Monday, April 3, 2017


Hello All,

Is it just me, or did the weekend zoom past?  I walked into my office this morning and felt like I had just left - crazy!!

So, let's see, I was planning to work on Mick Jagged at lunch on Friday.  That never happened...but for a good reason...I left work at 1 to get an early start on the weekend.  I did work on the shawl a little bit when I got home, but by late afternoon I had trashed the entire sorry mess.  Not sure if it is me, or the pattern, but we are not working well together.  I did (Friday in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep) came up with a plan to try again, changing the pattern a bit, but I haven't attempted that yet.

Saturday was full of errands and grocery shopping (yikes!  We spend a ton of $$$ on food). And then we finally finished watching A Place to Call Home which I recommend highly.  We get it through Acorn TV.

The sun finally appeared for a beautiful Sunday.  Colin & Mailing were coming to dinner, so I baked a pie (coconut custard) and made lamb (7 hour leg of lamb from Patricia Wells - yummy!!).  And, since the lamb cooks for a long, long time I finally sat down and worked on Sigla.  This is where I am as of now:

I'm enjoying this knit so much.  And, remember, it is WOOL which means Spring will is here and our cold weather is gone (guaranteed).  The next color is blue below the rust/brown and then I will divide stitches for the sleeves and work on the main body.

It was so nice that after dinner we had a fire in the pit and sat outside until almost 9 p.m.! 

I noticed that my lilac is budded and our weeping cherry is showing color in its buds.  More flowers are appearing daily.

This color is amazing!  Plenty of forsythia in bloom along my roads to work and I did see some red buds already in bloom and some weeping cherries as well.  Ours are a tad bit slower.

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start.  I did cake up the rhubarb yarn over the weekend and am planning to start some socks at lunch.


  1. I love your Sigla colors! I'm glad that you're working on it since you've guaranteed that cold weather is gone! It makes me happy to see hyacinths and I'm looking forward to seeing the beginning of rhubarb socks.

  2. Your weekend sounds like a good one - family, knitting, and finding signs of spring in your yard.

  3. Lots of rain here in NEO, but Spring is starting to arrive (S L O W L Y as usual). I am knitting the Eternal Cushion Cover, sigh. Knitting is kicking up my cervical myofasciitis, so it's such slow going.

    Now I'm craving Actual Rhubarb.

  4. Sigla is just beautiful. Firepit late into the evening...wonderful!!!! Too cold yet here, but signs of buds are emerging. Spring is TRYING at least

  5. Well that sounds like good weekend. I think your sweater will be lovely, and think how much fun it will be to have it "new" next year!

    I love lilacs. I would like to find a miniature one for our garden, but the only one I've ever seen was $125, so ... no.

  6. Pretty flowers! nothing in bloom yet here, but I brought home some daffodils for the table. And it was nice and warm so I played in the gardens anyway!

  7. Such a nice color combination on your Sigla! You will LOVE having it finished . . . next fall. ;-)

  8. Your Sigla colors are BEAUTIFUL!

    Can't wait to see your socks. You know how I'm all about the SOCKS!

  9. Nice colorwork! I am glad spring finally caught up to you. It's still not very warm here. It's very weird weather but I am not complaining since the awful heat will be here before you know it.

  10. Socks for me when things don't go well! I used to think forsythia bushes were for me-Cynthia when I was growing up! Miss them!

  11. Forsythia is a favorite of mine, but I think it came and went before I even noticed this year (maybe because it was early February?!) Loving your Sigla. and thinking about staying outside until 9pm to enjoy a fire. that sounds lovely! happy Monday!