Friday, April 21, 2017

Rainy Friday

Hi Everyone,

A rainy, drippy, grey day here in Eastern PA.  Perfect for this:

I just love the way he tucks his paws between the pillows.

Unfortunately, I did have to get up and wander into the office this morning.  But, there is breakfast in the main kitchen and my 10:00 conference call has been cancelled again.  I'd say that's a great start to a rainy Friday.  Oh, and no mouse sightings this a.m.  Thank God!

I've only been able to get about a quarter of the light grey knit on Match and Move, hoping to finish it up this weekend so that I can start on Part 2.

Hard for me to envision it turning into a trapezoid figure, but that's what should happen once I start on the 2nd half. 

And socks!  I haven't forgotten these, but haven't knit on them since last weekend.  Still loving this yarn and the Spring-y colors.  My picture doesn't do the Pattern justice - it is very pretty with some eyelets.

We have no big plans for the weekend.  Saturday should be ok weather-wise, Sunday is supposed to be a wash-out (perfect kitting and napping weather).

What are you all up to this weekend?


  1. Rain, sun, hot, cold. It's been a roller coaster here too.

  2. I have trouble envisioning the shape of the shawl as well.. I think that is why I haven't cast on yet. Your colors are pretty and bright!!

  3. Another knitter here that can't quite see the shape of Match and Move and how it's worn. I'm hoping you'll educate me as you make progress. Happy weekend, knitting, ad napping!

  4. Tyg must like to have warm paws if he commonly tucks them under the pillows.

    You're making great progress on the shawl.

  5. Tyg has the right idea! We have a pretty day today but rain is expected Sat. into Sun. I have a few mystery books from the library to read for rainy days. Those socks are really pretty. I'm anxious to see the shawl progress. Have a nice evening.

  6. I love your socks. Great colorwaypattern match up! Weekend: quiet. birdwatching. Seems to migration is beginning. We can watch from our deck!!

  7. Tyg looks nice and comfy. We got the rain yesterday and that's about how Rupert spent his day (except he almost always sleeps curled up in a tight ball)

    My weekend will see some antiquing, and shopping, and possibly dyeing... and a little garden time if the weather holds.

  8. Love seeing the colors progress on your shawl ... snuggling with a cat and knitting sounds like the perfect way to spend ANY day (but especially a rainy one :-)

  9. Oh, that Tyg. Such a cat.

    I think I'm as anxious to see a finished shawl as you are! The colours are so distinctive and pretty. I'm having trouble envisioning two WIPs, and this stupid pillow cover is taking forever since knitting aggravates my neck/shoulder issues. Sigh.

  10. Am catching up on your blog posts. Ack! Tyg, do your work and get that mouse! Love your Match and Move so far. I think I've seen it on a podcast finished and it's a pretty pattern. Your colors are so pretty!