Thursday, April 20, 2017

Almost Broke a Foot...or Tyg is NOT Doing His Job!!

Hello All,

This morning did not start off in the best way.  First, Tyg woke me at 4 a.m. to go outside.  OK, I'm fairly used to this now and I was able to fall back asleep until the alarm went off at 5:30.  Hopped in the shower and then stumbled downstairs to start the coffee.  Still somewhat in a daze, I was standing at the counter getting vitamins and prescriptions when I heard a noise.  I looked down and there was a HUGE mouse on the floor...very close to my feet (thankfully I had slippers on).  I let out a yelp, jumped and came down hard on one foot.  The mouse ran back across the floor and under the refrigerator.

Oy vey!  When Tyg came in shortly after that I had a nice chat with him about the mouse under the frig and how he (Tyg) is shirking his duty. 

Fletch was, of course, still asleep.  When I woke him I had a little chat with him as well.  It reminded me of the time we had been away on vacation for a week or two.  When we got home I picked up what I thought was a catnip toy in the middle of the living room floor only to discover it was a dead mouse!

Hopefully someone (Tyg or Fletch) will have found that mouse and taken care of him/her before I get home this afternoon.

Meanwhile in other news, out apple tree is in (almost) full bloom.

It is so pretty, I had to take a quick picture this morning.  Not the best lighting as it is a grey, damp, overcast day with rain expected, but I'm afraid so many of the blossoms will be gone with the rain.

I was able to finish the red section on Match and Move last night and started the pale grey.  I'm thrilled with the way this is turning out.  I'll share pictures with the 4th color once I get a bit more done.

We're almost at the weekend!!  I can't wait.


  1. I hope the chats produce some action and your early mornings are much more peaceful! Your apple tree is beautiful, and I hope the bees brave the rain to give you a large crop of apples.

  2. Leave it to Tyg; I trust him implicitly. Certainly now, once you've brought it to his attention.

    I'm listening to yet more thunder here as I type. We had storms yesterday, fog this morning, and we cannot seem to get things sorted. The weekend looks chilly. Be prepared! We're sending it your way.

  3. Oh Tyg! You are falling down on the job!!!!!
    The apple blossoms are just so pretty. We've had a couple of days of rain/fog but today we have bright sunshine.
    Take care and enjoy your day and hopefully Tyg will have taken care of things by the time you arrive home!

  4. Bad Tyg!

    A few years back, I kept telling Dave we had mice. (I grew up in the country I know the signs). He refused to believe me (being a squeamish city boy). Then when he was away at the cottage, I was up late and there was a big crash from the kitchen. A few minutes later, Peno presented me with a perfect little dead mouse.
    Of course,the mice cleared out (or at least, laid low) after that - so thankfully I had a picture of Peno and her prize to show Dave when he got home!

  5. Tyg, you'd better find that mouse, or your evening treats may be rationed more severely for the next week. ;o)

    Your apple tree is gorgeous. I love this time of year.

  6. Tyg, no food till you catch that mouse. I HATE THE MOUSES IN THE HOUSES!!!

  7. Whoa.....I was completely furious at our cats this morning when I discovered that they had scratched up the arm of my new couch. After reading your post I remembered why I had the cats in the first place. Better ruined furniture than mice. Mice destroyed everything I had in the attic and ate the wires out of my new car once upon a time. I hate'em.

  8. Well, who knows what else Tyg was doing - he might have been hard at work saving you from something WORSE ... ;-)

    Oh your tree is so lovely. I love it when the trees start to flower.

  9. Your tree is lovely! (And Bridget makes an excellent point. . .) XO

  10. hummmm... I hate to even suggest this - but maybe that snake from a few weeks back needed to hang around!