - we've had it for 12 years and it wasn't even close to new when we got it (for free!)

  10. Glad to hear your washer is working again. What would we do without those machines and the wizards who know how to repair them...
    Your sock looks great!
    I did hear about bees wraps and have always wanted to try them, but they are rather expensive, so I never did. I know (of) some bloggers who are promoting them, but they mostly use them to cover the top of glass bowls (to replace plastic wrap).

  11. That wraps sounds icky. I have had a terrible time with bread molding this summer. I've been keeping it in the freezer and just taking out a few slices at a time. I wonder what's up with that? I have the AC on and two dehumidifiers going.

  12. I have heard of Bees Wax Wrap but haven't used it. I did hear on a podcast that it shouldn't be used with meat. I try to use glass storage containers with lids to minimize the use of plastic wrap. I do want to try a few reusable produce bags. I will purchase a few if they can be washed in hot water.

  13. I've been curious about the Bees Wax Wraps too - mostly as a fill-in for plastic wrap over bowls ... and we don't use that much of it. Like other readers, I mostly use pyrex bowls with plastic lids. I am on the lookout for reusable produce bags. They show up every so often in my Instagram feed and I'm committed to checking them out the next time I see them.


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