Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hump Day!

Hello All and Happy Mid-Week!  It is gorgeous here in Eastern PA today.  Bright sun, warming temperatures...we won't even think about the fact that tomorrow will be a full wash-out.

So, continuing the saga of misbehaving yarn...thank you Valerie for your suggestion of Broken Seed Stitch Socks for the Rhubarb yarn.  I think that will work...but first the yarn is going into time out for a little bit.  I also need/want to get an off-white or cream colored yarn for the contrast color.

Lunchtime yesterday proved to be successful as I cast on (and knit 3 rows of ribbing) new socks in the Estuary yarn (Black Bunny Fibers).  This yarn is so gorgeous...multiple shades of greens, blues, pinks, purples - perfect for Springtime and Easter time.  Pictures once I have a bit more done.

Then I debated about the Miss Babs colors and making some kind of shawl with them.  In the end, I decided those yarns will also go in time out for a bit.  I think they are better suited to socks - maybe the Dark Orion for Fletch and the Daydream Believer for moi.  The Daydream Believer though variegated, has too much dark in it similar to Dark Orion to be a good pick to use them together.  Instead I pulled some grey sock yarn from my stash along with a skein of yarn from Carodan Farm in Goldenrod (one of their Chincoteague Colors) which I bought at MDSW two years ago and I will be making Match and Move by Martina Behm.  Pictures once I get more than 3" finished.

I don't think I've ever had 3 projects going at once (counting Sigla too)!  I'm going to need more project bags ...just like Dee - lol.

Meanwhile, on the home front:  Fletch told me he heard Spring Peepers last night when he took his walk (he walks around 11 p.m. or I'd join him, but I am usually sound asleep when he goes out).  I noticed our Weeping Cherry's buds are beginning to open as of this morning (I hope they don't get blasted off in tomorrow's storm - our winds have been pretty strong at times).

It was also nice enough when I got home yesterday that Fletch and I did a round of archery.  It had been awhile since we'd been able to and the results showed that...I did hit the target at least once, but one of my good arrows was also lost in the brambles at the edge of our woods.

A little later, while dinner was cooking, I walked to the front door to look out.  Yikes!  There was a snake crawling across the front step.  I yelled for Fletch (who was excited and happy to hear the news) and ran to get my phone for a picture.  By the time I got back he/she had crawled off the step and into the garden bed (which is why I do not weed!).

 Click to enlarge if you dare!!  I am not happy.  Fletch did not catch it and remove it (I really don't want him to kill them...just remove them - like 10 houses down the street or something).  I told him this is why sometimes we have snakes in the basement.  I need to remember to wear my wellies when I go down to do laundry.  I have become lax in doing that and I do NOT want to be in flip flops in the basement with a snake!

By the way, that is my lilac bush (cuttings brought down from Vermont years ago) in the picture above and one or two buds appearing.

So, budding plants, Spring Peepers and snakes out of hibernation.  I guess Spring is here!


  1. It sounds like your lunch time was quite productive and you've got your knitting all figured out beautifully! Looking forward to photos as you make progress. We have an old house so there are occasionally bats in the attic and mice in the basement, but thankfully no snakes. Wishing you some lovely lilacs and no more snakes!

  2. I have garter snakes in my garden, too. I don't mind them, really, but they do always surprise me and make me jump when I see them -- usually just laying there, in plain sight. (I never really seem to expect them.) Toads do the same thing -- they just sit there, and then surprise me when I "discover" them. (Both are so good for your garden.)

  3. At least this snake doesn't kill you from his bite-maybe only from fright! lol
    I will send you a pic of the socks I am making-they pooled so differently on the ribbed cuff than on the leg-you would never know it was the same yarn!

  4. I am 100% supportive of the existence of snakes, just nowhere near me ...

    I can't wait to see all of your projects!

  5. Awww... that looks like a sweet little garter snake. You should have given it a pet! (I grew up in the country, and snakes were a big part of our childhood - I love them! Of course, I might feel differently if poisonous snakes were common here)

  6. Sounds like spring has arrived!!

    DO NOT fall down the project bag rabbit hole!!! LOL The next thing you know, you'll have a dozen projects cast on "just because you can". Ask me how I know.

    There won't be any new bags in my stash . . . my shop closed. :-(

  7. Spring Peepers! I can't wait. !!!!!!! We are expecting a windy wintery awful mix

  8. I lived in rattlesnake country for nearly eight years, so I do NOT like snakes or any kind. Garter and Bull snakes are harmless, but I don't like the idea of stumbling across them. The Meadowlark's song is the harbinger of spring for me.

  9. Oh, no....not snakes already. I hate the darn things. I almost picked one up last summer. I thought it was a big worm. Teach me not to wear my glasses outside.

  10. your fingering weight stash sounds like it's a lot more interesting than mine! ditto the wildlife in your yard. we would have to send the laundry out if there were any chance of me meeting a snake. (and nope, I didn't even glance at the photo!)

  11. Do NOT tell me that it is snake season. I am trying not to think about it. And in your Lilac, too! It is a Blasphemy.

    We have blacksnakes at the lakehouse--NOT IN, THANK HEAVENS--and I consider that a grave imposition. GRAVE.

  12. we have lots of snakes and I'm not bothered by them. I hate crunchy big spiders... Our snakes are garter snakes, harmless! I hope new stitch pattern works and I put things in time out all the time :)

  13. I love lilac bushes! (hate snakes) lol I hope you have a chance to do some things you enjoy this weekend. We are drying out from heavy rain.