Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Not Quite The Weekend That Was Planned

Well Good Morning All!

Last week, so busy (!!) seems like a blur now.  There were several evenings where I was just too tired to knit or read.  Add to that our friendly construction workers behind our woods - they were pouring concrete again at 3 a.m. Thursday night/Friday morning.  Once again Fletch called, once again apologies were offered...but apparently just issuing cease and desist orders is not sufficient.  The code enforcer sounded pretty wimpy on the phone and I don't think any fines have been levied.  Per the company who is having the addition built, it shouldn't happen again...because there is no more concrete needed.

And then it was HOT (90+ degrees)!  We don't have central air, and Fletch had not yet put our window air conditioners in.  Very little sleep on Friday or Saturday nights.  (Now that it is cooler, the air conditioners are in...we're ready for the next onslaught of heat.)

Fletch and his brother (who lives in Virginia) had planned to go boating/camping in the Pine Barrens this weekend.  But Damon cancelled on Friday.  The weather forecast was pretty iffy and thanks to all our recent rain, the Mullica River was extremely high and not really safe for paddling a kayak or guideboat.

Saturday I got up early and baked a Pavlova (my first!!).  As it was in the oven baking, Colin texted to cancel his and Mailing's plans to come over for dinner that evening.  Luckily I read that a Pavlova will keep in an airtight container. 

I made my way to the Lansdale Farmer's Market and met up with Dee!  Always fun.  We walked around and I bought some veggies and a rosemary plant.  Then we headed over to "our" coffee shop - Backyard Beans - where we drank lattes and knit and chatted up a storm.

It was pretty hot and muggy, but I noticed our Siberian Iris were blooming, so I walked out to get a snap of them:

I really like these better than our "normal" iris.  These are such a deep purple, very tall and just gorgeous.  We also have some yellow ones and the first one had opened up:

Sunday was a mess!  I was up very early thanks to not being able to sleep and before Fletch was out of bed the rain started.  We had probably 2-3" within 45 minutes or so!  The entire basement floor was wet (not deep, but water everywhere) which has never happened in the 28+ years we've lived in the house!  You probably saw on the news about Ellicott City, MD - we did not have that much rain, Thank God!  The temps dropped some, but it was still extremely muggy.

Colin and Mailing did come over for dinner on Sunday and the rain had stopped enough that we were able to grill.  And we had the Pavlova!  I covered it with fresh whipped cream and a mixture of blueberries and raspberries.  We all loved it except Fletch (which really surprised me).  Col and Mailing left soon after dinner - we were all tired.

Monday was extremely lazy.  I never got dressed until I took a shower after dinner!  I did manage to finish the lace medallion socks:

The yarn (Barncat from Valerie) is wonderful to work with - soft and easy to knit.  It's interesting to me how the legs are striped, but the colors pooled on the feet.  I love them.

I started a new pair yesterday - Cataraqui Socks - in some Trekking yarn.  I'm not completely sold on them.  The pattern is for 54 stitches (I usually cast on 64), so I went up a needle size to #2.  but they look a bit bulky and big and I'm not sure the pattern is really showing up well.  I'll do another couple of repeats and decide to either keep on or rip them out.

Apparently I have been missing my dentist too.  Yesterday I managed to break off a piece of a (very old) filling.  Luckily it isn't painful, just extremely rough.  So I'll be back in the chair this afternoon having that repaired.

That's it for me.  A soggy, lazy holiday weekend.  I'm looking forward to an easier week at work. 


  1. Sounds like our drenching downpour from late last week came by for a visit. We got a wet basement, too. Ugh. And now, the scorching 90s for a few days whilst the ongoing sewer/gasline work continues noisily on my street. WHY WHY WHY?!

    Can Fletch please call over here to complain? LOL. I'll eat his share of pav, and we can knit.

  2. It was a soggy weekend, wasn't it. At least it was cooler. We got out more than we did when it was blistering hot and sunny the week before.
    Those socks are so fun. I love what the colors did on the feet.

  3. Sorry about all the rain and about all the cancellations. HOW DO THEY EVEN POUR CONCRETE IN THE DARK? I don't understand people.

  4. It was a soggy weekend here, too, but I enjoyed the opportunity to be lazier than usual. A horrendous thunderstorm parked over the area on Sunday and made LOTS of noise - hail and rain was the result of all the noise. My yard looks good with all the recent moisture. Your socks are great - fun pools and stripes of color.

  5. I'm so glad we were able to get together. Your finished socks look great!

    Hope the visit to the dentist is an easy one.

  6. LOVE your socks. Congrats on the PAvlova. It was easy right?
    Yikes, dentist.....Im a regular.
    So sorry you got some waterin the house...yuck. THose lousy construction folks. GHEESH . I am wearing ear plugs to bed as the neighbor dog keeps waking us up.

  7. Pavlova. Oh swoon! (One of my favorite desserts of All Time.) The weather has been NUTS. We were freezing our buns off early last week . . . to have a total flip-flop to UPPER 90s all weekend (and still). It's crazy. (Sorry about the water in your basement. If it makes you feel any better, our central air isn't working right now.) XO

  8. Your socks are gorgeous! Did you take a photo of the Pavlova? It sounds delightful. I hope you don't get mildew and mold in the basement now! Enjoy your week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Hello Vera, your socks are so pretty. I love the blue color. I have to google Pavlova, I do not believe I have ever tried it. Sorry about the water in the basement, we have some water coming in sometimes. I am glad you had a nice outing with Dee. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  10. So sorry about your basement and all the mixed-up and cancelled plans. I sure hope this crazy weather isn't our "new normal". Glad you still had time with friends (and you certainly you ate well :-) ... and your socks look great!

  11. Water in the basement is never fun. Ask me how I know!
    I really hate noise in the off-hours. Why are officials so wimpy about enforcing the laws?
    No weekend that includes Dee can be a bad one!

  12. This doesn't sound like an ideal weekend, but I do think you made the most of it! I had to look up what a Pavlova was, and I'm sure yours was absolutely delicious! We missed the rain here at home, but were driving around DE looking at houses in it, and certainly got to check out which houses had wet basements. I hope things are back on a more even keel; at least it's a short work week!

  13. Hoping this week is better for you: sound wise; weather wise; etc. Love your socks and glad you had a bit o’ time with Dee!

  14. I'm sorry you had water :( your socks look lovely and how nice you were with Dee!!

  15. Gorgeous socks-what a great feeling. Not so great about the basement! Rain here, too, this past weekend. Hard to hit a happy medium for summer; too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry......

  16. Nice socks. I like the Siberian irises too. Their leaves are much nicer than the bearded ones, so they fit really well with other plants. Though the beardies are quite showy!